The Sunset Hotel, Penthouse C, Albanyville, IL"B-Burt Lamont?" Janet questioned nervously as she tried to hide her shock and surprise.

"Of course, dear," Judith smirked slyly as she watched her sister with much intent.  "Now, don't act like you've never heard the name before.  That is the real name of the man you've been seeing, isn't it?"

"I-I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about!"  Janet wrung her hands as she felt herself slowly slip into a panic.  "Then man I'm dating"

Judith sighed and shook her head.  "Don't even try it.  In case you've forgotten, you can't keep your stories straight about what your mystery man's name is supposed to be.  Once is was Barrett, then it was Bradley.  At least you remembered the 'b'."  She let out a thin laugh.  "I know all about Burt Lamont.  That's really who your seeing, isn't it?"

"Yes," Janet confessed as she quickly turned away.

"Tisk, tisk, oh what Daddy would say."  Judith rose from the sofa and slowly began to walk around the room like a vulture circling its prey.  "You just know he wouldn't approve.  A Stokes dating a lowly stable boy?  Daddy wouldn't hear of it!"

Janet Stokes"Oh, you won't tell him!  Please, Judith!"  Janet's eyes widened with fear.  Deep down, she knew her pleas would be useless.  Judith had always done as she wished.

"Janet, why did you have to stoop so far below your station?  You know Daddy would be very upset.  He wouldn't take kindly to this at all!  Why, he might even think you' shall I put it...lost your mind."

"Judith, you can't tell him about me and Burt!  You just can't!"

"You know what Daddy's threatened to do after the last time you pulled a stunt like this!"  Judith carefully continued to pace the room as she, too, began to wring her hands.  "Why do you have to be so much trouble?"

"Judith, this is different!  I love, Burt!"  Janet tried to hold back her emotions, but failed miserably.  The tears broke through and quickly began to run down her cheeks.

"Where have I heard that before?" Judith laughed.  She paused and took a deep breath.  "Janet, I'm sure Burt doesn't know anything about what happened.  Well, of course he doesn't.  Why would you be stupid enough to tell him about that?"

"B-Burt doesn't even know my real name," Janet confessed.  "I-I was so scared that if he knew I was Janet Stokes, he'd know what happened."

Judith Linford"Oh, what a tangled web we weave."  Judith continued to stare at her sister with venomous intent as she sat down next to her.  "Aren't you afraid of what might happen?  What if Burt found out?  You know he wouldn't want anything to do with you!  He'd hate you because you lied to him!"

"Oh, please, Judith, please don't say anything to Burt!"  Janet was an emotional wreck as she grabbed Judith and shook her violently and begged.

"You will stop seeing this man at once!"  Judith pushed Janet away and looked at her with determination.  "If you don't stay away from Burt Lamont, I will go to him and tell him everything!"

"Judith, please, you couldn't!"

"I can, sister dear, and I will!"  Judith glared at her angrily.  "Stay away from Burt Lamont!"

Judith maintained her regal posture as a self-satisfied grin spread across her face.  Overcome with panic and fear, Janet quickly burst from her seat and ran out of the apartment in tears.


343 Anderson Ln. Apt. #1, Albanyville, ILDane Manchester rubbed his head as he sat at his desk pouring over his ledger and trying to make the numbers match.  He was unbelievably relieved that his last class for the day had been cancelled.  Now he had plenty of time before he had to be at work to get caught up on his bookkeeping.  He quickly looked down at his watch.  "I wonder where Sara is," he mumbled to himself before returning to his books.

As he balanced the numbers in his ledger, he furrowed his brow.  Things just weren't working out exactly like he thought they should.  According to his calculations, he and Sara had quite a bit more money than they should have.  How did that happen?

Dane ManchesterStill eyeing the books, Dane leaned back in his chair.  As he tapped his pencil on the desk, he carefully tried to figure out how that could be possible.  True, Sara had been pinching quite a few pennies in order to help them out of their financial crunch.  Dane had left her specific instructions...don't buy anything unless it's on sale, no new dresses, turn the lights off when you're not in the room, no frivolous spending at all.  Still, it couldn't have made that much of a difference.  Could it?

Even with all of their efforts to economize, they should still only be squeaking by.  However, according to the numbers, they actually had a surplus of money!  That just couldn't be possible.  Dane let out a heavy sigh and quickly began to re-add the numbers and redo his calculations.  Surprisingly enough, his first figures had been correct.

"This just isn't possible," he muttered to himself.  "There's no way I could have made this much money."

Dane shook his head as he tried to think about how their financial situation could be so much better off than he'd thought.  Something just didn't seem right...but what could it be?


98 River Rd Apt. #1, Albanyville, IL"Whoa!" Trevor Callison said as he backed out of the way of the movers as they carried boxes and furniture down the hall.  "What in the devil is going on?"

"I'm moving, Trevor," Lorraine Davis replied as she poked her head out of her open apartment door.  She looked at him curiously.  "What are you doing here?  Why do you want to see me?"

"Actually, Lorraine, I'm not here to see you."  Trevor let out a small laugh and smiled.  "I'm here trying to look for an apartment."

"Tired of living at home with Mommy and Daddy?" she replied, but then realized what she'd said.  Her hand flew up to her mouth and she gasped slightly.  "Oh, Trevor, I'm sorry.  I-I forgot."

"That's okay," Trevor sighed as he sunk back against the wall.  "That's actually the reason I want to move out.  I just can't stand to stay in that house after everything that's happened.  Mother isn't there anymore and Father's behavior with Annabelle Lake is just deplorable.  I've got to find an apartment of my own and get out of there before I kill one of them."

"Well, actually..."  She furrowed her brow slightly.  "There really aren't any apartments available.  Well...unless you count mine.  I should be done moving out by the end of the day.  I could talk to the landlord for you."

Trevor Callison"That would be great."  His eyes followed the movers as they carried out another load of boxes.  "So, um, why are you moving out?  I thought you loved this apartment."

"Oh, I do!  It's the most wonderful apartment."  Lorraine turned for a moment to look back inside and survey the stack of boxes and furniture that was now pulled together into the middle of the living room.  "But, um, I really can't stay here now."  She bit her lip and realized that she couldn't avoid telling everyone forever.  "You see, I really should live in the same house as my husband."

"Husband?"  Trevor's jaw dropped.  Lorraine had gotten married?  "Oh!  This is kind of unexpected.  I had no idea.  I hope you and Patterson are very happy together."

Lorraine DavisLorraine winced slightly at the mention of Patterson's name.  She took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh.  "Actually, I didn't marry Patterson.  I married Douglas Davis."

"What?" he gasped.  This was more shocking news than if she had married Patterson.  Why, Lorraine and Douglas had never even dated!  "Douglas?  Why?  What about Paddy?"

"Look, Trevor, Paddy and I just weren't meant to work out.  That's all.  I know my marriage to Douglas is rather sudden and unexpected."  Her thoughts clouded over for a second when she remembered exactly how unexpected.  "But, this is really for the best.  This is going to be the best thing for everyone."

"Poor Paddy."  Trevor said nervously, still more than a little stunned by the revelation.  "I-I hope he's doing okay with this."

"Me, too."

"Look, I need to go see him and she how he's doing."  He rushed off down the hallway to the main door of the building.  "Don't forget to check with the landlord about your apartment!"

"Oh, I will."  Lorraine sighed and shook her head slightly as she sank back against the frame of the door.  She'd avoided telling Trevor about the baby.  The news of her sudden marriage to Douglas was shocking enough, she didn't need to reveal everything all at once.  Privately, she wondered how long she could hold out before she couldn't hide her condition any longer.



As Dane grows curious about their finances, Sara makes a shocking discovery.


produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

2001- 2011 Classic Soap Productions