produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #22 (Tuesday 5/22/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
same day, September 1935


Lorraine BlakeAlbanyville General Hospital"A baby?"  Lorraine's breathing was heavy as she leaned against the wall to steady herself.  Her hand shook with nervousness as she held it over her mouth to hold in the cries of shock that wanted to tear free.  She silently remembered the questions she'd had.

"Are you sure?"


"H-How far along am I?"

"I'd say about three months."

"Three months," she muttered in disbelief.  "That would have been about the time of Reginald and Jillian's party."  She swallowed hard when she thought about that night and the passion she and Douglas had shared.  What in the world would she do?

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Penelope Lamont2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, IL"Well, you're getting all dressed up," Penelope grinned as she stood in the doorway watching her son.  "What's the occasion?"

"I've got a date."  Burt turned to smile at her before looking back at himself in the mirror and combing his hair again.  "A nice girl I met in the park the other day."

"Well, does this girl have a name?"

"Miss Janet Scott.  She's in town visiting her sister."  He reached for his jacket and turned to leave.

"I'm glad that you've found something to occupy your time other than those horses."  She followed him from the bedroom and into the living room.  "I'm still not happy with this entire situation."

"Ma, would you please stop obsessing over this job!" he snapped.  Why did she have to continue to nag him about working for the Callisons?  Would she prefer he was unemployed and they were all out on the street.  "This is a nice town and a good job and, from what I've seen, the Callisons seem to be decent people to work for."

"They are nothing of the sort!"  The anger her voice contained began to disturb Burt.  "You have no idea what kind of people the Callisons are.  If you get too close to them, they'll destroy you!"

Burt Lamont"How do you know so much about how the Callisons are?"  He looked at her intently as he tried to figure out exactly what she was hiding.

"I-I've just heard, that's all," she muttered when she realized she'd said too much.  She couldn't tell him the truth.  Not now.  It would destroy everything she'd tried to do for him.  She felt her heart begin to race and her knees weaken.  She reached out for the edge of a chair to steady herself.

"Ma?  Are you okay?" Burt asked as he grabbed her arm as she sunk into the chair.

"I-I'm f-fine," Penelope stammered and tried to catch her breath.  "I-I just over did it a little."

"Maybe I should just cancel this date and stay home with you."

"N-no, no, I'll be fine.  I'm just a little winded."  She grabbed a newspaper that was laying nearby and began to fan herself.  "You go and have fun.  I'll be all right."

"Only if you're sure."  He inspected her closely and weighed the pros and cons of leaving her.  Finally, he decided that she was okay.  "I'll be home a little later.  Love you, Ma."  He leaned in to give her a kiss before turning to leave.  As he walked out of the house, he grew determined to find out exactly what his mother was hiding.


Dorothea JacksonJoseph Hayne Rainey Memorial Negro Hospital"Well, there you are!" Dorothea smiled as she walked down the corridor towards the doctor who was standing and looking at his charts.  "I thought you might be hungry so I brought you some dinner.  I know when you work these long hours that you don't eat the way you should."

"Ah, thanks, Mom," Calvin Jackson smiled as he took the brown paper bag from her hands.  He hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek.  "It's reasons like this that I'm glad you're here in Albanyville to stay for a while.  I just wished you'd stay with me."

"Calvin, you know I've got my job for Miss Mary.  I've got a nice room to myself in the penthouse.  There's no need to put yourself out."  She looked at her son and felt her heart nearly burst with pride.  She'd worked so hard through the years to get him to this point.  Her son was now a doctor...the first person in the entire family to ever go to college.

"You know how I feel about that.  I'm tired of you working your fingers to the bone as some slave.  I make enough money.  Come stay with me."  Calvin opened the door to his office and led Dorothea inside.  "You shouldn't have to work as hard as you do.  It's not right!"

"Young man, I'll have you know that I enjoy my work."  She shook her finger at him sternly.  "Besides, it's all I know.  It's good work, Calvin; it's honest work.  It's work that helped pay for that degree that's hanging on your wall."

Dr. Calvin Jackson"I just don't want that woman taking advantage of you!  Why, I heard stories in school..."

"Is that what that fancy school taught you?  How to be mistrustful?"  She looked at him sternly.  "Granted, I have to admit that I've been very, very fortunate to have found myself in the employ of Miss Mary.  She's been very good to me over the years.  Not all of us have been so lucky.  Besides, she's one of the main reasons you're where you are today.  We both owe her so much."

"I don't owe that woman a thing!"

"You listen to me, boy, if it hadn't been for her , and me working two and three other cleaning jobs, where do you think you'd be?"  She hated having these disagreements with him.  Why couldn't he understand that she was from a different time.  Granted, things hadn't changed a great deal, but he still had more opportunities than she'd had at his age.  He didn't have to move across Georgia on the back of an old pickup truck looking for the next farm that needed cheap labor.

"All right, all right," he muttered as he threw up his hands.  He knew he wouldn't win a disagreement with her.  Never could.  However, just because he was giving in didn't mean he was giving up.  He would make sure that his mother didn't have to serve the whims of wealthy white folk ever again.