Dr. Fred Rutherford

A doctor with a shady past;  owed large gambling debts; although once planned to marry Francis to get his hands on her money, he married Leticia, instead, when Charles and Francis reconciled;  living the good life and recently began an affair with nurse Donna Allison.  He's being blackmailed by Joyce over his past and he's stealing money from his wife to pay her off.

full name
Dr, Frederick Rutherford


marital history
Leticia Stokes (March, 1936 - Present)

romantic involvements
Arlene Donaldson (lover; deceased)
Francis Callison (dated)
Donna Allison (lover)

doctor at Albanyville General Hospital

76 Mapleton Way, Albanyville

represented by images of
Brian Donlevy

first appearance
Episode #10

Last Updated:  Episode #156