produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #15 (Friday 5/11/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
Dane and Sara's wedding day, September 1935


Good Hope ChurchSara smiled at Dane warmly as they stood at the alter in the front of the church.  In just a little while, she was going to be Mrs. Dane Manchester.

Dane, however, looked around the room uncomfortably.  He couldn't believe that he'd allowed himself to be blackmailed into marriage.  He realized, though, that he had no choice.  If he didn't marry Sara, she would tell the dean how he'd cheated on his entrance exam.  He'd surely be expelled and it would mean the end of his dream to be a prominent attorney.  He swallowed hard as the minister began.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..."

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Stephanie LakeGood Hope Church"I really can't believe that Sara's foolish enough to go through with this," Stephanie muttered as she squirmed in her seat.  She watched her cousin as she stood next to Dane at the alter.  The minister was rambling on about love and devotion and the sanctity of marriage.

"Shhh."  Annabelle glared at Stephanie.  "Be quiet.  You don't want to cause a scene.  Besides, you did everything you could to show Sara how wrong he was for her.  It didn't work!  She's too stubborn for her own good.  I just don't know how she finally talked him into marrying her."

"I wish I knew."  Stephanie rested her chin on her finger as she thought.  "There's more going on here than meets the eye.  That much I know for sure.  I'm gonna find out exactly how she managed to change his mind on the idea of marriage.  Now, if I could just keep her from making the worst mistake of her life."

Charles CallisonAnnabelle Lake"Darling, don't be getting any foolish ideas."  Annabelle leaned closer to her daughter.  "You really need to work on your skills at getting what you want.  They weren't very useful in landing Reginald.  All that got you was total embarrassment and disgrace in front of the entire town at Reginald and Jillian's engagement party.  Sara won't even speak to you now!  I, on the other hand..."  She discretely motioned towards Charles who was sitting next to her.

Stephanie rolled her eyes and quietly thought of the promise she'd made to Patterson.  She'd promised him that she'd try to change her outlook on life and try to be a better person.  She really did want to learn how to find happiness without scheming to get it.  Her face twisted into a frown as she pushed thoughts of Patterson out of her head.  She just had to think of some way to stop this wedding.


The Callison StablesGrace Davis"Trevor, I really don't know about this."  Grace eyed the horse with trepidation.  "W-what if I get thrown off?"

"Just calm down.  It's not going to be that bad."  Trevor allowed himself a slight laugh as he watched her clumsily attempt to mount the horse. 

After a few failed attempts she stood with her arms folded defiantly across her chest.  "This isn't going to work!"

"C'mon, let me help you."  He walked over to her and knelt down to make a step with his folded hands.  With one swift movement, he hoisted Grace into the air.  However, just as she came to the top of the horse, she awkwardly jabbed her knee into its side.  The impact startled the horse and he began to jerk.

"Oh my God!"  Grace screamed as she fell backward and into Trevor's arms.  Her body shook slightly in shock and she looked up into his eyes.  She swallowed hard as she found herself caught up in Trevor's gaze.  Oh, why do his eyes do that to me? she asked herself as she finally found the strength to will herself to look away.  "W-why did you have to bring me here?"

"Well, honestly, I thought it might do you some good to get away from the city.  What with Dane's wedding and all..."

"I don't know what I ever saw in him."  Grace looked down at the ground and thought about how foolish she'd felt when she realized exactly what a cad Dane truly was.  She looked back up at the horse and frowned.  "I don't think I'm getting on that horse."

Trevor Callison"Okay, okay," Trevor smiled.  "Maybe Trouble isn't the horse you need to ride your first time out.  Why don't you give Triumph a shot.  She's much more docile."  He slowly led Grace over to the other horse as she looked at it apprehensively.  "These stables aren't really used much anymore except by me and some other people Father rents lodging space to."

"Why not?"

"Well, it all has to do with my Uncle Landon and what happened here."

Grace looked at him inquisitively.

"He died here, Grace."