produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #51 (Monday 7/9/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
same day - October 1935


Burt Lamont2312 Spring Lake Rd. Albanyville, IL"J-Judith, what in the devil are you talking about?" Burt Lamont gasped as he reeled backward in shock.  "How can I be the father of your baby?"

"Now, if I have to explain that one to you..."  Judith Linford tried to be slightly flippant despite her stunning revelation.  She couldn't let him see that the truth was as difficult for her as it was for him.

"Why didn't you tell me before I left New York?  Why did you keep this from me for so long?"  He began to felt his temper rise.  How could she keep this from him?  How could she let him walk away from her without telling him?

"Because I didn't know!"  She quickly turned away from him in an effort to hide the pain on her face.  She'd truly cared about Burt, but she'd realized that they could never be open about their love because of their conflicting social classes.  "I only found out I was expecting after you disappeared!  I knew Mark couldn't be the father.  Our marriage isn't exactly the most conducive for that kind of intimacy."

Burt covered his mouth with his hand as the full realization of Judith's condition hit him.  He was going to be a father!  He quickly grew worried.  How would this stunning announcement affect his relationship with Janet?

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Sunset Hotel, Penthouse A, Albanyville, IL"You two just don't know how happy I am to see you!" Francis Callison exclaimed as she sat in the living room talking to her son Reginald and his fiancée Jillian Stokes.  "We never seem to spend time together, anymore.  So, what do I owe this impromptu visit?"

"Well, Jillian and I were having dinner downstairs at The Gardens and I just thought it would be nice to come up to see you," Reginald smiled as he held Jillian's hand.  "I-I've been thinking a lot about you and Father lately."

"Ah, yes, your father."  Francis looked away as she grew uncomfortable with the mention of her husband.  "Well, he seems to be a little preoccupied, himself, lately."

"I know this is all very difficult for you, Francis," Jillian spoke up.  "I'm sure you know that Reginald and I are here for you whenever you need us."

"Yes, dear, I know.  You have no idea how much that means to me."

Mary Albany"Francis!  I see you've gotten home," Mary Albany spoke up as she stepped through the front door.  "And I see we have company.  Reginald, Jillian, it's so good to see you!"

Reginald Callison"You too, Nana."  Reginald got up and walked over to give his grandmother a hug.  "It seems Jillian and I have been so busy that we haven't had much time."

"I understand.  Francis, I take it your date went well?" Mary asked as she turned towards her daughter.

"Date?"  Reginald looked at his mother curiously.  What date?

"Um...yes, Mother, it went well."  Francis immediately grew nervous.  She hadn't bothered to mention to any of her children that she had begun to see Dr. Rutherford socially.  Her separation from their father had been difficult for everyone involved and she feared upsetting them even more.

Jillian Stokes"Mother, who did you have a date with?"  He hated what was going on between his parents.  After the events of the past few months, he'd come to expect such behavior out of his father, but his mother?  How could she be dating someone else?  She was still married to his father!

"She's been seeing Dr. Rutherford from the hospital," Mary spoke up.  "They've been seeing quite a lot of each other."

Francis CallisonFrancis shot her mother and angry look.  She didn't want her children to know anything about her budding relationship with Fred.  They'd been hurt so much by the trauma of their parents' separation.  She didn't want to add to that stress.

Reginald's eyes shot from his grandmother to his mother and back again.  He clearly remembered the articles that had run in the newspaper back when Dr. Rutherford's girlfriend Arlene disappeared.  He'd been a prime suspect in the mystery, though the police could never prove anything.  He knew, full well, that the disappearance was still unsolved.  Now his mother was dating the man!  Reginald didn't like the sound of that at all!


2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, IL"Why, Judith?" Burt questioned as he looked at her intently.  "Why are you telling me this now?  Why didn't you come to me with this before I left New York?"

"I told you I didn't know!"  Judith slowly began to pace around the kitchen.  "After...after I told you we couldn't see each other anymore, you just took off!  You disappeared, Burt.  I didn't know where you were or how to find you.  I didn't find out about the baby until after you left!"

"My god."  Burt's hands shook as he raked them through his hair.  He couldn't believe this was happening.  He'd finally put Judith and the devastation of their breakup in his past.  He'd moved on and fallen in love with Janet.  Janet was so unlike Judith.  Not snotty or pretentious.  Janet was just like him and they shared similar backgrounds.  She was nothing like Judith.  Nothing at all!

"Please, Burt, please understand!"  Judith began to wring her hands as she kept her eyes firmly focused on him.  "I-I don't want anything from you.  Mark is willing to raise this child as his own.  No one ever has to know that you're the real father."

"Then why tell me anything at all?"

Judith Linford"Because I wanted you to know!  This is your child!  This is the product of the love we have for one another!"  She rushed over to him and grabbed him in an effort to force him to understand.

"Had, Judith!  Those feelings have changed!"  He quickly pulled himself away and walked to the other side of the room.  "You gave up on us.  You're the one who destroyed everything!"

"Oh, Burt, I had no choice!"  She felt the tears begin to well up in her eyes.

"You most certainly did have a choice!  You could've chosen to leave your husband like I wanted you to!  You could have run away with me like I asked you I pleaded with you to!  No!  You couldn't do that!  You couldn't risk upsetting your perfect little world!"

"Oh, Burt, it would never have worked!  You know that!"  Judith lifted her hand to cover her mouth and choked back her tears as she remembered that horrible time when she had finally forced herself to realize how a life with Burt could never work.  "We...we're just too different.  We were from two different worlds.  But...but that still doesn't change how I feel.  I still love you, Burt."

"Well, I don't love you!  You killed any love that I had for you when you told me how I wasn't good enough for you!"

"Oh, Burt, I never said that!"

Burt Lamont"Not in so many words, no."  He suddenly turned away from her.  He refused to let her see how much she still affected him.  Seeing her again had only brought back all the pain she'd caused.  "I begged you to run away with leave your husband so we could be married.  You told me you couldn't do that!  You couldn't give up your family.  You said that they'd never understand your love for me...that they'd never accept me!  You couldn't give up everything that went along with your social standing."

"Burt, I had no choice!"

Burt turned and glared at her with eyes filled with hurt and confusion.  He hadn't been good enough for her then.  Nothing had changed.  He was still the same person.  Was she now going to tell him that he wasn't good enough to be a father to his own child?