produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #35 (Friday 6/8/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
same day, September 1935


2210 Elmwood Lane, Albanyville, ILMary AlbanyMary Albany stood on the front porch and banged loudly on the door.  Within moments, the Callison family housekeeper opened the door to see who was making all the noise.

"M-Mrs. Albany!" Hannah exclaimed as she saw the angry look on Mary's face.  "What's going on?  Why does is sound like you're trying to knock the door down?"

"Hannah, I want to see my son-in-law!" Mary announced as she breezed past her and into the foyer.  "Charles!  You come here right this instant!"

"What's all this racket?" Charles questioned as he stepped out of his study.  The sight of Mary's angry face quickly unnerved him.  "Mary, what's got you so upset?  There's not something wrong with Francis, is there?  Is she alright?"

"She's fine."  Mary glared at him with an icy gaze.  "No thanks to you!  There are a few things I need to say to you!"

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Charles Callison2210 Elmwood Lane, Albanyville, IL"Mary, you seem very upset," Charles said as he tried to display a calm exterior.  "Just come sit down and tell me what's wrong.  Hannah, that'll be all for the evening.  Please make sure we're not disturbed."

"Yes, Mr. Callison," Hannah replied before leaving them alone.

"Now, Mary, why don't you tell me what's got your feathers all ruffled."

"How dare you keep flaunting your affair with that woman in public!  Don't you have any concern whatsoever for your wife's feelings?"  When Charles sat down, Mary motioned that she preferred to stand.

"I care about Francis' feelings very much.  In fact..."

"Well, you have a really fine way of showing it!  Don't you realize what it does to her to see you carrying on with that woman?  Don't you realize what kind of talk that it instigates?"

"Mary, 'that woman' has a name.  You can refer to her as 'Annabelle' or can not refer to her at all!"  Charles looked up at Mary and tried to keep his rising temper in check.  From his seated position, Mary seemed to nearly tower over him.  She could be a rather intimidating figure, but he was determined not to let her get the better of him.

Mary Albany"Annabelle is really none of my concern," Mary said as she nearly spat out the name.  "My concern is what your behavior is doing to my daughter!  Are you deliberately trying to hurt and embarrass her?  Don't you understand what she's going through?"

"Causing pain for Francis is the last thing on my mind."  All the trauma his wife was going through was not lost on him.  Hurting her was, in fact, the last thing he wanted.  That's why he had to keep her away from him.  True, she might be hurt now, but Charles was sure that it was a small price to prevent the pain that he would surely cause her in the long run.  "No matter what's happened, I still care about her very much.  In fact, I still love her."

"You have a damn fine way of showing it!"  Mary stepped closer to him and looked at him sternly.  "That's what all of your shenanigans with Annabelle Lake are doing...causing pain and trauma for Francis!  I'm here to warn you that it all stops now or you'll have to deal with me!"


Douglas Davis23 Green St., Albanyville, IL"A-are you sure you're having a baby?" Douglas asked as he sunk back into his seat.  Lorraine's announcement had clearly knocked the wind out of him.  He was still trying to process the news.

"Oh, the doctor told me there's no doubt," Lorraine began to sob.  "and you're the father!"

"How can I be the father?  Are you sure this isn't Patterson's child?"  His mind quickly became filled with a myriad of thoughts.  How could this have happened?  How could this be his child?  What in the world was he going to do?

"Douglas, the doctor told me I was about 3 months along.  Reginald and Jillian's party was 3 months ago!  That was the night we...well, you know."  Her hands trembled as she spoke.  In the last few weeks, her entire life had fallen apart.  She was deeply afraid that her future wasn't going to be much brighter.

"B-but what about Patterson?"  Seeing her distraught state, he grabbed her hands in hopes of steadying them and her.  "Why are you so sure that he's not the baby's father?"

Lorraine Blake"Because...because Patterson and I hadn't...hadn't been together in that way then."  The personal confession caused Lorraine to blush slightly.  She just wasn't used to discussing such intimate details.  "We were just starting to work on a relationship with one another.  I-I still hadn't completely put Trevor behind me.  Y-you were the only one.  It has to be your child!  There's no way it could be Patterson's!"

"Oh, my god," Douglas gasped as he lifted his hand to cover his mouth in shock.  "Y-you're having my child?"  As the full reality began to sink in, he was forced to think about his own father and his own childhood.  He didn't want his child to have to go through that.

"Yes, Douglas, I'm carrying your child."  Lorraine took a deep breath to calm her nerves.  She knew what she had to do.  She knew she had to tell Douglas her plans.  "But...but I have an idea.  I know what I've got to do."

"What?"  He looked at her as he tried to understand what she was talking about.  "What idea?  What are you planning?"

She took another deep breath and prepared to tell Douglas every detail of what she was going to do.