produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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March 1935

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2210 Elmwood Ln., Albanyville, ILIn a medium sized town, in an affluent neighborhood, on a tree lined street, and in a large, well kept house lived the Callison family.  It  was a sunny March morning in 1935 when Charles, patriarch of the family, entered the dining room and greeted his family.

"Thank you, Hannah,"  Charles smiled as he took the cup of coffee that the Callisons' faithful housekeeper offered toCharles Callison him before he walked over to his wife Francis.  He kissed her lovingly on the cheek.  "Morning, dear.  I can't stay for breakfast today because I've got to get to the office for a meeting with Douglas."  He sipped his coffee as he walked about the dining room gathering his jacket and briefcase.

"Not even some toast, Honey?"  Francis' shoulders seemed to slump in disappointment.  She could remember when, not so long ago, Charles would never miss a breakfast with his family.  He was a firm believer in a family being together for both breakfast and dinner.

Hannah Meadows"I really can't, Francis.  I do have a business to run."

Reginald, Charles and Francis' oldest son, looked up from the morning edition of the Daily Post.  "Why are you meeting Douglas so early, Dad? Francis Callison Nothing critical, I hope?"

"No, son, just routine business.  Douglas just wanted to meet early today.  He mentioned something about having plans this afternoon."  Charles handed his cup to Hannah and then grabbed his coat and hat and headed toward the door.  "I'll see you for dinner, Dear!"  He called out as he reached for the doorknob.  "And I better be seeing both of you boys at the office shortly!"

Reginald Callison"That reminds me.  I've got a meeting myself with advertising at nine."  Reginald pushed his chair back from the table before grabbing his newspaper and going to retrieve his jacket from the back of the large chair in the living room.

"I've got to go, too, Mom."  Middle son Trevor spoke up as he wiped his mouth and left the table.  "I've got an article due this afternoon and I still have lots of work to do on it."

"Well, don't forget to take Maggie to school as you go."  Francis began scurrying around the living room gathering upMaggie Callison books and jackets for her children.

Trevor Callison"Okay, Mom,"  Trevor smiled as he turned towards his little sister.  "C'mon, squirt.  If you don't hurry up, I'm leaving you!"

"I'm not a squirt!  I'm a young woman!  And you're not leaving me!"  Maggie asserted as she shook her fist at Trevor.  Neither Trevor nor Francis could help but laugh.  Trevor and Maggie had always enjoyed picking on each other.

"Yeah, okay, if you say so."  Trevor helped Maggie on with her jacket before they headed out the door.  "Bye, Mom, have a good day!"

After Francis waved good-bye to them, she shut the door quietly as if not to disturb the silence that now filled her home.  She leaned against the door as she let out a heavy sigh and tried to remember when all her children grew up.  With a slight smile on her face, she walked back into the dining room to sit and finish her breakfast alone.


800 W. Rose St. Apt #3, Albanyville, ILAnnabelle Lake"Girls, you need to hurry up or you're going to be late for classes!"  Annabelle Lake called out as she rushed around the small apartment getting ready for work.  "I'm going to be late as it is!  I should have been at Charles Callison's office 15 minutes ago.  Lord, I hope traffic isn't bad."

"It'll be alright, Mom.  Besides, Sara and I have plenty of time to make it to class."  Stephanie continued to brush her hair as she looked at herself in the mirror.  She couldn't help but think how pretty she looked today with her new sweater and skirt.  Stephanie realized it wasn't easy being the most popular girl at Albanyville High, but she did have an image to uphold.

"Are you two coming home for lunch today?"

"No, Aunt Annabelle, we'll probably just meet up with Dane and grab something at The Well."  Sara grabbed her jacket.  The Wishing Well was a popular malt shop for students from both Albanyville High and Albanyville University.

"All right, then I don't have to worry about coming home for lunch."  Annabelle paused as she lit a cigarette before pulling on her coat.  "Douglas' meeting with Charles might last for a while.  Something about a contract between Callison Publications and a new author."

Stephanie Lake"Is Reginald going to be there?"  Stephanie finished applying another coat of lipstick before turning away from the mirror.

"I don't think so.  You know, you really should consider getting to know Reginald better.  That's the kind of man that would be good for you.  ...Prominent family ....quite a bit of money...lots of respectability..."

"Maybe I will."  Stephanie smiled to herself as she remembered the past that she and Reginald already shared.

Sara Summers"Come on, we're gonna be late!"  Sara tugged at her cousin's sweater as she headed for the door.

"Would you quit!"  Stephanie spat as she pulled away.  "You're gonna snag it!  Don't ruin it before I even have a chance to be seen in it!"

Sara rolled her eyes and took a deep breath.  Stephanie's vanity was almost legendary in the halls of Albanyville High and Sara  was sure that not much had changed since she graduated last spring.  "Sorry, but we're gonna be late!"

"C'mon, girls!  Let's go!"  Annabelle lead them out the door to start their day.


Albanyville UniversityDane Manchester"So, how's the biology coming, Patterson?" Dane Manchester asked as he sipped on a soda.

"Not so great."  Patterson shifted his armload of books as he stretched his neck to relieve the tension that had become an everyday occurrence since the spring semester started.  "There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to go to class, study, and take care of Todd."

"You're doing a lot better than I would be in the same situation."  Dane paused and turned to wave at a cute blonde as she strolled past and smiled.  Handsome and popular Dane could have almost any girl on campus that he wanted.  "I don't know if I could go to college and raise a five year old at the same time."

"I wish I didn't have to."  Patterson lowered his head as he remembered the day, only a few months before, when he got the news that his parents had be killed in a plane crash en route to a family get together in Minnesota.  Patterson had originally planned on making the trip, but a last minute research paper had altered his plans and he had to remain home with his little brother Todd.  Now Patterson was left  alone to raise him.  "I really don't know what I'd do if it weren't for  Mrs. Oliver.  She's such a big help by watching Todd when I have to be in class."

"That trust fund of yours really comes in handy.  You're lucky that  you can afford to keep her on as your housekeeper."  Dane's eyes darted through the crowd of students  coming into the center and grinned slightly as he spotted a familiar halo of blonde hair.  "Hey, look, there's Jillian."  Dane threw  a hand in the air to catch her attention as he grabbed Patterson and proceeded to drag him along to catch up with her.

Patterson Monroe"I really can't believe that you're still chasing after her."  Patterson always found it a little bit amusing that no matter how many girls Dane seemed to charm, he never seemed to be able to work his magic on Jillian Stokes.  "Aren't you still dating Sara?"

"Yeah, I'm still seeing her.  In fact, I was supposed to be at The Well about fifteen minutes ago to meet her and her cousin Stephanie for lunch.  Hey, Jillian!  Wait up!"

"What is it, Dane?"  Jillian stopped in her tracks realizing that she couldn't get away and slowly turned to face him.  "I've got to get to the library."

"I could always help you study."  Dane looked at her and smiled.  There always seemed to be a twinkle in his eyes when he did that.  Usually, it was enough to mesmerize any girl in the room.  Patterson always thought it odd that she seemed to be the only one immune to him.

"I'll decline."  She looked back at him expressionless.  Jillian refused to let Dane know that she was not totally unaffected by him, but she knew how he was and she knew how he could be.  She couldn't let herself be caught up in that again.  She already had a man who loved her more than anything and she refused to do anything foolish to ruin it.  "Look, I've got to go.  Patterson, it's good to see you again.  Say 'hi' to that cute little brother of yours."  She allowed a smile to spread across her face as she thought of Todd, but it soon faded as she looked at Dane and then quickly  pushed past him.

"Dane, why do you chase after her like that?  Can't you tell she's not even the least bit interested in you?  Besides, you've got Sara.  She's a sweetheart."

"Yeah, she's a really great girl, but she's a little boring.  Besides, she thinks I walk on water.  Where's the challenge in that?  Now, Jillian on the other hand...."

"I don't think I'll ever understand you."  Patterson looked at his watch and then at the line that had formed at the cafeteria.  "Look, we better get something to eat before class."

"Yeah, you're right.  I can work on Jillian later."  Dane grinned impishly to himself as he thought about how much fun he knew Jillian could really be.