produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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April 1935

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Jillian Stokes2210 Elmwood Lane, Albanyville, IL"I almost think you're more excited about this engagement party than I am."  Jillian laughed as she looked warmly at the woman who would soon become her mother-in-law.  Francis sipped her coffee and leafed through yet another book of invitations in hopes of finding just the right pattern.

"Actually, I think I am.  Jillian, you know, this is the first wedding we've had in the family since..." she paused to think.  "Well, since Charles and I got married!  We didn't have a big to-do party for our engagement.  Things were much simpler back then."

"Well, Mrs. Callison, you just plan away!"  Jillian was so happy to be marrying into such a wonderful family.  She had always felt so at ease in the Callison home.  "Besides, the more you take care of, the less I have to do!"

"Jillian, I'm glad this is something we can do together."  Francis reached over and put a kind hand on Jillian's.  "But there is one thing you've got to do."

"What's that?"

Francis Callison"Stop calling me 'Mrs. Callison'!  You're going to be family and none of my children refer to me as 'Mrs. Callison'.  Call me 'Mother' or 'Mom' or 'Francis'....anything but 'Mrs. Callison'."  Jillian's heart began to swell.  Francis had always treated her like a daughter.  Even early in her relationship with Reginald, Jillian knew that there was a special connection between them.

"Alright, Mrs....I mean, Mother."  Francis put her arms around Jillian and hugged her tightly as if to seal the new family.  The warm moment between future in-laws was quickly disrupted when Maggie bolted in the door from school.

"Jillian!" Maggie called out as she rushed into the room and flopped herself down on the sofa next to her and began to thumb through the stacks of brochures and magazines.  "Are you two working on the party?"

"Yes, dear."  Francis replied as she cast a disapproving eye towards her daughter and the pile of discarded text books.  Maggie ignored her mother's subtle hints.

"So, Jillian, have you decided what dress you're gonna wear yet?  I told Mother that I wanted her to get me that light blue dress  they've got down at Lerner's Department Store.  It's absolutely gorgeous!  Oh, I can't wait!"  Maggie barely took a breath as she continued on with her excitement.  "Mother, you will let me stay for the whole party, won't you? At the New Year's party you sent me home to bed at 10 o'clock!  Who goes to bed at 10 o'clock on New Year's Eve?  I was so embarrassed!  You always have to treat me like a kid!"

"Maggie..." Francis tried to maneuver into the conversation when her daughter finally took a breath.  "We can talk about all of that later.  Right now, Jillian and I are very busy working on plans for the party.  If you don't let us finish, there won't be a party for you to worry about staying up for."

Maggie Callison"Oh, Mom!"  Maggie sulked a little before grabbing her books.  "Alright.  I can take a hint.  I'm going."  After she left the room, Francis and Jillian burst out into laughter.

"I don't remember ever being that much of a character when I was that age."  Jillian smiled as she thought back to her childhood in Manhattan.  "Kids today are so different!"

"Well, that's my daughter."  Francis again reached out for Jillian's hand and held it close to her heart.  "Soon, I'll have two."

Jillian couldn't wait to officially be part of this wonderful family.  However, thoughts of Dane suddenly invaded her happiness.  She tried to push her concerns to the back of her mind, but they proved to be too stubborn.  She couldn't let him disrupt her wedding to Reginald.  It had become more than about her own happiness.  Now, through her, Dane was threatening to destroy the happiness and plans of the entire Callison family.


Callison PublicationsCharles Callison"Your mother is driving me crazy with this engagement party!"  Charles leaned back in his chair as he talked to Reginald.  "You'd almost think it was her party and not yours and Jillian's."

"Well, that's Mother for you.  You know how she gets excited about anything her children do.  My marrying Jillian is the biggest thing to happen to this family in years."  Reginald paced around the office.  He paused for a moment to look at a picture of Trevor, Maggie, and himself as children that sat on his father's desk.  He smiled as he remembered the summer it had been taken.  The entire family had gone to Florida for vacation and had the time of their lives.

"I must say I agree with her on this one, son.  The Grand Sunset Room is an excellent place to have this party.  You know that a Callison getting married is a big event in Albanyville.  This town hasn't seen a Callison wedding since your mother and I married."    Charles got up from his chair and walked over to Reginald.  "That's why I don't want to see you do anything stupid to mess up your relationship with Jillian."

"Dad, what are you talking about?  I'd never do anything to ruin what I have with Jillian.  Loosing her is the last thing on my mind!  Why are you even bringing this up?"  Charles paused a moment before explaining his reasons.

"Son, I've had my eyes open and it's obvious that Stephanie Lake has some sort of interest in you.  I really don't think she even cares what your relationship with Jillian is like."  Charles put a reassuring had on his son's shoulder.  "If she's anything like her mother, I'm sure she can be very persistent.  I'll have to admit, she's a very attractive young woman.  Don't let her use that to her advantage!  You must stay away from her at all costs."

Reginald Callison"Father, I have no idea what you're talking about."  Reginald grew nervous as he lied to Charles.  He privately wondered exactly how much his father knew about his past with Stephanie.  Surely he didn't know about their affair.  "Besides, how do you know so much about what kind of woman Annabelle Lake is?"

It was now Charles' turn to grow nervous and evasive.  He thought for a moment about exactly how much he should reveal about Annabelle's advances, but quickly decided that it was information Reginald was better off not knowing.  "Let's just say I've seen enough of Annabelle to know how she is.  There have been little rumors around for years about her.  Now, I can't testify to the validity of any of them, but I am sure that the Lake family is one that we have no business getting mixed up with."  Reginald looked at his father and realized the truth behind his words.  "Annabelle and Stephanie are no good!  If you get too involved with that family, they'll eventually destroy you and everything you've work so hard to build.  Don't let that happen!"

Reginald thought about what Charles was saying and knew he was right.  Stephanie Lake was a virus who was intent on infesting his life.  Reginald knew he couldn't let that happen....for his sake and for Jillian's.


98 River Rd Apt. #1, Albanyville, ILLorraine Blake"I'm really glad that you came by to see me."  Lorraine poured another cup of coffee and gave it to Patterson.  "I hated calling in sick, but I just really feel under the weather."

Patterson took a sip of coffee and watched her closely.  It had only been a few days since their impetuous kiss in the park, but they hadn't spoken to each other since.  Silently, he wondered what it all had meant, if anything.  "Lorraine," he began tentatively, "I want to talk to you about the other night...the night in the park."

She looked up quickly from the copy of The Daily Post that she'd been casually thumbing through.  She knew they would have to talk about their kiss eventually.  She hesitated to call it a mistake, but she also realized that Patterson was more than willing to give her what Trevor apparently was not.  "Patterson, I don't know what to say.  I don't know how to explain what happened between us that night."

"It was a mistake.  You don't love me; you love Trevor.  I don't know why you acted like you did that night, but I feel guilty.  You were obviously upset and vulnerable and I took advantage of that.  I am so sorry..."

"No, don't be sorry!" she interrupted as she went to sit by him on the sofa.  She looked into his eyes and saw how much emotion and concern he held for her.  Why couldn't she feel the same way about him as he did for her?  "I needed you that night.  I needed everything that happened!  Look, I've been reevaluating my entire life these past few days and I'm beginning to understand that, maybe, Trevor isn't the right man for me."

"W-what are you trying to say?"  He grew nervous as he listened to her words.  Patterson had hoped for months that Lorraine would come to her senses and see exactly how much he loved her.  He never really believed that she'd chose him over Trevor, but now...

"I think Trevor may be involved with someone else."  The words stuck in her throat.  It was the first time she'd told anyone of her fears about her relationship with Trevor.  "I-I can't be certain, but I don't think we're gonna work out.  I don't think he's capable or willing to give me the love I need."  She felt her eyes begin to water and turned away quickly so Patterson wouldn't see her tears.  She felt embarrassed that she'd let Trevor get her so badly.

Patterson Monroe"I like Trevor and everything, but I swear to god, if he hurts you..."  Patterson put his arms around her and pulled her close to him.  He really did love her and couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't feel the same way.

"Oh, Patterson, it's not his fault.  If he doesn't feel as strongly about me as I do about him, he can't help it.  I-I just wish I knew for sure.  It's the not knowing that hurts so much."  She wiped her eyes and turned to look at him.  "You know I still care about you very much.  M-maybe my breaking up with you like did was a mistake."  He couldn't believe his ears!  Was she regretting ending their relationship?  "I couldn't have asked for a better man to love me and care for me."

"You know I'm always here for you.  No matter what happens!"  He looked into her eyes that had begun to turn red from her tears.  Her lips quivered slightly and she leaned closer to him.  Suddenly, their lips met and they kissed tentatively.  Soon, their passion grew and their kisses became more fervent.  Oh, how she needed him now!  In that instant, Lorraine needed Patterson more than anyone else in the world.  Her head began to spin and she slowly pulled away.

"M-maybe, if Trevor and I don't work out...."  Her voice trailed off as she tried to sort out the thousands of thoughts that collided in her head.  "M-maybe we could start over again from the beginning?  Maybe we could still have a chance?"  Patterson's heart began to swell.  He couldn't believe his ears!  Lorraine was willing to give him another chance to make her happy?  His answered her with a kiss even deeper than before.