produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #14 (Thursday, 5/10/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
Three months later - September 1935


Good Hope ChurchShe stood silently and looked at herself in the mirror.  Her long, white gown was perfect as was her makeup and hair.  She'd waited for this day for so long, and now it had arrived.  Why couldn't she silence the voices in her head that were questioning her choice?  This was what she wanted.  She had no doubts about that.  She ignored the knot of warning that had begun to form in her stomach and turned toward the door.  It was time.  The music was starting.  It was time to go get married.

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Annabelle LakeGood Hope Church"What are you doing here?" Annabelle questioned as Stephanie quietly slid into a seat next to her.  "How in the world did you get in?"

"I just walked in, mother, how did you expect?"  Stephanie rolled her eyes to hide her discomfort.  She slumped down slightly into the pew hoping not to be noticed.  Ever since Reginald and Jillian's engagement party, she hadn't been one of the most popular people in town.  "Besides, I just had to see this wedding with my own eyes to believe it's actually happening."

"Well, don't do anything foolish."  Annabelle leaned closer to her daughter to prevent eavesdroppers from listening in on their conversation.  "You don't need any more trouble than what you've already got thanks to your ineptness at that party.  How could you totally ruin your chances of getting Reginald for yourself?"

"Mother!"  Stephanie twisted uncomfortably in her seat as she silently hoped for a change in subject matter.  "I've told you repeatedly, I'm over Reginald!  I don't have any delusions that he's going to come running to me.  All I'd hoped to do was get Dane away from Sara for her own good.  I realize, now, that I shouldn't have bothered."

"Stephanie, you just keep your mouth shut about my part in your plans for Reginald.  I wouldn't want him to find out about that."  Annabelle discreetly motioned towards Charles who was seated on the other side of her.  "Things are going too well for me to have you ruin everything."

Stephanie Lake"I can't believe you're here with him.  What about his wife?"

"What about her?"  Annabelle smiled slyly.  "Francis left Charles.  He's pretty much a bachelor now.  I've got a clear path to him.  You have no idea exactly how wonderful it feels to finally have everything you want."

Stephanie rolled her eyes again and nervously twisted her hair.  She wished this wedding would hurry up and get over with.  She didn't know how much more of her mother's gushing over Charles Callison she could take.


Mary AlbanyThe Sunset Hotel, Penthouse A, Albanyville, IL."If you don't get off of that couch and away from that blasted radio, I'm going to throw it out the window!"  Mary Albany stood with her hands on her hips in the doorway of the living room as she glared at her daughter.  "All you do since you left Charles and moved into this penthouse with me is sit and listen to your stories.  How many more silly situations can Helen Trent get herself into?  Why, you haven't even been to one of your auxiliary meetings at the hospital in months!"

"Why should I?" Francis asked solemnly as she switched off the radio as the last commercial began to play.  "All of those women just sitting around looking at me and feeling sorry for poor little Francis."

"Oh, nonsense!"  Mary walked over to the couch and sat down beside her.  "I saw Mrs. Campbell at Lerner's just the other day and she was asking about you.  She wanted to know how you were doing since she hadn't seen you."

Francis Callison"Corrine Campbell is a vicious harpy and you know it!"  Francis sat upright and glared at her mother.  "She's not happy unless she's got some horrible piece of gossip to tell to all the auxiliary members!  I certainly hope you didn't tell her anything.  It's bad enough that everyone's wondering why I took Maggie and left Charles to move in here with you.  I don't need them knowing all the horrible details of what Charles did!"

"Honey, are you sure leaving your husband was the right choice?"  Mary gently patted Francis on the shoulder as she wrapped her arms around her in support.

"Mother, I love Charles with all of my heart.  That's something that will never change, but I can't forget what he did with Annabelle.  I can't forgive him for hurting me like this."

"Well, I just wanted to be sure.  You let that man make a fool out of you.  You can't let that happen again.  You are too good for that."

"I know, mother, I know."  Francis tried to fight back her tears.  "But I don't know how I can get past this.  How can I get over this betrayal?"

Mary silently looked at her daughter and wished she had an answer.