produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #45 (Friday 6/22/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
same day - October 1935


The Gardens RestaurantCharles Callison"Oh, forgive me!  You must think I'm so rude."  Burt was quite flustered.  Here he and his mother sat in the presence of his employer.  A Callison.  The head of the family that his mother so mysteriously despised.  "T-this is my mother, Penelope Lamont."

"Mrs. Lamont, so nice to meet you."  Charles smiled warmly at her and gave her a polite nod.  He eyed her closely.  There was something about her that seemed so familiar.  Had he seen her somewhere before?  As he stood there smiling, he fought to remember exactly how he knew her.

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The Wishing Well Soda ShoppeStephanie LakeStephanie sat in the booth, still in a slight state of shock.  The effect of Patterson's sudden kiss still lingered on her lips.  Why had he kissed her so suddenly?  Her mind tried to sift through a myriad of reasons for the kiss, but she was still confused.

Of course, Patterson had been terribly upset by Lorraine's announcement.  Lorraine had told Patterson that she couldn't see him anymore because she was marrying Douglas.  Could that be it?  Was Patterson so distraught over his broken heart that he felt the need to reach out for some kind of emotional comfort?

Stephanie nodded to herself that that had to be it.  She knew those kind of impulses all too well.  She remembered her own impetuous kiss with Patterson the night of Reginald and Jillian's engagement party.  She'd been at her lowest emotional point ever and Patterson had been there to pick her back up and lift her spirits.  She'd kissed him out of gratitude for his support and his promised guidance of a new way to approach life.  Was this kiss born out of the same emotions?

For some reason, that theory didn't seem right.  Surely Patterson wasn't feeling as low as she'd felt that night.  Stephanie lightly ran her fingers along her lips that still burned with the memory of his kiss.  Even if that's all this was, it still didn't explain why the kiss had sent such strange feelings throughout her body.

She'd gotten caught up in the moment and her body still tingled with an odd rush of feelings.  Why was she feeling so flustered and giddy because of Patterson's kiss?  As she continued to be filled with conflicting thoughts and emotions, she suddenly realized the time.  She was about to be late for a meeting with Clark.  Stephanie quickly pushed thoughts of Patterson and his kiss aside and gathered up her books before rushing out of the soda shop.


Charles CallisonThe Gardens RestaurantCharles continued to look at Penelope closely as he silently searched his mind of a hint of memory.  Finally, he decided that he didn't know her.  Maybe she just had one of those faces that looked like a thousand others.

"Well, I'm sorry to disturb you," Charles finally spoke as he nodded to both Burt and Penelope.  "I'll let you get back to your meal."

"It was so good to finally meet you, Mr. Callison," Burt smiled as he stood in a display of politeness.  As Charles walked away, Burt turned his attention again to his mother.  "Ma, are you alright?" he asked as he reached over and took her hand.  "You seem to be off in another world."

Penelope Lamont"I'm sorry, Burton," she smiled sheepishly as she lowered her head.  "I was just thinking about how wonderful it is to be with you here tonight."  Silently, she was heaving a sigh of relief that Charles didn't seem to know who she was.  Penelope smiled to herself as she remembered how rambunctious Charles once was.  Of course, they were both much, much younger then.  He was always into something and so excited by new adventures and new ideas.  Though his charm had clearly changed in tone, she could tell he still had quite a mesmerizing way about him.

"Ma?"  Burt narrowed his eyes and looked at her closely.  "You've drifted off again.  Is it Mr. Callison?  I know how you feel about that family.  I hope that his showing up here hasn't upset you.  I don't want anything to ruin this special celebration."

"Um, no, Burton.  It's nothing like that."  She quickly turned her head to hide the warm, yet painful, memories that were beginning to flood over her.  "I-I'm fine."

Burt LamontHe continued to watch her closely and quickly realized that she was not being completely truthful with him.  There was clearly something on her mind...something very troubling to her.  Burt looked across the room at Charles who was now seated with a woman and enjoying their conversation and dinner.  Did Mr. Callison's presence force her to think about the long ago hurts and transgressions that she seemed to be fighting to keep hidden?  Burt lifted his hand to his chin and thought.  What deep, dark secret could his mother be hiding and how could the Callison family be involved.  He was more determined than ever to find the answers to this mystery.