produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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Same Day
February, 1936 - Evening


Jillian StokesAlbanyville General Hospital"Oh, Reginald, they just have to be all right," Jillian Stokes cried out as they raced through the doors of the emergency room.  "They just have to be!"

"Jillian, I'm sure everything's fine."  Reginald Callison tried to be as reassuring as possible, but he wasn't even managing to convince himself.  "All that the hostess at The Riverside said was that your father and sister were in an automobile accident.  For all we know it's not even a major one and..."

"Nurse, where's my father?" she asked as she ran up to the nurses' station.  "Nelson Stokes.  He and my sister Judith Linford were in an accident tonight and..."

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I really can't tell you anything," the nurse replied rather curtly.  "I'm afraid that you're going to have to wait for the doctor to..."

"Look, Reginald, there's Dr. Campbell," she interrupted as she saw the doctor off to the side talking to another doctor.  "I'm sure that he'll know what's going on."

As Jillian quickly approached Dr. Talbot Campbell, she began to feel as if her heart were going to pound out of her chest.  When she got closer to him, she could begin to hear part of their conversation.  What she heard nearly sent her crashing to the floor.

"Oh, Dr. Campbell," she overheard the other doctor say.  "Have you heard anymore news about the fatal Stokes accident?"

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54 Spring Lake Dr."So everything went according to plan?" Joyce Preston grinned slyly as she pressed the telephone receiver to her ear.  "Good, good.  That's just the news I like to hear.  Now, you know exactly what to..."

"Joyce?" Dane Manchester spoke up as he stood, previously unnoticed, behind her.  "Who are you talking to?"

"No, I'm sorry, but we don't want a subscription to that magazine," she continued with her conversation as she motioned to him that she would be with him in a moment.  "No, my daughter already subscribes to that one.  Yes, you're welcome."  Taking a deep breath, she hung up the phone and turned to face him, more than a little concerned about how much of her conversation that he'd really heard.

"So, who was that on the phone?"  He looked at her curiously.

"Oh, just some magazine salesman," she laughed casually as she strolled across the room to the bar.  "It's funny how people think that just because you've got money then you'll automatically spend it on any foolhardy thing that you can find."

Dane Manchester"A magazine salesman?"  He furrowed his brow and eyed her suspiciously.  He was certain that that was no salesman that she was talking to when he first walked in.  However, she was clearly not going to be very forthcoming about the true nature of the call.  "You sounded awfully happy to be getting a call from a salesman."

"Happy?  Why do you say that?" she laughed with amusement.  In an attempt to hide her nervousness, she turned her back to him and began to mix herself a cocktail.

Dane folded his arms across his chest and eyed her carefully.  He wasn't buying a word of her act.  She was definitely hiding something.  "What did you mean when you said 'everything went according to plan'?"

"You must have misunderstood," she smiled and turned around to face him.  "I believe that my exact words were 'we're already using that plan'."  She paused and took a sip of her drink.  "He was asking about a bulk rate for subscriptions.  You know, the deal where you get 4 different movie magazine subscriptions for the price of 3?  I'm certain that's the one that Sara signed up for last week.  There's simply no need to do it again!  Does she really need double copies of Movie Mirror?"

"Of course not," he nodded.  "She reads enough of those silly things as it is."

"My thoughts exactly!"  Joyce slowly walked over to him and allowed her fingers to glide across his shoulders.  "So, have you thought anymore about how we can put Sara in her place?  I think that we can use this Naomi girl to our advantage.

"And how do you suppose that?"

Joyce Preston"Well, I'm certain that I can make nice with her," she explained, "and I can find out the absolute least amount of money she would settle for.  Of course, I'd convince Sara to give her much, much more."  She paused for a moment and smiled slyly.  "I'd set up all the arrangements.  Naomi would get the smaller amount and the rest would be divided between us.  Once Naomi's gone and out of the picture, it shouldn't be too difficult to make Sara think that she's asking for more money.  Naturally, everything else that she gives Naomi would go directly to us until Sara has nothing left."

"You're pretty slick, aren't you?" Dane responded bluntly.  "Stabbing your own daughter in the back."

"After what she did to me, after what happened between her and my husband, I see it as tit for tat," Joyce replied calmly.  "She doesn't deserve a penny of that money!  It should all be mine.  I'm just letting you keep your share out of the goodness of my heart---and as compensation for helping me right a grave injustice."

As Dane's eyes narrowed, he became increasingly sure that Joyce wasn't being nearly as upfront as she was claiming.  She was definitely up to much more than met the naked eye.  A magazine salesman?  Dane didn't believe a word of it.


Albanyville General Hospital"Dr. Campbell!  Dr. Campbell!" Jillian called out as she ran to him.  "My father and they?  What's wrong?  What's happened?"

"Oh, Jillian," Talbot sighed as he hung his head.  "I'm sorry but..."

"I heard you say 'fatal'," she interrupted.  "What do you mean....fatal?  It's not...them, is it?  Where's my father?  What's going on?"  Her voice grew increasingly louder as her body began to shake, nearly on the verge of hysterics.

"Jillian, just calm down," Reginald spoke up as he came up behind her and put his arms on her shoulders to steady her.  "I'm sure that you've just misunderstood."

"No!  I heard him say that the accident was fatal!" she screamed.  "Dr. Talbot, please tell me what's happened.  Where are they?"

"Jillian, I'm sorry," Talbot replied softly as he tried to find the best words to break such tragic news.  "We did everything that we could, was too late.  By the time the ambulance got there..."

Jillian Stokes"Too late?" she cried.  "Too late for what?  Oh, please, god, don't tell me..."

"Dear, I'm sorry but your father is dead," Talbot sighed and reached out to take her hand as a show of comforting support.

"D-dead?"   Her voice shook as her eyes began to glaze over.  Dead?  Her father was dead?  "No!  T-there's got to be some kind of mistake!  My daddy can't be dead!  He...he...c-can't be..."

"Jillian, I'm...sorry," Talbot said again with a solemn shake of his head.

"O-oh...god!" she sobbed.  "Oh, g-god!  D-daddy!  Oh, D-daddy!"

As Jillian's entire body began to shake, she felt her knees start to give way and the room began to spin.  Her father was dead.

"Darling, I've got you," Reginald spoke softly and comfortingly as grabbed onto her tightly before she could completely collapse from anguish and shock.  "It's going to be all right.  I've got you."

"Oh, Reginald, no!" she sobbed as she held onto him tightly.  "Not my father!  No!"

Reginald Callison"Sweetheart, just come over here and sit down," Reginald said and carefully led her over to a chair so that he could gently ease her into a seat.  As he stood by her side, another important question entered his mind---one that Jillian was clearly too distraught to even consider.  "Dr. Campbell, what about...Judith?  She isn't..."

"Thankfully, no," Talbot sighed.  "She's very lucky.  In fact, she only managed to receive just a few minor cuts and bruises.  Granted, she's going to be very sore for several days, but she's going to fine."

Although Nelson was dead, Judith was alive.  At least there was something to be thankful for.  As the news started to sink in, Reginald's reporter instincts began to kick in.

"So, Dr. Campbell, do you know anything about the accident?" Reginald asked curiously as he continued to hold Jillian tightly in his arms.  "How did it happen?  Where..."

"Well, apparently from what the police said, the accident happened along Andersonville Rd.  It seems that they were on their way into town."

"Who was...driving?"

"Judith," Talbot replied calmly.  "The roads were still a little wet from all the rain that we've had these past few days and...well...she seems to have be going pretty fast."

"Too fast?"  Reginald furrowed his brow as he considered that information.

Dr. Talbot Campbell"Yes," Talbot nodded.  "And, apparently, she couldn't make that last sharp curve.  You know, why the county hasn't done something about that road, I'll never know.  But, anyway, the police said that it doesn't look like she even made an attempt to slow down."

"W-what?" Reginald stammered.  "Do you mean that she tried to take that curve at full speed?  Dear, lord!"

"There was a witness that came along just as the accident happened," Talbot continued.  "From what they said, Judith's car went airborne over the embankment and rolled several times.  It's completely demolished.  By our best guess, Mr. Stokes died on impact---massive head trauma.  It's a miracle that they weren't both killed."

"W-where's Judith?" Jillian finally spoke up as she wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to compose herself.  "I see her."

"She's been giving a statement to the police," Talbot explained before hesitating to continue.  "She doesn't...know about your father, yet.  We haven't...told her."

"This is going to kill her," Jillian realized as she made a weak attempt to rise to her feet.  "She...worshiped our father.  Of course, we all did, but...well...with her it was different.  I just don't know how...  Oh, god, first the baby and now this?"

Judith Linford"Would someone please tell me what's going on?" Judith Linford ask with a mixture of worry and annoyance.  "I can't get any of these people to answer any of my questions.  Where's Daddy?  What's happened to Daddy?"

Nurse Fay Rutledge"Mrs. Linford, if you don't settle down," Nurse Fay Rutledge said sternly as she pushed her down the hallway in a wheel chair, "I'm going to have to give you a sedative."

"Sedative my eye!" Judith barked angrily.  "Let me out of this chair!  Someone please tell this women to let me out of this chair!"

"I can't let you out," Nurse Rutledge responded.  "It's hospital policy."

"I don't give a damn about your silly policy!" Judith shouted as she quickly jumped to her feet and pushed both the chair and the nurse away.  "Tell me what's happened to my father!  Where's Daddy!"

As Jillian's eyes darted from Dr. Campbell to Reginald, she knew that the news of their father's death would be the worst thing in the world for Judith to hear.  In fact, she was certain that it would destroy Judith.  From that moment on, their lives would never be the same.