For Now and Forever
produced/written by G. Matthew Smith


EPISODE #19 (Thursday 5/17/01)
same day, September 1935


"Now you can't tell me you haven't had fun," Trevor smiled as he and Grace climbed off their horses.  He watched with subtle amusement as she hobbled down to the lake and sat down on a rock.

"Yes, I've had fun, but, oh, I'm sore."  Grace stretched out her legs and began to rub the ache from her muscles.  "Thank you, Trevor.  Thank you for bringing me out here to take my mind off of Dane.  I really didn't want to admit it, but..."  Her hand absently reached for her neck and she let out a gasp.  "Oh, my god!"

"What's wrong, Grace?  What is it?"

"M-my locket!  The locket I always wear..."  She frantically began to search the ground for the priceless piece of jewelry that meant more than anything to her.  "It's gone!"

"Are you sure you were wearing it?" Trevor asked as he knelt on the ground searching for Grace's locket.

"Of course, I was wearing it!"  Grace was trying not to cry.  The locket meant so much to her.  She couldn't bear it if she'd lost it.  "I always wear it!  As much attention as you like paying to me, I would've figured you'd notice that!"

Trevor glanced up at her and cocked an eyebrow.  He had to laugh when he remembered how blunt she could be when she was upset.  "So, you've never told me, why is this locket so special?  I can always get you another one..."

"Not like this one!"  She sat back on her heels as her shoulders slumped in despair.  "This one's different!  This locket is special.  It can never be replaced!"

"Ah ha!" He exclaimed as he pulled the locket out of the grass and held it up for her to see.  "Look, the chain broke.  That's why it fell off."  He quickly dusted it off and popped the locket open before returning it to Grace.  Inside was a tiny picture of a woman holding a little blonde haired girl.  "Grace, this is a picture of you and your mother, isn't it?"

"Y-yes," she stammered as she took the locket back from him and slipped it into her pocket.  "Momma gave it to me for my birthday one year.  I-it was before Daddy died...before she got sick and had to go away."

Trevor watched  her closely and noticed how childlike she was becoming as she talked about her family.  Though most of their conversations had steered clear of any discussions of her parents, he'd heard enough to know what kind of horrible things Grace had gone through.  "So, um, Grace," he began tentatively, "when was the last time you got to see your mother?"

"N-not in a while."  Grace turned away from him and prayed he would change the conversation.  She didn't like thinking about how her mother was now or how horrible things had been before anyone realized she was sick.

"Have you even seen her since she went in the hospital?"

"No," she muttered.  "And I'm not going to!"



"I'm just so worried about my little girl," Mary sighed as she sipped her tea.  "I've always pushed her to be strong and independent, but she settled so easily into the roll of wife and mother.  I really don't know how she'd be able to do anything else."

"Well, Miss Mary, there's nothing wrong with those rolls."  Dorothea crossed behind the sofa as she continued with her daily chores.  "In fact, I believe that being a good mother is one of the most important jobs that a woman can have.  We are the ones responsible to make sure our children grow up right."

"Well, yes, I know."  Mary casually thumbed through the current edition of The Daily Post as she spoke.  "But I remember that Francis wanted so much more than that when she was growing up.  She had all of these dreams.  Now, Richard was never too keen on any of that.  He kept telling her she needed to find a good man to settle down with and raise a family.  It's what we women were supposed to do, you know.  He was thrilled when she married Charles.  But now..."

"She'll be all right, Miss Mary."  Dorothea paused in her dusting to place a reassuring hand on Mary's shoulder.  "Despite what she thinks, your daughter is a very strong woman.  She'll get through this.  She is an Albany, after all."

Mary laughed.  "This is true.  Anyway, have you had a chance to catch up with that son of yours?  I know he keeps busy down at that hospital."

"I get to see Calvin from time to time."  Dorothea thought about her son, the doctor, and smiled with pride.  "That's one of the reasons I'm so glad you decided to stay here in Albanyville.  I get to be close to my boy."

"Have you heard from Naomi lately?"  Mary turned to face Dorothea.  She realized that the topic of her daughter was an uneasy one, but Mary so cared about Dorothea and her family.  They had become almost like an extension of her own family.

"No, that wild child girl of mine never writes; she never comes to visit."  The glow quickly faded from Dorothea's face as she thought of her problematic daughter who was out, somewhere in the world, trying to find her own place.

"Don't worry, Dottie, Naomi will come around one day.  She'll finally understand everything that you've tried to do for her."

"I hope so, Miss Mary," Dorothea sighed.  "I hope so, before it's too late."



"I'm never gonna change everybody's minds about me," Stephanie muttered to herself as she leaned against the railing and peered out onto the water of the Blue River.  The sting of Sara's anger still hurt and she knew that it would be a long time before her cousin would ever be able to forgive her.  "Thank god Patterson believes in me.  I don't know what I'd do if it weren't for him.  He's my only real friend."

Stephanie sighed as her thoughts drifted to Lorraine's comments and then back to Sara.  "I should've stopped that wedding when I had the chance.  Dane's no good for her.  Everyone knows that...well, everyone but Sara.  It's too late, now, I guess.  Dane and Sara are now the happy newlyweds.  If I just knew how she managed to convince him to marry her.  Everyone knows how he is.  How did she get him to change his mind?  I wonder...."



"What's wrong, Mrs. Callison?" Fred Rutherford asked as he looked at her closely.  He could clearly see her red rimmed eyes that were fresh from crying.  "I can tell you're upset."

"Oh, i-it's nothing," Francis tried to cover as she turned away and tried to wipe her nose with a handkerchief.  "J-just a speck of dust in my eye..."

"No, that's not it."  He reached out to touch her shoulder and turned her to face him.  "I know what's been going on...the problems you've been having with your husband."

"I guess you've heard all the talk."

"It's sort of hard not to hear things like that."  Fred gazed at her earnestly.  He'd always thought she was very attractive.  She was letting her beauty go to waste.  "I know it must be even harder for you."

"Oh, why can't people just mind their own business?"  She felt her voice begin to shake a little as she felt the emotions begin to stir up inside her again.  "Don't they have their own problems to worry about?  Why do they have to be so obsessed with mine?"

"That's the exact reason.  If they worry about what everyone else is doing, they don't have to think about their own pitiful lives."  He smiled at her and she slowly began to find comfort in his soothing words.  "Don't listen to those crabby hens.  They're not happy unless they've got something to gossip about.  If it weren't you, it would be someone else.  The fact that you're both a Callison and an Albany makes you an even more obvious target."

"Oh, I know you're right," Francis sighed.  "It's something I've had to deal with for years, but I've never had to deal with a scandal such as this before."

"You forget, I know all too well about scandal..."

"Why, I guess you do, Dr. Rutherford."  Francis quickly remembered all the stories she'd heard about him that had floated around the hospital for years.  She suddenly felt embarrassed that she'd been a part of more than one gossip session revolving around the doctor and his reputation as a lascivious ladies man.  Now, in light of everything going on in her life, she had to wonder exactly how much of what she'd heard about him was truth and how much was malicious fiction.



"Lorraine, wait!" Patterson called out as he rushed to catch up with her.  She stopped in her tracks just as he reached her.  "What's wrong with you lately?"

"What do you mean?" she responded coolly.  "There's nothing wrong with me!"

"Not from what I see."  Patterson put his hands on her shoulders to hold her attention.  "You've been unbelievably short on occasion and you always seem to be drifting off into your own thoughts."

"I-I've just had a lot on my mind," she muttered as she tried to look away.  She couldn't tell him how she'd been thinking about Douglas.  She couldn't tell him about that foggy night she'd spent with him.

"You've been very moody lately.  How can you be so harsh to Stephanie?  She's really trying to be a better person.  I think she's doing a great job, but it just takes time to change a person's entire view on life."  He watched her closely as he hoped what he was saying was trying to sink in.  "Can't you just give her a chance?"

"Are you so naive and foolish that you can't see Stephanie Lake for the witch that she is?" Lorraine snapped.  "Look at everything she's done...she schemed to break Reginald and Jillian apart by trying to make Jillian think she was still involved with Reginald.  She even betrayed her own cousin because it fit her own selfish needs."

"Lorraine, you know that's not how it really was.  Yes, she did some horrible things to Reginald and Jillian, but she only wanted what was best for Sara.  You know as well as I do that Dane is not it!  Steph just wanted to save her from him!"

"Well, you just blindly believe what you want to about her!  I, for one, don't plan on being fooled by her tricks!"  She turned to walk away from him, but he held her firm in his grasp.

"I know that there's really a good person deep inside of her.  You haven't seen the side of her that I have."

"That I'm sure of!"  Lorraine's voice was tinged with sarcasm and she began to feel her face burn.  "I bet you're the only person in town that thinks there's a side of Stephanie other than the manipulative brat that everyone knows she is.  She's just using you, Paddy."

"Using me?  How could she be using me?"

"Oh, pull your head out of the clouds!"  She pulled away from him and glared.  "Stephanie Lake wants to convince you that she's changed, she wants to get on your good side because you're the only one gullible enough to believe her!  That pathetic little girl sees you as her next conquest!"

"Lorraine, what are you trying to say?"  His eyes grew wide as he tried to process her allegations.

"Stephanie just wants to get her hooks into you!" Lorraine explained.  "Stephanie Lake just wants you for herself.  To hell with me and anyone else.  She's moved on past Reginald and Dane and're the one who's next on her list!"

Patterson nervously ran his hand through his hair.  Surely, Lorraine couldn't be right.



Is the honeymoon over already?

For Now and Forever
produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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