produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #10  click here for a printable version of this episode
June 1935, the night of Reginald & Jillian's engagement party


800 W. Rose St. Apt #3, Albanyville, IL"Mother, I wish you and Sara would hurry up!" Stephanie called out as she checked her makeup in the mirror.  "Douglas will be here any second!"  She caught Dane's reflection in the mirror and saw him watching her closely.

"Do you know everything you're going to do?" he asked as he walked up behind her.

"I know exactly what I'm going to do."  She smiled and turned to face him.  "I'm going to see to it that Jillian will have nothing to do with Reginald after tonight."

"Good."  Dane smiled at her wickedly and pulled her close so that his mouth was pressed to her ear.  "You listen to me good.  If you do anything to ruin my chances of getting Jillian back, you'll regret ever being born."

Stephanie pushed him away and continued to focus on herself in the mirror.  She knew she had made one mistake too many as far as Reginald was concerned.  Trying to hide her nervousness, she realized she had to do everything in her power to separate Reginald and Jillian.  If she failed, both she and Sara would live to regret it.


Sunset Hotel, Suite #2, Albanyville, IL"Honestly, Jillian, I don't know why Father couldn't just wait here for you to finish getting dressed."  Janet Stokes wandered around the living room picking up her sister's knickknacks, examining them, and carefully putting them back down.

"You know how he gets when it's time for us girls to primp!"  Jillian's voice drifted in from the bedroom where she was putting the finishing touches on her ensemble for the evening.

"Men!"  Jillian's best friend Helen Van Dyne laughed as she thought about how utterly silly they could be.  "Sometimes, I don't know what we women see in them!"  She paused for a moment and lifted her finger to her chin in mock thought.  "Oh, yeah, I know!  There so much fun!"  Helen suddenly erupted into a fit of giggles at her own comment.  As she sprawled herself on the sofa, she made especially sure not to wrinkle her gown.  She knew that there would be loads of eligible bachelors at the party and wanted to look her best.

"Mother and Father said they'd meet us up stairs," Janet called out as she checked her hair in the mirror one more time.  "And heaven only knows where Judith and Mark are.  You'd think she'd settle down now that she's expecting, but no!  I'm surprised Mark hasn't turned her over his knee already!"

"C'mon, Jilly, we're gonna be late!" Helen called out as she got off the sofa and walked toward the bedroom door.  "You don't want to miss your own party, do you?"

"Miss my engagement party?" came the voice from the bedroom.  "I wouldn't miss this night for the world."


2210 Elmwood Lane, Albanyville, IL"I've got it!" Hannah called out as she headed for the door.  She hurriedly flung it open and was surprised to find an elegantly dress older woman standing on the front porch.  "M-Mrs. Albany!"

"Oh, don't just stand there with your mouth hanging open," Mary Albany said as she stood with her hands on her hips.

"B-but Mrs. Callison said that you were in Europe and wouldn't be making it to the party."

"Nonsense!  Why on earth would I miss my eldest grandson's engagement party?"  Mary breezed past the Callison housekeeper and stepped into the living room.  "Now, get my daughter for me!  I haven't seen Francis in forever!"

Hannah spun around and hurried up the stairs.  She was quick to realize that with Mary Albany in town, this party would definitely be one to remember.