Jillian StokesBaily ParkJillian strolled along leisurely as she watched the children playing.  She couldn't wait for the day when it would be her in the park with the children she and Reginald would have.  As she turned the corner onto the main walkway, she could see a familiar figure sitting on a bench.  It was Lorraine and she was crying.

"Lorraine, honey, are you all right?" she asked as she walked over to her.  "What's wrong?"

Lorraine quickly blotted her eyes and turned away.  She just couldn't let Jillian see her in the state she was in.  Maybe if she ignored her, she'd just go away.

"Lorraine?"  Jillian sat down beside her and grabbed her hand in a show of support.

"N-nothing.  I'm fine.  Really, I am."  Lorraine tried not to panic.  Attempting to swallow back her tears and put on a cheery smile, she sat up straight and took a deep breath.

Jillian looked at her and made a face.  "Now, you can't sit there and tell me you're crying your eyes out over nothing.  Tell me what's wrong."

Lorraine Blake"I-I can't!"  Lorraine began to cry again.  The pressure Jillian was forcing on her was too much.  It was making the entire situation real...too real.

"Look, I know we really don't know each other that well and we've never been especially close."  Jillian thought for a moment about Lorraine's failed romance with Trevor.  "But it's obvious you need someone to talk to.  I'm a good listener.  Tell me what's wrong."

"I-I'm going to have a baby!" Lorraine blurted out before she realized what she was saying.

Jillian's jaw dropped.  This was not what she'd expected.


Charles CallisonCallison Publications"It's about time!" Charles said firmly as he held the telephone receiver up to his ear.  "Why don't you return my calls?"  He tapped his pen on his desk impatiently as he talked.  Thornton Preston had been annoyingly evasive for the past few months.  Each time Charles had tried to contact him on the set of Tainted Woman, some silly gopher would say he was unavailable.  Likewise for at his rented home in California.  His housekeeper Helga would tell him that Thornton was out.

"I don't care what Cecil B. DeMille wants!  I want that book!"  He took a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves.  He lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply.  It was been a habit he'd never really cared for, but for some time now he'd been indulging in it more and more frequently.  "Look, Preston, you said that book was ready.  It was supposed to go to press this month.  I understand that this film has taken up more of your time than you'd thought it was going to."  Why did authors have to be so difficult?

"You what!"  Charles felt his blood pressure begin to rise.  He quickly rose from his chair and began to pace the floor.  "You must think I'm crazy if you think I'm going to let you out of this contract!  I want that book.  You're contracted to Callison Publications for The Manhattan Conflict and you're going to deliver it or else."  As the line went dead, he gritted his teeth and slowly placed the receiver back on its cradle.

Annabelle Lake"Have I come at a bad time?"  The sensuous voice drifted into the room.

"Annabelle!" Charles exclaimed as he turned to see her standing in the doorway.  "You have no idea how glad I am to see you right now."


Jillian StokesBaily Park"A baby?" Jillian gasped.  "A-are you sure?"

"I wish I weren't."  Lorraine's head dropped in despair.  Why did this have to happen?  Why was her life always one crisis after the next?  "But I am.  There's no denying it."

"Have you told Patterson he's going to be a father?  I'm sure he'll want to know."

Lorraine swallowed hard as she thought about Paddy and what a good father he would be.  He'd done so well taking care of Todd after the accident.  However, she knew Patterson wasn't the father.  Douglas was.

"I-I just found out myself," Lorraine muttered.  "He doesn't know.  I-I haven't had a chance to tell anyone...well, anyone but you."

"Well, I know Patterson and I know he'll want to do the right thing."  Jillian gave Lorraine's hand a reassuring squeeze.  "He'll want to do what's right.  He'll want to marry you.  He does love you, after all."

Lorraine Blake"I-I know."  That's what made all of this harder than it was.  Patterson did love her.  How could she ever tell him she'd betrayed him?  How could she tell him she was expecting another man's child?  Suddenly, her eyes grew wide with fear and she quickly turned to Jillian.  "Please, please don't say anything to him," she begged as she found herself again near tears.  "I-I want to be the one to tell him.  This is something he needs to hear from me."

"Of course."  Jillian smiled at her as she put her arm around her and pulled her close.  "This is your happy news to tell, not mine."  But if this is such happy news, then why is she so upset? Jillian thought to herself.  She eyed Lorraine closely and realized that she wasn't telling her everything.  What could she possibly be hiding?



Janet makes up a story.


produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

2001- 2010 Classic Soap Productions