Albanyville High School"Are you really that uncomfortable here with me and Eliza?" Randy Lamont asked as he danced with Maggie Callison.  "You've got to admit that it's a lot better than sitting home alone."

"I guess," Maggie muttered as she thought about how her date to the  Fall Dance had cancelled at the last minute and Randy had offered to take both her and Eliza to the dance.  "You have to admit, though, that this is all rather strange."

"Yeah, it is."

As the tempo of the music changed to a slower, more romantic song, he pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her.

Maggie Callison"Gee, you're not quite as clumsy as you used to be," she murmured as she noticed his expert dancing skills.  "What happened?"

Randy Lamont"Well, when I first moved to Albanyville, I just felt so awkward.  You know, new town, new school...I didn't know anyone.  It was all so different from my old school."

"I-I can imagine."  Maggie lifted her head off of his shoulder and looked up into his eyes.  Why did it suddenly seem like Randy was a completely different person?  He wasn't at all like she'd thought he was.

"You see, back home, I was one of the most popular boys in school.  Then I came here and I was nothing."

"That really must have been rough."  Maggie began to feel a knot form in her stomach and she took a deep breath to relieve the sudden tension she was feeling.

Eliza Campbell"Um, excuse me!" Eliza Campbell spoke up as she tapped Maggie on the shoulder.  "Can I at least dance with my date?"

"Oh, um, of course."  Maggie blushed slightly as she quickly backed away from Randy.  "T-thank you," she muttered to him before turning to walk off of the dance floor.

On the sidelines, she watched Randy as he held Eliza in his arms and they moved around the floor to the delicate strains of "Moonlight Becomes You".  The knot in her stomach began to grow as she felt her face begin to flush.  Despite trying to look away, she couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight of Randy and Eliza.  She furrowed her brow slightly and let out a slow, soft sigh.  What in the world did this new feeling she was having mean?


343 Anderson Ln. Apt. #1, Albanyville, IL"Douglas, I don't understand," Sara stammered.  "Why in the world would Mr. Preston put me in his will?"

"Both of us, Sara," Dane reminded as he looked at her curiously.  "He put both of us in his will.  Isn't that what you said, Douglas?"

"Yes, it is."  Douglas nodded as he tried to keep his discomfort from showing.  The tension between Dane and Sara was quite thick and Douglas wasn't at all thrilled to be caught in the middle of it.  "I honestly don't know Thornton's reasons for putting you both in his will.  All I know is that the will is being read tonight!"

Dane Manchester"Sara, do you know anything about this?" Dane asked as he tried to analyze her every word.  If she'd been keeping her employment from him, what else could she be hiding?

"No!  I have no idea why he'd want to put both of us in his will."  She began to wring her hands and tried to look away from her husband's burning gaze.

"I just can't believe you've been lying to me," Dane muttered as he shook his head, still in shock.  "Lying!"

Sara Manchester"Oh, Dane, I'm sorry!  I didn't know what else to do.  You weren't making enough money at the printing plant and I was scared you'd have to give up your college education.  It would have been all my fault!  If I hadn't...if we hadn't gotten married, none of this would have happened!"

"And you think I don't realize this?" he asked coldly.

"Oh, please, Dane!  Please!  Please try to understand!"  Her eyes began to fill with tears as she rushed over to him.

Douglas Davis"I...I just can't talk about this now."  Dane bolted from his seat and stormed towards the door.  "I have to get out of here.  I...I need time to think."


"The will is being read in one hour," Douglas spoke up.  "You have to be there."

Dane turned to look at both of them with a sneer.  "We'll see."  And with those words, he stormed out.


2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, IL"Burt, where is she?" Judith asked as he walked back into the house.  "Where's Janet?"

"I have no idea," he muttered as he sank down into a chair by the kitchen table.  "I've searched everywhere.  The barn...the stables...I even went down to Spring Lake thinking she might have run down there."

"You didn't see her at all?"  Her eyes grew wide with surprise.  Her sister couldn't have just vanished.  "Burt, she has to be somewhere!  Are you sure you've looked everywhere?"

"Look, Judith, I can't find her!  I'm sure she took a taxi out here, so she had to have left on foot.  She couldn't have gotten far!"  He turned to examine Judith's expressions closely.  Was that actual concern that he was hearing in her voice?

"Well, I'm sure she's just run off to have a good cry," she muttered as she glance out the door and into the night as if hoping to catch a glimpse of her sister.  "She'll be back in no time, begging you to forgive her.  She'll be fine."

Burt Lamont"How can you be so cavalier about all of this!" Burt shouted as he sprung to his feet and approached her.  "Your sister...your emotionally delicate sister...has just run off and I can't find her!  How can you act like that doesn't matter?"

"Because it doesn't!  It's not like Janet hasn't pulled stunts like this before!"  Judith quickly glanced out the door again and bit her lip nervously.

"You really don't have anything that even resembles a heart, do you?"  His eyes flashed with anger as he shook his fist in frustration.  "How can you be so cruel?  She's your sister!  She was an emotional wreck when she ran out of here...which is your fault, I might add.  Who knows what kind of state she's in?  Who knows what could happen to her?"

"You're making too much out of this!"

"I really don't think that I am.  I love Janet.  Nothing that you've said tonight changes that."  He looked her square in the eyes.  "And don't you even think about telling her about the baby!  After everything you've done, so far, I don't think she'd be able to handle that."

Judith Linford"Okay," she relented as her eyes again glanced out the open door.  "I...I won't say anything.  The true father of my child will stay our secret.  I won't say a word to Janet.  I swear!"

He inspected her closely to determine whether she was telling the truth.  Still unsure, he realized that he had no choice but to take her at her word.  "Look, I'm going to look for her again.  I've got to make her understand about us.  I've got to convince her that nothing's changed."

"Okay," Judith muttered as she watched him rush out of the house again.  As she leaned against the doorway and gazed out into the night, she took a deep, labored breath.  This was what she'd wanted.  She'd finally told the truth about Janet.  Now, it looked as if her rival for Burt's affections was out of the way for good.  However, if she'd gotten what she wanted, why was she suddenly so worried about what had happened to Janet?



Mrs. Preston arrives for the reading of Thornton's will.


produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

2001- 2011 Classic Soap Productions