produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #61 (Monday 9/3/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
same day - October 1935


Janet Stokes2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, IL"Oh, my god," Janet Stokes gasped as she began to feel the walls closing in.  "My own sister?  You were in love with my own sister?  Oh, my god!"

"Janet, please, try to understand!"  Burt Lamont reached out for her, but she yanked her arm away.  

"Don't!  Don't touch me!  You've just been using me!"

"No, Janet, that's not how it is!  I love you...I've always loved you!"

"No!  It's just like Gordon!  You've just been using me!" Janet sobbed as she quickly turned and ran out of the house.

"Janet!  Wait!" Burt called out as he ran to the door.

"Oh, let her be," Judith Linford muttered with a shake of her head.  With a sigh, she quickly remembered another, shocking revelation that she'd planned to make...the true paternity of her unborn child.  She held back a wicked laugh when she realized that that was one piece of news that would have to wait for later.

"I can't let her go!" he explained.  "I love her!  Of course, that's something you'd know nothing about!"  He glared at her hatefully and began to rush out of the house.  Suddenly, Judith grabbed his arm to hold him back.

"You will not go chasing after her!" she ordered.  "I won't let you!"

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343 Anderson Ln. Apt. #1, Albanyville, IL"Douglas, what in the devil are you talking about?" Dane Manchester questioned as he turned to look at his wife.  "Sara?  What's going on?"

"Oh, Dane, I...I..." Sara Manchester stammered.

"Sara, you have to tell him the truth," Douglas Davis urged.  "You can't avoid it, now.  He has to know."

"Sara?"  Dane watched her curiously.  He'd suspected for weeks that she'd been hiding something from him and now, with Douglas' sudden visit, he was convinced of it.  But, what did it have to do with Thornton Preston?  They'd only read about his death in the newspapers.  What did he have to do with Sara?

"Dane, I..."  She looked at him pleadingly, as if begging him to understand.  How in the world could she confess her deception?  "D-Dane..."

"Just tell me the truth!"

Sara Manchester"I was working for Thornton Preston as his assistant."  She lowered her head in embarrassment over her lies.  "We didn't have enough money to pay our bills and you were going to have to drop out of college...all because of me.  I couldn't bear that."

"W-what?"  Dane's eyes grew wide with shock.  He'd known something was up, but not this.  "You went behind my back?  After I forbid you to work!"

"Oh, Dane, there was no other choice!" Sara began to sob.  "I was working as Mr. Preston's assistant and also to help Charles Callison get information on Mr. Preston so that he could negotiate his contract.  That's where all of the extra money was coming from.  I just...I just altered your books to reflect the extra money."

"You what?"  Dane inhaled deeply in an effort to soothe his rising temper and ran his hands through his hair.  "Do you think I'm stupid?  Did you honestly think I wouldn't notice?"

"I...I..." she stammered, unsure of what to say next.

Dane Manchester"I just can't believe this!  Sara, you lied to me!"  He sunk down onto the sofa as he tried to collect his thoughts.  "I can't believe this.  I thought you were a decent and honest person.  True, a little bit bland, but honest, nonetheless.  Now, I see you're just as wicked and conniving as Stephanie!"

"No!"  Sara's bottom lip began to quiver as tears began to stream down her face.  In her efforts to make their lives better and fix everything that was wrong, had she ruined things forever?  Suddenly, she snapped her head around to face Douglas with a fire in her eyes.  "Why, Douglas?  Why did you have to come here and try to mess up our lives?  Why in the world would I need to be present at the reading of Mr. Preston's will?"

Douglas Davis"Sara, I'm sorry about this, but I had no choice."  Douglas bowed his head slightly, embarrassed for the scene he was being forced to witness.  "But you have to be there.  You and Dane."


Douglas took a deep breath and looked directly at her.  "Sara, you and Dane have to be there because you're in the will.  Thornton Preston named both of you in his will."

Both Dane and Sara's eyes grew wide with shock.  Why in the world would Mr. Preston put them in his will?


2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, IL"Let go of me!" Burt snapped as he yanked his arm away.  "Haven't you caused enough trouble?  I can't understand how you could just viciously set out to hurt your own sister."

"She lied to you, Burt!" Judith reminded as she looked him dead in the eyes.  "She lied about who she was and what she'd done.  How in the world could you ever trust her again?"

"You are not someone who needs to be giving a lecture on honesty."

"Oh, don't you dare get all high and mighty with me."  She folded her arms across her chest as she felt her temper begin to rise.  "You know I've always been honest with you about everything!  I have never lied to you!"

Burt Lamont"Gee, last time I checked, you were about to have a baby."  He glared at her sternly.  "And I just found out about it!"

"You know I didn't find out until after you left New York!  You know I couldn't find you!."  Judith reached out for him again but he quickly moved away from her.

"No matter what she's said or what she's done, I still love Janet.  Nothing is going to change that!"

Judith Linford"Oh, Burt, don't be foolish!"  Her heart began to race.  He couldn't mean it!  After everything Janet had done, after all of the lies, he couldn't still be in love with her!  "Who knows what else she's been keeping from you?  I bet there are things that I don't even know!"

"And if you did, I'm sure you'd be the first to blab it to everyone you know!"  He stared at her angrily before turning to look out the door in the direction that Janet had run.  "Look, I love her and I can't let her get away.  She loves me too!  Nothing will ever change that.  Now, I have to go find her and make her understand that."

As Burt ran out of the house in pursuit of Janet, Judith watched him closely as her eyes burned with fury.  "Oh, Burt," she muttered to herself, "you're so foolish.  You might be convinced that your feelings for Janet are set in stone, but I wouldn't be too sure about hers!  You might know all of her secrets, but I can guarantee that she doesn't know all of yours.  And those secrets will make all the difference!"