produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #43 (Wednesday 6/20/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
the next day, October 1935


Thornton PrestonSpringhill Manor, 54 Spring Lake Dr., Albanyville, IL"You never did tell me what information Simmons found on Sara," Helga said as she carefully dusted Thornton's antique chess set.

"That's because it's something only I need to know."  He leaned against the mantle of the fireplace and rubbed his chin as he thought.  "I would never have guessed the details that his report gave me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Helga, let's just say that I now know some very shocking things about Mrs. Manchester."  He silently remembered all the details of Sara's life that the report had revealed.  "And I can guarantee that those are things that Sara herself doesn't even know."

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Albanyville UniversityAgnes MartinAgnes Martin concentrated intently as she finished typing a report that needed to be completed before she left the office for a late class.  With a satisfied grin, she pulled the paper out of the typewriter and quickly filed it away.

"Excuse me, Agnes?"  Stephanie spoke up as she approached the desk.

"Oh, Stephanie!  I didn't see you come in."  Agnes turned to smile at her and leaned forward onto her desk.  "What can I do for you?"

"Well, first, you can show me where I can put my things."  Stephanie casually glanced around the office and made a quick mental note of the arrangement of desks and filing cabinets.

"I-I don't understand."

"Oh, I'm sorry."  Stephanie smiled broadly and let out a small giggle.  "I completely forgot to tell you.  My work study assignment's been changed.  I get to work here, with you, in the admissions office."

"Stephanie, that's wonderful!"  Agnes quickly jumped up and rushed to throw her arms around her.  "Oh, I just know you'll love working here!  I'm sure we're going to get along wonderfully!  We'll be the best of friends."

Stephanie Lake"I hope so."  Stephanie smiled slyly.  It hadn't been easy to get her work assignment changed from the English department to the admissions office.  In fact, she'd had to beg and plead with the head of student financial aid to get the switch.  Thank goodness her charms still worked.  They could come in handy on occasion.

"Darn, you just got here and I've got to leave for my next class."  Agnes looked anxiously at her watch.  It was quite a long walk to the Chemistry lab across campus.

"I'm sure I'll manage."

"Well, Mrs. Beasley's in her office in the back.  She'll show you around and tell you everything you need to know."  Agnes gave Stephanie another quick hug and headed for the door.  "I just know you're gonna love it in here!"

Stephanie inhaled deeply before a grin spread across her face.  Ever since her unexpected first meeting with Agnes a few weeks earlier, she'd had a nagging suspicion that Agnes held the key to a big secret concerning Dane and Sara.  Now that she would be working in the admissions office, Stephanie was determined to find out what that secret was.


Helga GrimmSpringhill Manor, 54 Spring Lake Dr., Albanyville, IL"So, Mr. Preston, are you going to tell me what you found out about our little miss Sara or are you going to leave me in suspense?"  Helga eyed Thornton closely as she quickly stopped her chores and approached him.  "I tell you I haven't trusted that girl from the moment she walked in that front door!  She's up to something!"

"Well, Helga, that much has been obvious."  He strummed his fingers along his desk as he continued to eye the report on Sara's background that lay in front of him.  "However, this report is not at all what I expected.  A troubled childhood, a criminal record...yes...but not this!"

"What is it?"  She quickly walked around behind him in an attempt to see the contents of the report.  Helga was greatly disturbed and suspicious when Thornton slammed the folder closed to prevent her from seeing the information regarding Sara.

"It's nothing that you need to be concerned with right now."

She let out a sighed as her mind raced with thoughts of what the shocking information could be.  Noting the time, Helga slid a desk drawer open and pulled out a small bottle.  "Mr. Preston, it's time for your medication."

Thornton Preston"Yes, Helga," he muttered as he continued to think about Simmons' report on Sara.  Thornton took a pill from Helga, placed it in his mouth and quickly chased it with a glass of water.  "I can tell you," he continued again, "that what I've learned about Sara is quite unexpected."

"In what way?"

"Well, let's just say that I've discovered a connection with Mrs. Manchester that I would never have dreamed."  Thornton leaned back into his chair and smiled slyly.  "And I can assure you that this information is something I will most definitely use to my advantage."