produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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Same Day
January, 1936 - Afternoon


Good Hope ChurchJim Fitzpatrick"Mr. Callison, I know that you've done your very best to thwart our investigation into the murder of Mrs. Lake," Detective Jim Fitzpatrick spoke pointedly and deliberately, "but surely you must realize that the truth always comes out.  You can't hide things forever."

Janet Stokes winced at those words.

"Oh, god," Reginald Callison gasped as he hung his head.  "I...I..."

"We know about the scarf, Mr. Callison."

"Scarf?" Jillian Stokes asked as she felt herself growing more and more confused.  "Reginald, what is he talking about?"

"I'll...explain it all later," he sighed.  This glorious day was beginning to turn into a nightmare.

"We know that you've been covering for someone.  We know that you've been protecting the real killer."

"Reginald?"  Jillian's eyes filled with worry.

"I'm sorry that we have to do this, Mr. Callison," Jim muttered.  "Especially today."  He then carefully began to look around the room until he found what he was looking for and stepped away from the now unhappy bride and groom.  He then motioned for the officers to move to the front of the church as he took on a more stony expression and paused to take a deep breath.

"I'm really sorry, ma'am, but you're under arrest for the murder of Annabelle Lake."

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Francis CallisonGood Hope Church"W-what?" Francis Callison gasped in shock as two police officers quickly came up beside her and pulled her from her pew in order to put handcuffs on her.  "What's going on?"

"Ma'am, I'm really sorry to have to do this today," Jim replied firmly, "but I have to do my job.  I'm afraid that you're under arrest for the murder of Annabelle Lake."

"But, I...I..."  She shook her head vigorously as she looked around in panic as if to find someone who could help her.

"Mom, it's going to be okay," Reginald muttered as he quickly stepped beside her.  "We'll take care of this.  Don't you worry.  We'll make sure that this is all over quickly."

"Charles!" Francis cried out as the police began to lead her from the sanctuary.  "Charles, help me!"

Charles Callison"Fitzpatrick, what do you idiots think you're doing?" Charles Callison snapped angrily as he grabbed Jim by the collar.  "How can you think that my wife could have anything to do with this?"

Jim Fitzpatrick"Mr. Callison, I can understand how you're feeling," Jim replied calmly.  "I wish I could tell you more about our investigation, but I really can't say anything right now."

"Well, if you think I'm just going to stand here while you cart my wife off to some filthy jail cell, you've got another thing coming!" Charles growled as he grabbed his hat out of the pew and stormed up the isle behind Francis and the police.  "I'm getting to the bottom of this!  Douglas, I need you."

Douglas Davis"I'm right behind you, Charles," Douglas Davis replied as he got up, kissed his wife Lorraine quickly on the cheek, and took off behind him.

Jillian Stokes"Oh, Reginald," Jillian sighed as she clung to his arm.  "That's what all of this was about?  This is why you wouldn't say anything in your defense?"

"Darling, I can't talk about this now," he muttered and took her into his arms.  "I...have to go with them to the police station."  He paused and looked down lovingly into her eyes.  "I'm...I'm sorry.  Our wedding ruined."

"It's okay," she smiled weakly as she tried to fight her tears.  "This...this is more important.  Go.  Your family needs you."

Reginald Callison"I promise you that this is only a postponement," he nodded with conviction.  "Our wedding isn't cancelled.  It's just postponed until this mess is over."

"I...I know," she sighed and looked away.

Trevor Callison"Reginald, are you coming with us?" Trevor Callison spoke up as he stood behind them.  "I'm going with Maggie and Nana to the station."

"I'm...coming," he muttered in response and then quickly, yet tenderly, kissed Jillian.  "I'm really sorry."

"I...know," she sighed before pulling away so that he could leave with his family.  Standing alone at the alter, she looked around the room at all of their guests who were either starting to gossip amongst themselves or where slowly starting to leave.

Leticia Stokes"J-Jillian," Leticia Stokes spoke up softly and reached out to lightly touch her daughter on the shoulder.  "I...don't know what to say.  This is only a temporary set back.  You and Reginald will get married.  I have faith in that."

"I...know," Jillian sniffled and turned away to hide her emotions.  Suddenly, unable to contain her breaking heart any longer, she pulled away and ran from the room.  Her beautiful day had been ruined and now she was terribly frightened that it was all just a bad omen of even worse things to come.


54 Spring Lake Dr."Oh, I see that you're back," Sara Manchester said as she looked up from her movie magazine to watch her cousin Stephanie Lake walk into the room.  She immediately noticed the somber mood on Stephanie's face.  "What's...wrong?  You look upset."

"It's...nothing," Stephanie muttered awkwardly as she slumped down into a chair.  She glanced up and eyed Sara curiously.  Could she risk confiding in Sara again after they'd been estranged for so long?  Could they manage to have the closeness that they'd once had?  After taking everything into consideration, she took a deep breath and spoke.  "I...went to Reginald and Jillian's wedding."

"Stephanie, you didn't!" Sara gasped in shock.  "Please, please don't tell me that you're up to your old tricks again!  How could you go there and try to cause trouble?  Haven't you learned your lesson?  I just knew that..."

"Sara, that's not what I was doing!"  Stephanie clinched her jaw tightly.  Why did everyone always have to assume the worst about her?  "I went to see Jillian so that I...could apologize for everything that I did before."

"Y-you...what?"  Sara stared at her blankly, not quite sure that she'd heard her correctly.  "What do you mean you 'apologized?'  Stephanie, what are you up to?"

Stephanie Lake"Nothing!  I'm not up to anything!"  Stephanie sunk back into her seat, folded her arms across her chest, and stuck her bottom lip out in a pout.  "I just...wanted to tell Jillian that I was sorry.  I...had no business trying to take Reginald away from her when it was obvious to everyone---me included---that they were in love with one another."

"Well, I...I don't know what to say."  Sara shook her head in disbelief.  This was definitely not the Stephanie Lake that she'd known since birth.  However, Sara turned to eye her suspiciously.  There had to be more to the story.  "So...what are you really up to?  You aren't known for being the most giving of people.  What made you want to apologize?  Wouldn't it have just been easier to just forget about it."

"I...I thought about that," Stephanie sighed and hung her head, "but...well...  Being around Paddy is making me realize that I can't move past my own history or people's opinions of me unless I try to make up for the things that I've done and try to show people that I'm not the same girl."

"I'm really impressed."  And shocked.  "You and Patterson have gotten to be pretty close, haven't you?"

"Um...yes," Stephanie blushed.  "He and I are...good friends."

Sara Manchester"Are you sure that's all it is?  I don't think a good friendship could bring about such a change in attitude."  Sara slightly raised an eyebrow as she considered the possibilities.  "We were friends since birth and I couldn't stop you from diving head first into some stupid scheme."

"I...I know," Stephanie sighed.  "I...should have listened to you.  I hope that I can make up for some of the stuff that I've done to you so that we can be close like that again."

"Who are you and what have you done with my cousin?" Sara laughed as the distance that had existed between them for months began to seem smaller and smaller.

Dane ManchesterSuddenly, their conversation was interrupted by the slamming of the front door.  They both cringed with the realization of who it was.  At just that moment, Dane Manchester walked into the room.

"What the devil are you doing back here?" Dane spat as he stared at Stephanie and then turned to look at Sara.  "You know, considering that you can't stand the sight of her, she's been here a lot today!"

"Um...well..." Sara muttered and nervously looked away.

Dane glanced from Sara to Stephanie who was squirming in her seat uncomfortably.  He instantly knew that something was going on.

"Okay, out with it!" Dane ordered sternly.  "What the hell's going on here?"

Sara flinched from the harshness of his tone and took a deep breath.  She knew that she couldn't put off the inevitable.  She had to tell Dane that Stephanie had moved in at her request, but how?