343 Anderson Ln. Apt. #1, Albanyville, IL"I've already made arrangements for us to be moved into Springhill Manor by the end of the week," Dane announced as he folded his newspaper and rose form his seat.  "The decision had been made...my decision."

"But, Dane!"

"No!  I am your husband and these decisions are mine to make!"  He smirked slightly as he looked at her.  "Not that that's ever stopped you from doing what you've wanted, before!"

Sara Manchester"Oh, Dane, I've tried to explain all of that!"  Sara nervously began to wring her hands.  Would he never be able to forgive her?  Would he never be able to move past her lies and betrayal?  She had only taken the job for his own benefit!

"That's enough!" he snapped and then turned away from her.  "We are moving into that house and that's final!"

"If...if that's what you really want," she muttered in defeat as she hung her head.  After everything she'd done, she at least owed him that.

"From this point on, you will become the dutiful little wife you're supposed to be!  No job, no betrayal!  If I ever find out about something like this again, I'll will leave you so fast your head will spin, blackmail or no blackmail!"  He spun around to glare at her angrily.  "From this point on, I am in charge of this marriage, not you!"

"Y-yes, Dane," Sara muttered, realizing that he had the upper hand.  "I'll do everything I can to make this up to you.  I promise you that."

Dane Manchester"We'll see how much your promises mean!"  Of course, she'd promised to be faithful to him in their marriage and she'd clearly broken that one, as well.  Why else would Thornton Preston leave his entire estate to her?  After all he'd given up to be true to her!  After putting aside his own desires for the sake of their marriage!  How could she?  Well, no more!  This sham of a marriage...this farce...was clearly not a real marriage.  Why did he ever have to think about honoring it?  Clearly Sara hadn't given it a second thought.

"Dane, please!" she begged as she grabbed his arm.  "Please try to understand!"

"The only thing that I understand is that you disgust me!"  And with those words, Dane stormed out of the apartment leaving his wife to fall onto the couch in tears.


Sunset Hotel, Penthouse A, Albanyville, IL"So, you never did tell me why you came by," Dorothea Jackson said as she tried to finish her dusting while talking to her son Calvin.

"Do I really need a reason to visit my own mother?" Calvin Jackson asked as his eyes followed her around the room as she worked.  "I...I was hoping that Mary would be here."

"She went out to dinner with FrancisMaggie is off at some Callison family dinner at her father's house, so they thought it would be a chance to have a little mother-daughter time."  She turned to eye her son curiously.  Why in the world was he hoping to see Miss Mary?  She prayed that he wasn't there to cause trouble.

"Well...I..."  He hung his head with a mixture of humility and embarrassment.  "I had hoped to apologize to her."

"You what?"  The feather duster stopped in mid air as Dorothea quickly spun around to face him.  "What are you up to, Calvin?"

"I'm not up to anything," he muttered and then quickly thought of the incident with Douglas and Lorraine Davis at the hospital weeks earlier.  "I just...well...I just have been forced to think about things.  My behavior and attitudes, for one.  I've been forced to see that maybe I'm not as right as I thought I was."

Dorothea Jackson"Well, bless my soul," she gasped in astonishment as she sunk down into a seat on the sofa.  "What in the world happened to make you realize that?"

"Just something at the hospital," Calvin explained as he looked down at his hands.  "A man and his wife came in.  They're white and she needed help.  They didn't care that it was a Negro hospital.  Some of the other doctors refused to treat her because they weren't Negro.  It got me to thinking that maybe my attitudes concerning Mary Albany weren't so different than the other doctors' about this couple."

"So, are you trying to say that you're not going to try to convince me to quit my job?"  Dorothea looked at him with confusion and apprehension.

"Well, no, I'm not saying that," he said with a laugh.  "I would still prefer that you didn't work and that you'd allow me to take care of you, but I don't think that Mary is as bad as I've thought her to be.  Considering everything that's happened, maybe she does view you with a certain amount of respect."

"Yes, son, she does."

"I...I'm not going to try to interfere with your work.  If you want to work, I don't think there's a better place for you than here with Miss Mary."  With a warm smile, Calvin extended his hand to his mother and pulled her to him for a warm embrace.  After a few moments, he released her and spoke again.  "Now, I better get going.  You've got a lot of chores left to do."

"You better believe that!" Dorothea laughed and gave him a playful swat on the head with her duster.  "Now, don't you be a stranger around here, young man!  I'm sure that Miss Mary would love to see more of you."

"Oh, don't worry.  I don't plan to stay away for very long."  With one last smile, Calvin walked out the front door and promptly collided with Ruby Thomas who was just returning to the Linfords' penthouse after running errands.  "Well, I guess the only way for us to run into each other is to run into each other."  He let out a hearty laugh as he gazed down out her.

"Oh, um...I guess you're right," Ruby blushed as she lowered her head and nervously glanced in the direction of the Linford penthouse.  "W-what are you doing here?"

"Just paying a visit to my mother," he smiled.

"Your mother?"  Ruby fought to contain her surprise.  Surely Calvin's mother didn't live in one of the penthouses!  How in the world did a Negro woman manage to live in a penthouse in the Sunset Hotel?  "Oh."

Dr. Calvin Jackson"And what are you doing here?  You don't live here, do you?"  He eyed her curiously.  How could a young woman like Ruby afford to live in a penthouse?  Surely she must live with her parents...her rich parents!  A colored family with money...how interesting.

"Um, y-yes, actually, I do," she stammered, unsure as to what to reveal.

"With your parents, I'm sure."

"Um...actually, no.  Both of my parents have passed.  I...I live alone."  Ruby felt her hands begin to shake when she realized that she'd given too much away.  How in the world would Calvin think that she'd be able to live in a penthouse?  She'd have to tell him that she was nothing but a maid!

"Oh, I'm sorry."  He reached out his hand for hers and gave it a gently squeeze in sympathy.  "But, at least they were able to provide for you."


"I mean, at least they left you comfortable enough to afford to live in a place like this."  He casually motioned around to the lavishness of the hallway.  "It's not too often that colored folk are advantaged enough to afford such accommodations."

Oh, no!  Ruby bit her lip in nervousness.  Calvin thought that she was wealthy!  He actually thought she owned the penthouse!  How in the world could she tell him the truth?  She quickly realized that she couldn't.  Why would a man who'd obviously come from such a prominent background ever be interested in a simple maid?  He really was only interested in her because they were from the same class!

"Y-yes, I've been very fortunate," she finally spoke.  "As have you, I see.  Of course, I should have gathered that, already."

"What?"  Calvin furrowed his brow slightly as he tried to understand what she'd meant.  Suddenly, he realized that she was under the impression that his mother owned the penthouse and not Mary Albany!  How in the world would he be able to tell her the truth?  Surely, a girl with such a wealthy background wouldn't give the time of day to a man who'd mother struggled to make ends meet as a maid!

"Of course, I should have known.  You are a doctor, after all," she sighed, feeling foolish that the truth hadn't dawned on her sooner.  "The schooling for that takes money.  Of course you come from a prominent family."

"Um...yes," he stammered.  "I just find it impressive that the managers of this hotel permit our people to live here.  I'm surprised that there hasn't been some kind of uproar."

Ruby Thomas"Um...it is...rather startling."  She eyed him nervously as she suddenly felt very inferior and unworthy of his attention.

"So, have you given any more thought to that dinner?"  Calvin's question was clearly against his better judgment.  How could he take her out to dinner when she so obviously thought he was something he wasn't?  However, he desperately wanted to see her again.

"Well...actually, I have," she muttered uncomfortably.  "I...I really..."  How could she agree to a date with him when she was so clearly below his class and standards?

"I just couldn't bear it if you'd changed your mind and said 'no'," Calvin said as he took her hand in his.  "Please say 'yes'?"

As she looked deeply into his eyes, she couldn't find the strength to resist.  "Yes, I...I'll go to dinner with you."  Foolish, foolish, foolish!

"Wonderful!  I'll make the plans and give you a call."  He pulled her into his arms to give her a tight hug.

"T-that's great," she muttered in response, still unsure of what she was doing.

As Calvin and Ruby stood there, embracing in the hallway, both of them silently prayed that they could keep their secrets.  Surely, if they were ever to find out the truth about each other, there would be no way that a romance between them would be possible.


Hannah Meadows2210 Emwood Ln., Albanyville, IL"Um, Mr. Callison," Hannah spoke up as she stepped into the room carrying a large envelope.  "T-this was just messengered to you.  That's who was at the door."

"Thank you, Hannah," Charles replied with a sigh.  "Probably just some manuscript someone wants me to read.  Just put it over there."  He pointed to a nearby side table as she looked down at the envelope with curiosity and surprise.

"A-actually, I think you need to open it now," she said cautiously.

"I said to put it over there!"  Charles knew that Burt Lamont was clearly about to announce something and he didn't have time for such an annoying interruption.

"Y-yes, sir."

"Now, Mr. Lamont...Burt...you were about to say?"  Charles looked at him intently as he waited for him to continue with what was assured to be an announcement of utmost importance.  "What about your mother?  What did she have to tell Landon?"

Trevor Callison"Yes, Burt," Trevor chimed in.  "Go on."

Burt stood silently, for a moment, as his eyes briefly darted from one member of the Callison family to the other.  His family!  "As I was saying, my mother had to meet with your bother to tell him some very important news.  News that he died without ever hearing."

Reginald Callison"Yes, yes, we know that already!" Reginald snapped, quickly growing impatient.  "What did she have to tell him and why is it all so important that you have to just barge in here like this?  Not that I'm complaining, of course."  He turned to shoot Annabelle a hateful look.

Burt hesitated for a moment and took a deep breath.  This was the moment he'd waited for...the moment when he would reveal the truth.  However, a discomforting sense of nervousness began to overtake him.  How would the Callisons react?  Would they believe the truth?  Would they grant him everything that he'd deserved?  Before speaking again, he took another, long breath.

"You see, my mother needed to see him because she had to tell him..."  He hesitated.  "She had to tell him that she was expecting his child."

"What?"  Charles jaw dropped in shock.  "This is ludicrous!  Landon never had a child!  Why, if my brother had ever fathered a child, my parents would have worshiped the ground it walked on.  They all but revered my brother!"

"Your parents were spiteful, arrogant people you set out to destroy my mother whom they deemed unfit to even wipe your family's shoes!" Burt spat as the fire returned to his eyes and voice.  "Your parents found out about the baby...I'm not sure how...and set out to ruin my mother's life!  They didn't think she was fit enough to raise a Callison heir and wanted to take the baby away from her.  Of course, my mother wouldn't allow that!  She refused to allow anyone to separate her from her own child!"

"M-Mr. Callison?" Hannah spoke up as she still held the envelope in her hands.

Charles Callison"Not now, Hannah!"

"I...I'm sure that, in time, your parents just forgot about the baby.  They realized that it was best for them if both the child and its mother were gone."  Burt hung his head in sadness as he thought about how hard his mother's life had been.  "You know, nothing to put a blight on the sterling family name like a bastard child and it's poverty stricken mother."

"Oh, my lord," Charles gasped as the full realization of his parents' deeds began to take hold of him.  "I have...a niece or a nephew?  What...what happened to the baby?  How do you know all of this?"

Burt Lamont"My mother told me everything right before she..."  Burt paused and choked back a tear.  "Right before she died.  She couldn't go to her grave without a clear conscience.  She had to finally tell me the truth that she'd hidden for so many years...hidden in fear of your family!"

"The baby, Burt, what happened to the baby?" Reginald asked as he grabbed Burt's arm tightly.  "Who is Landon's child."

Burt took another deep breath and looked Reginald square in the eyes.  "I am.  I am Landon Callison's son."



Judith, Jillian, and Janet receive unsettling news.


produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

2001- 2011 Classic Soap Productions