Stephanie Lake Monroe

An actress on a radio soap opera; a one-time schemer who decided to turn her life around thanks to the influence of Patterson, whom she fell in love with and recently married; Sara's cousin; expecting a baby with Patterson and struggling to deal with everyone else's opinion and influence in her life and role as housewife and caretaker of Patterson's little brother, Todd

full name
Stephanie Elaine Lake Monroe

January 1917;  in  Chicago, IL

Stephen & Annabelle Lake (both deceased)

marital history
Patterson Monroe (June 1936 - Present)

romantic involvements
Reginald Callison (ex-lover)
Douglas Davis (dated)
Clark Saxon (dated; deceased)

other relatives
Mort Summers (maternal uncle)
Sara Summers (cousin)

actress on the WALB-Radio serial The Trials of Prudence

43 Landings Ct., Albanyville

represented by images of
Susan Hayward

first appearance
Episode #1

Patterson and Stephanie are currently expecting their first child

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