produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #65 (Friday 9/7/01) click here for a printable version of this episode
same day - October 1935


Penelope Lamont2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, ILPenelope Lamont swirled the glass around in the dishwater as she gazed out of the kitchen window at the leaves that were quickly changing colors and dropping to the ground.  As a squirrel scampered across the yard she smiled warmly.  She always had enjoyed the fall of the year.

Quickly drying her hands on a dishtowel before slinging it over her shoulder, she walked to the backdoor to look outside and watch the squirrel as it played in a pile of fallen leaves.  As she leaned against the doorframe, she smiled to herself about how wonderful life could be.

Suddenly, a searing pain in her side took her breath and she began to gasp for air.  The color drained from her face and she reached out for the door in an attempt to steady herself.

"No!  Not now!" Penelope weakly shouted in fear.  As her world faded to black, she collapsed in a crumpled heap on the kitchen floor.

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Albanyville UniversityWith a weary sigh, Stephanie Lake dropped her books down onto the desk inside the cubicle and flopped down into the chair.  She eyed the stack of books with an intense lack of enthusiasm and grumbled slightly.

"How in the world am I supposed to get a research paper on the War of 1812 done in a week?" she muttered to herself as she grabbed the top book off of the stack and flipped it open.  She began to read the text, not really paying that close of attention to what she was actually reading.  However, she was making an attempt.

She scribbled down notes hurriedly and in a lackluster manner until she came to a peculiar passage in the book.  Leaning back into her chair, she made as face as she furrowed her brow.  "Who cares?" she asked, seemingly answering a preposterous question posed by the book.

Taking a deep breath she slammed the book shut in frustration and slid it to the back of the desk.  Though she realized it needed to be done, she really wasn't in the mood for homework.  As she began to tap her pencil on the desk, her mind began to wander.  Only the rather loud chattering of a couple of girls in the next cubicle drew her attention out of her daydreams.

Stephanie LakeCurious as to who they were, she leaned back in her chair as far as she could without toppling over.  Her eyes grew wide when she immediately recognized them.

"Omega Chis!" Stephanie exclaimed to herself.  Quickly remembering Helen Van Dyne's plots with Clark Saxon, she quietly slid her chair as far into her own cubicle as she could manage.  She just couldn't let them see her!  Lord only knew what things Helen had told them about her.

"Did you hear about Clark Saxon?"  The voice of one of the girls drifted into Stephanie's cubicle.

Curious as to what they might be talking about, she leaned closer in an attempt to hear better.  She was quite interested to know what the other girls thought of the vicious lothario.

"No?  What happened?  I haven't seen him around in a few days."

"You haven't heard?  Oh, my lord, it's awful!  I just can't believe it!"

Stephanie cocked an eyebrow in interest as she continued to listen.  What the devil had happened to Clark?


2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville, IL"Ma?" Burt Lamont asked as he walked into the kitchen.  

He'd been upstairs in his room, lost in thought and concern over his girlfriend Janet Stokes...he was still trying to get used to that last name...who'd run away and disappeared days earlier.  Despite his best efforts coupled with the efforts of her sister Jillian Stokes, Jillian's fiancÚ Reginald Callison, and the local police department, they still couldn't find her.  Burt was beginning to fear the worst.  In the middle of his worrying, he'd heard his mother cry out, rather loudly, from the kitchen and he'd immediately run downstairs to see what was the matter.

"Ma?  Are you okay?" he asked again as he moved further into the kitchen.

Not seeing any sign of her, he bit his lip in confusion.  He'd just known he'd heard her crying out as if something were horribly wrong.  He was about to head back upstairs when he caught a glimpse of her, out of the corner of his eye, still lying on the floor.

"Oh, my god!  Ma!"  He rushed to her side and knelt down beside her.  Seeing the beads of perspiration on her forehead he touched her face and was shocked by how clammy she felt.  "Ma, speak to me!"  Unsure of what to do, he slapped her cheeks frantically in an attempt to bring her around.

"O-oh....B-Burton?" Penelope finally spoke in a faint whisper as she regained consciousness.  A throaty, disturbing cough tore from her chest.

"Ma, are you okay?  What happened?"

"B-Bur...Burton," she muttered, clearly weak.  The thinness of her breathing and the several, short gasp for air that she would make told him that she was most definitely not okay.

Burt Lamont"Ma, I'm gonna go call the doctor."  He quickly jumped up from his place on the floor and ran for the telephone.

"N-no, Burton," she muttered.  "J-just...just bed."

"Ma!  You need a doctor!"

"B-Burton, I...I'm your m-mother.  You I say."  Using what little strength that she had remaining, she lifted her hand to him as if begging him to help her stand.

"Just let me call the hospital first!"


Quickly weighing his options, he was unsure what to do.  Ignore his mother's pleas and phone the doctor or do as she'd asked and take her upstairs?  Realizing that she more than likely would be much more comfortable in her own bed than on the cold tile of the kitchen floor, he decided to take her to her room and then make the phone call.

Powered by fear and adrenaline, he rushed back to her side and scooped her up into his arms before carrying her out of the kitchen and through the front hallway to the living room.  Reaching the foot of the stairs, he ran up them with his mother in his arms, taking them two at a time.

Penelope LamontFinally reaching his mother's bedroom, he gently laid her on the bed.  Stopping only for a moment to gaze down at her, he saw how frail and delicate she had become.  Because she'd not been in the best of health for several years, he was used to her occasional attacks, but he'd never seen one quite this severe.  That worried him.  More so, it terrified the daylights out of him.

"Ma, I've got you in your room.  You're in your bed."  Burt took her hand into his in hopes of somehow passing along some sort of strength to her.  "Now, I'm going to go back downstairs and call the hospital.  I'm going to be right back."

"B-Burton..."  Penelope's voice was weak and raspy.  She fought to open her eyes, but could only manage to barely lift her lids.  "B-Burton...I h-have to t..."  Her body jerked frantically as sharp pains shot through her and she cried out.

"Ma?  Ma!  Momma!"  Burt knelt down beside the bed and again took her hand into his as panic began to overtake him.  "Ma!"