Lorraine BlakeThe Gardens RestaurantWhen Lorraine entered the restaurant, she was quick to spot Trevor and Grace.  She hesitated at the sight of them and cautiously stepped back to avoid being seen.  She watched closely as Trevor put his hand on Grace's and then slowly leaned in to kiss her.  As their lips met, Lorraine felt her heart drop and all the color drained from her face.  Oh, my Lord! she thought as she grabbed a nearby table to steady herself.  Not only is it another woman, it's Grace Davis! Oh, what kind of a fool I've been!   Lorraine fought back tears and tried to shake off the shock of finding Grace and Trevor together.  Lorraine knew she loved him and swore that he loved her, too.  Now, as she saw Trevor in the arms of another woman, she wasn't too sure about his feelings.  In fact, she wasn't too sure about anything!  Unable to hold back the tears any longer, Lorraine ran from the room.


Jillian StokesSunset Hotel, Suite #2, Albanyville, IL"What exactly are you trying to say, Dane?" Jillian asked as she tried to decipher his cryptic warning.  "What do you mean I don't know Reginald as well as I think I do?"  He smirked smugly; knowing that he had planted a seed of doubt in her mind about her fiancé.

"Jillian, I was just wondering if we ever actually know everything there is to know about the people we care about."  She grew uncomfortable as she listen to his words.  She realized he was right.  After all, Reginald didn't know anything about the past she shared with Dane.  "Surely Reginald has some deep, dark secrets that he doesn't want anyone finding out....just as I'm sure you do, Jillian."

"I know everything about Reginald there is to know!"  Despite her insistence, her nervousness was beginning to show.  She fought to hide it, but Dane quickly noticed her subtle changes in demeanor and expression.

Dane Manchester"Don't be too sure about that, Princess."  He reached out and stroked her golden hair and smiled to himself when she didn't quickly pull away.  "Remember, he doesn't have a clue about the love that we shared.  Who's to say that he isn't hiding something as well?  You know, secrets have a way of coming out.  When they do, they have a nasty little habit of destroying everything that gets in their way."  He smiled deviously and quietly left a visibly shaken Jillian alone to think about how not-so-perfect her perfect life was becoming.


Lorraine BlakeBaily ParkLorraine wiped the tears from her eyes as she slumped down onto a park bench.  How could Trevor have done this to her?  She thought back on all the wonderful times they'd shared together:  romantic dinners, New Year's Eve, dancing at the Riverview Club....

"Lorraine?" came the voice from behind her as she wiped another tear away.  "Lorraine, honey, what's wrong?"  She looked up to see Patterson standing beside her and she flew into his arms.  "Are you okay?"

"O-oh, Patterson."  She held onto him tightly as she began to sob again.

"Honey, tell me what's wrong."  She swallowed hard and shook her head.  She couldn't tell him.  She felt  embarrassed and foolish.  "Okay, if you don't want to tell me, that's alright.  Whatever it is, everything's gonna be okay.  Everything's gonna be fine."

Patterson MonroeShe looked up at him and saw his warm, comforting face.  Lorraine realized that letting him go all those months ago had been a horrible mistake.  Patterson would never have hurt her like Trevor had.  Patterson had loved her and had been totally devoted to her.  He would never have betrayed her.  She looked him deep in the eyes.  "Oh, Patterson," she muttered softly and hesitated slightly before placing a tentative kiss on his lips.  Patterson wasn't prepared for such an action by Lorraine and began to pull away.  His reluctance spurred Lorraine on further and she kissed him deeper.

Stephanie's words began to echo in Patterson's ears as the affects of Lorraine's kiss began to take hold.  He'd loved her so much, but he knew he hadn't been able to give her everything she'd wanted or needed.  Were things now different?  What had changed?  Patterson began to realize that, no matter what had happened between them in the past, in this moment Lorraine needed and wanted him more than anything else.  Soon, he gave in and returned her kisses with equal passion.  Neither one knew what the future would bring, but on this night and in this moment, they were all each other needed.



Reginald catches a moment between Annabelle and Charles.
Sara brings up the idea of marriage to Dane.
Stephanie pays Jillian a visit.


produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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