produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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March 1935

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Page Turner BookstoreGrace DavisYoung Grace Davis looked intently as she slowly moved down the racks of books.  A smile of joy leapt across her face as she found the exact volume she'd been searching for.  She pulled the book off the shelf and began to read the beautiful words.  As she slowly turned to walk away, she suddenly collided with another customer.  Quickly looking up from her reading, she was  surprised to see Trevor Callison standing in front of her.  "Oh!  Trevor, I am so sorry.  I wasn't watching where I was going."

"That's alright, Grace."  He stepped back to look at her and smile.  He found it rather amusing how she could get so flustered merely by bumping into someone.  He glanced down to see what book she'd been so involved in.  He smiled again when he realized that it was Callison Publications' latest collection of poetry.  "I didn't realize you were so into reading poems."

"Well, I didn't used to be.  We were studying this one poet in English class and his work really spoke to me.  I had to find out what else he'd written."  Trevor leaned over to see the author's name.

"Jefferson MacCauley!  He's one of my favorites.  I think he has lots of potential to become quite renowned later on.  I even got to meet him once.  Father convinced him to let me do an article on him for The Post.  He's a fascinating man."

"Wow!"  Grace's eyes grew big at the thought of actually meeting someone famous.  "I can't believe you actually met him!  I just love how he compares the love he feels for his lady to the seasons.  That's how I want to feel someday."

Trevor Callison"Surely you have boys knocking down Douglas' door to get to you."  Trevor looked at her and studied her every feature.  Her blonde hair sparkled in the sunlight that poured in through the big front windows of the shop.  He looked deep into her eyes and was quick to notice that, although bright blue and filled with innocence, a cloud of knowledge beyond her years hung there.  He couldn't help but wonder where an air of such worldly experience could have come from.  She blushed slightly before shaking her head.

"No, that would be Stephanie Lake.  She's the one in school all the boys want to take out.  I'm the one they all want to have help with their English assignments."  She thought about what it would be like to have guys actually knocking down the door to get to her and laughed.  No, boys wouldn't be running over one another to take her to a movie.

"Then the boys you know are complete and utter fools."  He put his hand on her shoulder.  "Just wait until they get a little older and realize what a true prize you are."

"Thank you."  She blushed again at the compliment.  "Well, I've really got to get home.  I've got a test tomorrow in Algebra and I need to study."

"Well, good luck on it."  She waved to him as she proceeded to the cashier to pay for the book.  As Trevor watched her, he began to wonder why he couldn't empty his head of thoughts of Grace.  She was so sweet and innocent and pretty, but he loved Lorraine. least he thought he did.  Why, now, were thoughts of Grace blocking out all thoughts of Lorraine?


800 W. Rose St. Apt #3, Albanyville, ILStephanie LakeStephanie Lake sat at the kitchen table with piles of text books around her.   As she put the finishing touches on her English homework, the lead snapped in her pencil.  With a frustrated groan, she flung it to the floor and ,defeated, dropped her head to the table.  "I'm never going get all this work done!  Lord, please just let me make it to finals."

"Honestly, Stephanie, I don't know why you spend so much time on homework."  Annabelle walked into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee.  "A pretty young woman like you should be out living.  You need to socialize more."

"Mother, I socialize plenty."  She looked up from her books and then took a long stretch before pushing herself away from the table.  "Besides, I think a woman holds much more interest to a man if she is well read and can carry a conversation.  Those are things that only happen when one gets an education.  Mother, I want to go to college after graduation.  I want to be somebody!"

"Dear, you can be somebody by marrying the right kind of man."  Annabelle lit a cigarette and inhaled the smoke deeply.  "All this stuff about Shakespeare and Newton and Washington is a total bore.  If you can hold a conversation about the latest films and music and current events, now that's what will make you interesting to a man.  Well, that and your looks."  She watched her daughter as she slumped down in the chair slightly.  "Stephanie, sit up straight!  I don't care how educated you plan on being, no man with give you the time of day all slouched over like a common washer woman!"

Annabelle Lake"Yes, Mother."  She straightened up again and pushed her shoulders back to achieve the posture her mother had requested.  This wasn't a new conversation between them.  Stephanie knew she was pretty and popular.  She had tons of willing suitors to prove that point.  However, Stephanie wanted more.  She wanted to represent more than a vapid prom queen who spent her entire life giggling a the silly jokes that boys told, most of which weren't even funny..

"Now, if you can find the right, wealthy man to marry, you'll gain instant importance!  Everything you say will matter then."  She put her hand on her daughter's shoulder.  "Someone like Reginald Callison.  He would be perfect for you.  The Callisons are probably the most prominent family in town and they have lots of money.  You know Reginald will take over the family business one day?"

"Yes, Mother, I know."  Stephanie got out of her chair and walked across the room to stare out the window. did I let you get away?  She's right, you were exactly what I needed.  I can't believe I let you choose Jillian over me.  Well, it's too late to change things now.  Or is it?


Lorraine Blake43 Landings Ct., Albanyville, IL"Oh, how I've missed you, Todd."  Lorraine hugged the little boy tightly while Patterson watched with a smile.  No matter what had happened between them, Lorraine still made an effort to see Todd.  She knew that although the death of their parents was hard on Patterson, it was especially hard for a child.

"Now, Todd, go take the new train that Lorraine brought you and go show it to Mrs. Oliver.  I want to talk to her alone for a minute."  Todd grabbed the train off the table and ran to hug Patterson before he bounded up the stairs to his room.  "Lorraine, I want you to know how special I think it is that you still come by to see Todd even though we aren't seeing each other anymore."

Todd Monroe"Patterson, no matter what happened between us, I still care about Todd, and about you, very much."  She motioned for him to join her on the couch and then held his hand in hers.  "We can't all be friends just because our relationship didn't work out."  He looked at her longingly.  He never quite understood why she broke up with him.  He knew it wasn't to go out with Trevor.  They did start seeing one another until quite some time later.

"Why did we have to end, Lorraine?  I thought things were pretty good between us."

Patterson Monroe"Oh, they were, darling, they were!"  She pulled him close to her and he inhaled her deep floral scent she always wore.  "It's just that I realized that I cared about you more as a friend than anything else."  He pulled back suddenly and winced at the words.  He knew the intent was innocent, but the words stung like a slap.  Patterson truly thought that their relationship had meant more.

"I-I see,"  he stammered.  "So, you think of me and Todd kinda like brothers?"

"Well, not exactly.  Kinda, but not quite."  She smiled as she tried to find the right words.  "Todd, yes, definitely as the little brother I never had.  You, I think of you as more than a brother.  More than a friend, actually.  Patterson, you're kind of like my best friend.  I trust you enough that I could tell you almost anything."  For some reason, Lorraine's high praise didn't make Patterson feel all that wonderful.  "Look, I love Trevor very much.  I never thought I could be this in love with a man.  All my life I've waited for someone to make me feel like this.  He understands me so well.  He's perfect for me!"  He looked up at her again.  Why did he get the impression that Lorraine was hiding something?