Penelope Lamont2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, ILPenelope let out a heavy sigh as she knelt down at the foot of her bed and drug out an old cardboard box.  As she lifted the dusty lid, she thought about how long it had been since she'd looked at its contents.  Carefully, she pulled out an old photo album and held it close to her chest.  As she closed her eyes, she remembered the feelings and emotions that were held in its pages.

She sat down on the bed and began to flip through the pages and pages of memories.  Each photograph carried her back to another time.  It was a time when she was truly happy and truly in love.  When she came upon her favorite picture, she let out a short gasp and then gently traced the outline of his face with her finger.  Oh, it was so long ago.

Penelope's eyes began to fill with tears as she remembered the one great love of her life.  Suddenly, she grew angry when thoughts of what could never be flooded over her.  With a loud thud she slammed the album closed and began to weep.

It was wrong to be here again.  It was wrong to be back in Albanyville.  Nothing good could come of it.  It was bound to only bring heartache and pain.  She'd worked so hard to shield Burt from that, but now she was afraid that it was all going to come out.  She had to prevent that from happening.  She had to protect Burt from the truth.  She had to prevent him from finding out all the horrible things that the Callison family had done to her.


Baily ParkJanet Stokes"B-Burt," Janet spoke up as her voice began to tremble, "Burt, there's something I have to tell you."

"There's something I have to tell you, too."  He pulled her closer so that her head rested easily on his shoulder.  "I know it sounds odd, but I believe that we were meant for each other.  I think one of the reasons I feel so close to you is because our backgrounds are so similar.  We both come from simple beginnings, but we haven't allowed that to hold us back from our dreams."

Janet swallowed hard as she again thought about her lie.  How could she tell him the truth?  How could she reveal to him that their worlds were nothing alike?  Also, how could she tell him who she really was without risking him knowing about everything that had happened?  If he really knew who she was and what had transpired in New York, he would surely be uneasy around her.  They all were once they knew the truth.

Burt LamontMeanwhile, a million thoughts ran through Burt's head as well.  He was so happy he'd finally found someone that was like him; someone from the same background who understood where he'd been and where he was coming from.  Janet was so different from herShe never understood him.  She only acted like she knew him.  In reality, she was just like the rest of those society types.  He'd convinced himself that their vastly different backgrounds wouldn't matter, but they did.  She'd only been using him to escape the boredom of her high society life.  She'd only been slumming.  Janet wasn't like that...not like her at all.

Burt silently watched Trevor and Grace and wondered how things might have been different if he'd had the same background as the Callisons.  Would it have made a difference?  Would it have put him on equal footing?  What would it have been like to have been born into a world of wealth and privilege?  He sighed when he realized it was a world he wasn't meant to know.  He turned toward Janet and smiled warmly.  Oh, what a wonderful thing it was to have found someone like her.  She understood him.  They were so much alike.  Thank god he wasn't falling in love with some society snob again.

As she sat on the park bench, Lorraine nervously thought about how Patterson would react if she told him the baby was his and then the truth came out...

"Oh, my god, Lorraine!  How could you do this?  How could you tell me this was my son and have me fall in love with this child only to rip him out of my arms?"

"Oh, Patterson, no!  That's not how it is.  Oh, I didn't know what to do!  Please believe me.  I never meant to hurt you.  I never meant to hurt anyone.  I was just so scared."

"Scared?  So scared that you lied to me?  How could you do this to me?  How could you give me something so wonderful and then just rip out my heart?  I-I can never forgive you for this!  I-I hate you!"

Then Douglas' voice began to ring in her ears...

"Why couldn't you tell me you were having my child?  Didn't you think I had the right to know?"

"Douglas, I was frightened!  I didn't know what to do.  If I'd told anyone the truth, there would have been so much trouble!  I-I only did what I thought was best."

"Best?  Best for you!  Didn't you think this child deserved to know who his father is?  Didn't you think I would want to know my own child?"

"Oh, Douglas, please understand."

"I can never understand this!  You didn't think I was good enough to be the father of your child."

"No, Douglas!  No.  That's not it at all!"

Lorraine BlakeLorraine inhaled deeply as she tried to shake off the images in her head.  She knew that to reveal the truth now would be devastating to all involved.  However, she realized that lies always had a way of revealing themselves.  The fallout from the truth coming out later would be even more cataclysmic.  Was that a chance she was willing to take?  Could she really lie and name Patterson as the father of her baby?  Oh, if only he were the father.  It would make things so much easier.  But could she look at herself in the mirror every day for the rest of her life knowing the lie that she carried around inside?

She again laid a hand on her stomach and knew that she had to make a choice.  She carefully weighed her options again and then looked up in the sky as if hoping to receive a sign.  With a sigh, she knew what she had to do.  She knew what would be best.  She swallowed hard and looked down at her stomach.

"Well, little one," she sighed, "it's time you had a daddy.  I realize who it has to be.  Now, I just have to find the courage to tell him."  She knew the risks involved and she knew the price she was going to have to pay.  However, it was a risk she was going to have to take.


Lorraine makes an announcement.

produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

2001- 2010 Classic Soap Productions