Annabelle LakeCallison Publications"Charles, you're just a bundle of nerves," Annabelle cooed as she stepped behind him and began to gently massage his shoulders.  "You really shouldn't let things get to you like this.  Who was that on the phone?  Thornton Preston?"

"Yes, it was Preston," Charles muttered as he allowed the pressure of Annabelle's fingertips to slowly ease away his tension.  "That no good author wants to back out of his contract!  He's refusing to let us have that book!"

"He can't be serious?"

"I'm afraid he is, but I refuse to let him back out on me!  Not now.  We've already made plans for The Manhattan Conflict.  If he thinks he can just do whatever the hell he wants on a whim, he's sadly mistaken!"

"Just calm down and don't let him get to you."  She walked over to the bar and carefully made him a martini.  "You've let this man get you all worked up and he's not worth it.  Everything will work out."

Charles Callison"Well, it's not just Preston," Charles muttered as he sunk back down into his chair.  "It's this entire mess with Francis.  What with everything going on, I'm finding it harder and harder to concentrate on work.  This Preston mess isn't helping any."

"Well, I think you're doing the right thing by staying away from Francis."  Annabelle slowly circled Charles and allowed her fingertips to gently graze his shoulders before she handed him his drink.  "The less she's forced to see you, the sooner she can get on with her life."

Charles lifted his head and eyed her closely.  "Actually, Annabelle," he said as he inhaled deeply.  "If I wanted to do the right thing, I'd stay away from you."


2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, ILPenelope LamontThe sound of the kitchen door slamming shut startled Penelope as she stood by the sink washing dishes.  She quickly jumped and spun around to see Randy stomping through the kitchen and into the living room.

"Randy?  What's wrong?  Why are you traipsing through my kitchen like a pack of elephants?"  When she got no response, she quickly dried her hands and slung her dishtowel over her shoulder and followed him.  "Randy?  Did you hear me?"

"Yes, Ma, I heard you," he grumbled as he slumped down into a chair and buried his face in his hands.  "I just don't feel like talking."

"What happened?"  Penelope walked over to him and eyed him with concern.  He'd always been such a tenderhearted child.  Just the slightest harsh word from his father would send him crying to his room.  She waited eagerly for a response, but again got none.  "Randy, talk to me.  Tell me what's wrong!"

"Oh, I wished we'd never come to this stupid town!" he blurted out.  "Why did we have to come here, Ma?  Why couldn't we just stay in Kentucky?  Everything was better there!  This place is horrible, the people are horrible..."

"Randy, dear, just calm down and tell me what happened."

Randy Lamont"Maggie Callison is what happened, Ma!  I ran into her at The Well and accidentally spilled her milkshake on her.  I tried to tell her it was an accident!  I tried to tell her I was sorry, but she' horrible!"

"Maggie Callison?"  Penelope covered her mouth in shock.  Even the youngest of the Callisons couldn't escape the curse of their arrogance!  "Now, you listen to me, don't you ever let those Callisons make you feel beneath them.  Those people are no better than we are!  They've just got it in their heads that just because they've got all that money and prestige that they can walk all over everyone.  Well, I'm here to tell you they can't!  If that girl tries to give you any trouble, you just hold your head high and remember that her opinion doesn't matter!  None of their opinions matter!"

Randy watched his mother closely.  She sure did get upset whenever the Callison name was brought up.  He wondered why she had such a strong response to them, but realized that she was right.  He couldn't let some snotty girl like Maggie ruin his day.  He did know, however, that he had to steer clear of her.  He dreaded another run-in like the one today. 


Janet StokesJoe's Cafe"Well, as I told you before, I'm from Connecticut and I'm in town visiting my sister Jill."  Janet couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes.  Burt had been so truthful about his own past, but she just couldn't be as forthcoming.  There was no way he'd understand what she'd come from and what she'd been through.

"What about your parents?"  He watched her closely as he thought about how her eyes were filled with innocence but, at the same time, seemed to hold such secrets.

"T-they're dead," she finally spoke.  What else could she say?  She couldn't tell him her parents were rich and lived in a luxurious apartment in Manhattan.  "C-car accident."

"Oh, I'm so sorry."  Burt reached out to take her hands in his.  He didn't know what he'd do if he ever lost his mother.  He could understand her pain.  "I hope I haven't drug up any bad memories for you."

"Not at all," she muttered as she quickly looked away.  This was bringing up bad memories...memories of things that she'd tried so hard to forget.  She just couldn't let him know who she was.  If he'd lived in New York, he might know who she was and what happened.  People don't forget those kinds of things.  "J-Jill is the only family I have left in the world.  Just us.  I've been traveling around a lot and working on my art.  I-it helps me to forget."

Burt Lamont"I'm sure it does."  He smiled at her and looked deeply into her eyes.  He was a little taken aback at the feelings he was beginning to have.  It was way too soon to feel so strongly about her, but there was just some sort of connection there that he couldn't deny.  "You know, Janet, I have the feeling this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

"I think so, too," Janet smiled in return.  Inside, however, he stomach began to do flips as she worried about what would happen if everything she was trying to hide began to come out.  Could she really survive having to go through that all over again?



Both Lorraine and Stephanie notice Patterson's reaction to Clark.


produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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