Jillian StokesSunset Hotel, Suite #2, Albanyville, ILJillian eyed the newspaper closely.  "Summers/Manchester wedding set for today," she muttered to herself as she read.  She flung the paper onto the table and sat down in one of the large chairs by the window.

"Why are you even interested in anything about Dane Manchester?" Reginald questioned as he watched her closely.  "After everything that man has done to us...why do you care whether he's getting married or not?"

She absently gazed out the window and onto the city as she nervously bit her lip.  "'s not so much Dane as it is Sara.  I'm just trying to figure out how she can be stupid enough to still be in love with him after everything that's happened?  I'd really like to know how she convinced him to marry her!  He's always been so vocal about his aversion to marriage and commitment."

Reginald Callison"Forget about Dane and Sara."  Reginald leaned against the armrest of the chair and wrapped his arms around her.  He gently nuzzled his face into the softness of her hair.  "Now that everyone knows what underhanded tricks he pulled to separate us, there's no way he can do anything to us again."

Jillian was beginning to enjoy the comfort that Reginald's arms brought.  As her mind began to drift away from thoughts of Dane and Sara toward thoughts of Reginald and the love they shared, a knock came at the door.  "Now, I wonder who that could be," she said as she got up and began to walk across the room.  As she slowly opened the door, the shock was apparent on her  face.  "W-what are you doing here?"

Janet Stokes"Is that any way to greet your sister?" Janet Stokes laughed as she stepped into the room.  "Give me a hug.  I've come for a visit."


2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, ILPenelope Lamont"Burt, dear, can I fix you a bite to eat?" Penelope Lamont asked as her son walked briskly into the kitchen.  "I know you've been down at those stables all day.  Surely, you must be hungry."

"Not really, Ma," Burt muttered as he washed his hands in the sink.  "Just kinda tired.  That's all.  Trevor Callison is down there right now with some girl.  They're taken Triumph and Trouble out for a ride."

Penelope looked at her son and grimaced.  "You know, I really don't think it was a good idea for you to take this job for the Callisons.  You should have just stayed in Chicago.  Randy and I could have left Kentucky and followed you there.  I'm sure you could have found a good job at one of those factories."

"Ma, jobs don't exactly grow on trees these days, now do they?"  He wasn't looking forward to having this discussion with her again.  She'd been strongly opposed to moving to Albanyville ever since he wired her and told her about the job.  "I tried to find a job in Chicago.  There aren't any!  Just like there weren't any in New York other than that job in that bar I had.  I couldn't make enough money off of that to support us all."

"I just don't like the idea of you working for them!"  She shuffled nervously around the kitchen as she tried to busy herself with various chores.  "And I don't like living in this house!"

Burt Lamont"This house is the reason I took this job!"  Burt crossed his arms and glared at her.  "How could I pass up a good, honest job with good pay that provided a place for us to live?  I've got the background for it.  Look at all those years I worked on those horse farms in Kentucky!  Why are you so opposed to this?"

"I just am!"  Penelope slammed the skillet down onto the stove.  "Nothing good will come of this Burton!  Nothing at all!"

"J-just calm down."  Burt walked over to her and put his arms around her.  "I don't want you getting too upset.  You might have another spell.  The doctors told you that you had to be careful.  I can't have you going and getting sick on me again."

"What do those doctors know?"

"They know a lot!  Please, just trust me on this.  This job and this house are exactly what we need right now.  This is all gonna work out for the best."

Penelope covered her mouth with her hand and coughed.  Silently, she prayed that her son wasn't making a mistake that could destroy the rest of their lives.


Good Hope ChurchStephanie LakeStephanie watched the ceremony attentively.  She had to admit that Sara did look beautiful in her long white gown.  She looked at the pretty flowers that lined the isle and the lovely bows on the windows.  How had Sara managed to pull this off so quickly?  She'd only announced her engagement to Dane a couple of months ago.  Could Sara be expecting?  Stephanie shook her head at that thought.  No, that wasn't possible.  Annabelle would've known about it and would've told her.

Stephanie's eyes drifted toward Patterson as he stood next to Dane.  He looked so handsome in his tux.  She quickly turned her eyes away when she realized what she had to do.  She listened to the minister as he continued his long message about how it was God's will that two people join together in holy marriage to become one unit.  Finally, the point in the ceremony she'd waited for had arrived.

"If anyone here has just cause as to why this couple should not be married, let them speak now or forever hold their peace..."

Stephanie nervously clutched the edge of the pew as she began to rise...



Will Dane and Sara actually get married?

produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

2001- 2010 Classic Soap Productions