2210 Elmwood Ln., Albanyville, IL"So, remind me again how we managed to get ourselves talked into this?" Trevor Callison asked as he looked at his brother Reginald.  "I can't believe that we all managed to let Father talk us into this."

"Well, it just seemed so important to him."  Reginald replied with a sigh.  "And besides, from the tone in his voice, we really didn't have much choice.  I believe our attendance was an order, not a request."

"An order to placate that witch Annabelle, no doubt."  Trevor clinched his teeth as he thought about how Annabelle Lake had managed to intrude on their family and push their mother out of the way.  "I'm seriously thinking of having our father committed so he can have  his head examined."

"I can't believe Mother allowed Maggie to come," Reginald commented.

Maggie Callison"Momma didn't allow me to do anything!" Maggie Callison spoke up as she approached her older brothers.  "I'm here because I want to give that old hag a piece of my mind!"

"Now, Maggie, just calm down."  Trevor put his hands on her shoulders in an attempt to settle her.  "Flying off the handle won't do anything tonight but make everyone more upset than they already are.  Let's just stay on our best behavior, to pacify our father, and just get through this with no trouble.  It won't solve anything."


Reginald Callison"No 'buts', Maggie!"  Reginald looked at her sternly as he shook his finger, hoping to warn her against making a scene.  After taking a deep breath, he casually looked around to see his fiancée.  "Now, where did Jillian and Grace run off to?"

"I think they're off somewhere having a little girl talk," Maggie giggled.  "I just know they're talking about the wedding and about you, Trevor."

"Well, maybe."  He blushed slightly as he thought about the professions of love that he and Grace had only recently made to each other.

"You two really do make a cute couple."  Maggie grinned broadly as she teased her brother.  She found it quite humorous that he seemed to be a little embarrassed by talk of his and Grace's budding relationship.

"Ah, I see I've finally got all of my children together in the same room!" Charles Callison spoke up as he walked into the living room.  "Annabelle should be here shortly."

"Don't remind us," Reginald mumbled to himself in disgust.

"What was that, son?"

"I said 'I can't wait to eat!'  I'm starved."  He swallowed hard and then furrowed his brow.  Jillian was starting to rub off on him.

"Well, I know that this evening is bound to be a little tense."  Charles carefully looked at each of his children and flashed them looks of warning.  He silently prayed that no one would do anything out of line.  This party meant so much to Annabelle.  "But, I'm glad that you're finally all here."

Trevor Callison"We're not all here!" Trevor spat as his eyes began to burn in anger.  "Mother isn't here!  This entire family isn't present unless she's here, too!  She's part of this family, not Annabelle Lake!"

Jillian StokesReginald reached over and gave his brother's shoulder a tight squeeze in an attempt to shut him up just as he saw Jillian and Grace walk into the room.  He shook his head slightly to signal the tenseness of the scene to Jillian.  It was becoming increasingly evident that the night would not go off without conflict.

"Trevor, I can understand your feelings," Charles spoke cautiously as he carefully looked at each of his children.  "But there are certain things that are out of my hands.  I...I hadn't planned on telling you all of this, tonight, but since you're all here..."

Grace Davis"Tell us what, Father?"  Reginald eyed him curiously as Jillian joined him at his side and put her arm around him.

Charles Callison"Yes, Father, what is it now?"  Trevor still felt angry about the entire situation, a mood that was not lost on Grace as she gently rubbed his back in hopes of settling him down.

Charles hesitated for a moment, taking a deep breath.  "I received a rather awkward visit from your mother's attorney, this afternoon," he began, meeting each of his children's questioning stares.  "He served me with official divorce papers.  Your mother has filed for a divorce."


The Sunset Hotel, Penthouse C, Albanyville, IL"I certainly hope you're not planning on doing anything foolish," Mark said as he glared at Judith.

"What in the world are you talking about?"  She eyed him curiously as she felt her nervousness begin to get the better of her.

"I hope you aren't planning to tell Burt Lamont the truth about this baby!"  With all of the tension that his wife managed to cause in his life, Mark realized that he needed another drink and walked to the bar to mix another scotch and soda.  "The last thing we need is for that piece of trash finding out."

"Burt is not trash!"

Mark spun around and watched her closely.  "My lord, you do still have feelings for him!  I wonder if precious Janet knows anything about this."

"J-Janet doesn't know anything about me and Burt," she lied.  "What Burt and I shared is in the past.  He's decided to move on with Janet.  I am married to you!"

"And you're going to stay married to me!  I've worked too hard to get where I am to have you ruin it all by shooting off your mouth!"  He clinched his teeth tightly before taking another drink.  "And, besides, I would think that you wouldn't want the scandal, either."

"Well, I've found myself growing tired of those people in Manhattan, actually."  Judith strolled over to the sofa and sat down before beginning to flip through the pages of a magazine.  She was doing her best to maintain her composure and not let her husband get the best of her.  "Surprisingly enough, I've found myself actually liking it here in Albanyville."


"Dear, Jillian was right all along!  This town does have a certain...charm, shall we say?"  And it also had Burt!  However, she wasn't about to tell Mark that!

Mark Linford"You're only hanging around here because of that lowlife bartender!  If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't come within a hundred miles of this city!"  As he walked away from the bar and towards the sofa, he kept his eyes locked on her.  Despite her protestations, he was certain that there was something she wasn't telling him.

"My sisters are here!  Why wouldn't I want to be close to my family?"  Unable to find anything interesting enough to distract her from her conversation with her husband, Judith flung the magazine onto the coffee table.  As she folded her arms across her chest, she kept her eyes looking straight ahead, never once turning them to look at Mark.

"Gee, let's see," he said as he lifted his finger to his chin in a rather exaggerated fashion as thought.  "I know you can't stand Janet.  You've been jealous of her for years since she stole the spotlight away from you with her unfortunate illness."

"That's not true!"  Judith, unable to ignore him any longer, jumped up and spin around to face him.  "I have never been jealous of Janet and I have never been jealous of Jillian!  Why should I be jealous?"

"Well, Jillian's the baby.  There's a certain amount of attention that gets focused on the baby of the family."  Mark smirked slightly, realizing that he'd hit a nerve of truth.  "True, you're all close and supportive of her now, but if she were to ever get in the way of something you wanted, you'd steamroll right over her!  Family means nothing to you! one except your dear, precious Daddy!"

"You don't know a damn thing about my family or me!"

"Oh, Judith, I know you a lot better than you think I do."  He maintained his cool exterior as he listened to the tinkling sounds that the ice cubes made in his glass.  "I know that you're still in love with Burt...or at least you think you are!"

"W-what does that mean?"  She looked at him cautiously, unsure about what he was getting at.

"Judith, when you had every chance in the world to have Burt Lamont, to run off with him, you dropped him like a sack of garbage because it would interfere with your high society lifestyle!"  He carefully circled her, never once averting his eyes.  "You only want him now because he wants your sister!  This has nothing to do with love."

Judith Stokes Linford"What the hell do you know about love?"  Judith glared at him angrily.

"I'm warning you, Judith," he spat, completely ignoring her question.  "If you say one word concerning the truth about this baby, you'll regret it!  If you embarrass me publicly by announcing your infidelity and your bastard child, I will make your life hell!"

"W-what do you mean?"  She felt her hands began to shake as she contemplated her husband's threats.

"If you intend on making me a laughing stock for not being able to control my own wife, I'll be forced to drag you through the messiest divorce you've ever seen!  I'll make sure your tawdry life is splashed in every gossip column, coast to coast.  I'll be the one left standing and reaping everyone's sympathy for what a horrible, hideous wife I have!"

Without a word in rebuttal, Judith angrily spun around and stormed out of the room.  She clearly realized that her husband wasn't making empty threats.  As she slammed the door of her bedroom behind her, she feared what the ramifications of the events she'd already set in motion would be.


2210 Elmwood Ln., Albanyville, IL"She's filed for divorce?"  Reginald's eyes grew wide from shock.  Of course, he always knew that would be an option for his parents, but had never allowed himself to believe that it would actually happen.

"Yes, I...I have to admit that I was a little stunned, myself."  Charles carefully rubbed his forehead, still slightly in shock about the divorce petition.  "So, you see, you're mother had no intention of saving this marriage, either.  She wants a divorce and wants to move on with her life.  Why can't you allow me the same advantage?"

Trevor Callison"But we're talking about Annabelle Lake!" Trevor shouted angrily.  "That woman is a disgrace to this family and the mere fact that you are involved with her puts your state of mind in question!"

Grace Davis"Trevor, just calm down," Grace muttered as she held on to his arm tightly.  "Getting worked up isn't going to solve anything."

He bit his lip as he tried to will himself to calm down.  He realized that she was right.  His father hadn't listened to a word he'd said, so far, so why in the world would he start now?  His father seemed bound and determined to ruin his life and his family with his trashy mistress.

"Oh, this is just all my fault," Maggie began to sob.  "If I'd just kept my trap shut."

"Maggie, you can't think like that," Jillian spoke up as she took the young girl into arms.  "This is nothing to do with you."

Maggie Callison"Yes, it does!  I'm the one who...who..."  Unable to stand the pain of what she'd done, Maggie bolted from the room in tears leaving her stunned family behind.

Jillian Stokes"I...I'm going to go talk to her," Jillian spoke up before chasing after Maggie.

"See!  Do you see all of the pain that you've caused?" Reginald questioned with hurt and anger in his eyes.  "Why did you have to do this?  Why did you have to go and destroy our family?"

"Reginald, you're a grown adult.  I'm sure you can understand!"  Charles looked at his oldest son earnestly.  Why couldn't they see that people changed?  Why couldn't they accept what was going on?

Reginald Callison"I will never accept this!"  Afraid of allowing his emotions to get the better of him, Reginald suddenly turned away to hide his pain.  "And I will never understand it."

Charles CallisonAs Charles stood in the center of the room, surrounded by his family that had been devastated by his actions, he realized that this party would not be the happy coming together that Annabelle had envisioned.  In fact, it had turned into a complete disaster and she hadn't even arrived!

"Well, I see everyone is here!" the cool voice came from the doorway to the living room.

Hannah Meadows" tried to stall," Hannah, the family housekeeper, muttered awkward as she trailed along behind Annabelle as she stepped into the room.  "But...but you know how she is."

Annabelle LakeAnnabelle turned sharply to shoot the maid a hateful glance before approaching Charles and taking him by the arm.  "Now that I'm here, the evening can begin.  Let's all have a wonderful night of togetherness!"

Everyone looked at each other with a mixture of nervousness, anger, and apprehension.  They all clearly realized that it would be a long, long night.



As the Callison party continues, Burt thinks about his promise to his mother.


produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

©2001- 2011 Classic Soap Productions