produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #54 (Thursday 7/12/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
a few days later - October 1935


Janet StokesThe Sunset Hotel, Penthouse C, Albanyville, IL"I wished you'd tell me why you wanted me to come see you," Janet Stokes said as she sat nervously on the couch.  Her sister Judith's constant taunts about her past had made Janet quite uncomfortable around her.

"Do I really need a reason to want to see you?" Judith questioned with a slight laugh.  "You are my sister, after all.  Why wouldn't I want to spend time with you?"

"It's not that."  Janet fidgeted nervously in her seat.  She knew Judith well enough to know when she was up to something.  "It's seem like you want to talk about something."

"Well, dear, to be perfectly honest, I do."  Judith put on her best smile of sincerity and sat down next to Janet on the sofa.  "I want to talk to you about this mysterious boyfriend of yours."

"Well, um, he's from a nice family and..."

"Oh, just cut to the chase, Janet."  Judith scowled at her before reaching over to pat her gently on the hand.  "I don't want to hear about any of these little stories you've made up in your head.  I want you to tell me the real story...the story about you and Burt Lamont."

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Albanyville UniversityStephanie Lake focused intently on the typewriter as she pounded away at the keys.  All she had to do was finish this report and then she could start filing a stack of papers that sat on her desk.  She'd been working like mad for days...anything to keep her mind of Clark Saxon and his threats.  Finally, she sunk back into her chair and let out a heavy sigh.  No matter what she did, his voice came back to haunt her.  She knew he'd been serious when he said he'd ruin her.  There was no doubt in her mind.

"Well, you seem to be all tied up with work," Agnes Martin laughed as she walked into the office carrying her own armload of work.

"Agnes, these things have to get done," Stephanie tried to explain.

"I guess you're right.  I don't know why Mrs. Beasley has to be such a slave driver."  Agnes let out a small laugh as she went to take her seat at the desk next to Stephanie's.  As she sat down, the weight of her armload shifted and papers and books went tumbling to the ground.  "Oh!" Agnes winced at the mess.  "And I just got all of those in order, too!"

"It's okay.  Let me help you get everything back together."  Stephanie rose from her seat and knelt down to help Agnes pick up the fallen papers.  Her eyes quickly fell on several tests that had been part of Agnes' load.  Stephanie recognized them immediately.  They were copies of the entrance exam...exactly what Stephanie had been looking for.  "Um...Agnes?"

"What, Stephanie?"

"What are you doing with all of these copies of the school's entrance exam?"  Stephanie glanced up at her with a curious look.  She knew she had to be exceptionally careful in her quest for information.  "Some of these tests even have the answers written in!"

Agnes Martin"Would you be quiet!" Agnes snapped as she quickly snatched the tests out of her hands.  "If anybody knows I've got those, we could all be in serious trouble!"

"What do you mean 'we'?"  Stephanie eyed her closely.  C'mon, Agnes, tell me what I want to know.

"You, me, Dane, and Sara, that's what I mean!"  Agnes straightened the papers up and slid the exams into a folder underneath another stack of books on her desk.  "If the dean ever found out what we did, we'll all get expelled!"

"O-oh, of course."  Stephanie quickly sat back down at her desk, but kept her eyes firmly focused on Agnes.

"I don't need to ruin my lucrative little sideline venture."  Agnes smiled slyly.  "These tests have been quite profitable."

"You make money off of those tests?"  Stephanie's eyes grew wide with honest shock and curiosity.  "How?"

"Well, I always work as a campus guide during the summers.  I meet lots of potential freshmen that way.  You just wouldn't believe how many of them are petrified of the entrance exam!"  Agnes giggled at the thought.  "Why, it's really not even that hard!  Heck, even Dane was nervous about it.  Well, at least until I gave him a copy of the test with the answers on it for him to memorize."

"Dane cheated?"

"Oh, like you didn't know!"

Stephanie LakeStephanie quickly realized her fumble and fought to cover.  "Um.. well...of course I knew!"

"Besides, how do you think Sara found out where to get that copy of the exam that she gave to you?"  Agnes turned and began to start on her office duties for the day.  "Dane told her all about it.  Sara came to me because you were so nervous about taking the exam.  I was more than happy to help her out.  For anyone else, I would have charged for that test, but since Dane and Sara are friends of mine, I let her have it for free.  You really should thank me, you know."

"Oh, um, yes, Agnes.  T-thank you very much.  I don't know what I would have done without it."  Stephanie was slowly beginning to tune Agnes out as her mind began to whirl as it processed everything she'd learned.

"Just remember, the dean can never find out about all of this or we'll all get expelled!"

"Um, yes, expelled..."  Expelled!  Dane cheated on the entrance exam!  If the dean found that out, he could get kicked out of school!  No school, no degree, and no law career!  A sly grin slowly spread across Stephanie's face.  She had just the ammunition she needed to get back at Dane for ruining her life!


Joe's Cafe"Reginald, look!  There's Patterson!" Jillian Stokes spoke up as she and her fiancÚ Reginald Callison walked into the cafe.

"Paddy!  How're you doing?" Reginald asked as they walked over to where he was sitting.  One good look at Patterson told them everything they needed to know.  "Not so well, huh?"

"You could say that," Patterson Monroe sighed as he put his elbows onto the table and rested his chin in his hands.

"It's about Lorraine, isn't it?" Reginald asked as he took a seat next to Patterson and motioned for Jillian to join them.  "C'mon, Paddy!  Cheer up.  I know it doesn't seem like it, but it's not the end of the world."

"Reginald's right, you know," Jillian smiled as she put a reassuring hand on his arm.  "You'll get through this.  You've survived much worse."  And Patterson had!  Reginald and Jillian both knew that if he could make it through the tragic deaths of his parents, he could survive the loss of Lorraine.  However, they both realized that Patterson didn't have much choice in surviving that tragic loss.  He had to be strong to take care of his little brother Todd.

"But I had so many hopes and dreams for us," Patterson sighed.  "I wanted us to be a family.  Me, Lorraine, and Todd.  Now she's going to marry Douglas Davis."

Reginald Callison"Um...not going to," Reginald said tentatively.  "Did.  Douglas and Lorraine got married a few days ago."

"Then that's really it."  Patterson leaned back into his chair and raked his fingers through his hair.  "It really is over.  There's no turning back now.  She's gone forever."

"I guess so, Paddy."  Reginald hated to seem him like this. 

Patterson had always been the one to support everyone else.  He'd been the one who could calm Dane down or give Reginald advice.  In fact, it had been Patterson's advice that had finally convinced Reginald to ask Jillian to marry him.  Heck, Patterson was even doing the unthinkable...convincing Stephanie Lake that she didn't need to lie and scheme to be happy.  Now, Patterson was the one who needed comfort and advice.  Reginald was more than ready to be there for him, but he was quick to realize that it was an odd and uncomfortable shift in roles.

Patterson Monroe"I just don't understand why."  Patterson shook his head slightly as he tried to free himself from the dreams he'd held for so long.  "You both know that I've spent the better part of this past year hoping Lorraine and I would find our way back to each other.  Even when she was involved with Trevor, I still had hope."

"Well, I never really thought her relationship with Trevor would work out," Reginald confided.  "They both just wanted different things.  Maybe that's the same way with you.  Maybe you two just weren't meant to be together.  Maybe by her marrying Douglas, it just frees you up to find the girl you were meant to be with."

Patterson's thoughts quickly turned to Stephanie and how close they'd become.  He really did think of her as a good friend.  However, they'd recently seemed to be dancing around on the edge of become something more.  He knew he loved Lorraine, but he still couldn't explain all those feelings he'd been starting to have about Stephanie.  He shook his head again as if to pry himself loose from thoughts of her and those sudden, impetuous kisses that they'd shared.

Jillian Stokes"I just wish I knew why."  Patterson sunk his head down into his hands as his thoughts again turned to Lorraine.

Meanwhile, Jillian sat in silence as she looked at him, yet only half heard their conversation.  Her own thoughts were filled with memories of Lorraine's shocking confessions...she was expecting Douglas' baby.  That's the real reason behind the sudden marriage and Patterson's emotional pain.  Jillian felt sorry for Patterson and the hurt he was feeling.  Maybe, if he knew the real reason behind Lorraine's actions, he could understand, forgive, and move on.  Jillian chewed her lip nervously as she quietly contemplated braking her promise to Lorraine about not saying anything about the baby.