69A Bridgeside Terrace; Riverside"M-Mrs. Preston, I can...explain," Naomi stammered as she slowly began to back away from her.  "I was just..."

"Just save your weak attempts at lying," Joyce laughed wickedly as she folded her arms across her chest and glared at her.  "I know everything that's going on, so anything that you try to tell me is going to be a bold faced lie."

"How did you find me here?" Naomi asked.  "Did you...follow me from the house?"

"I didn't have to," she replied.  "I knew you'd be here."

"W-what do you mean?  I...I was just coming to see an o-old friend and..."

"Ah, shuddup, Naomi," Sammy grumbled.  "She already knows what's going on."

"W-what?"  Naomi nervously glanced from Joyce to Sammy.  "What do you mean?"

Joyce Preston"Honestly, Sammy, when I told you to find some little money grabber with a brat, I thought that you would be a little...well...more selective," Joyce sighed with a roll of her eyes.  "Couldn't you have done any better than this?"

"Hey!" Naomi spoke up, offended by her offhanded comment.  As a look of realization swept over her face, her jaw dropped in shock.  "You?  You knew all along that I'd never met your husband let alone had an affair with him and that this...wasn't his son?"

"Knew?"  Joyce laughed again.  "Dear, who do you think is responsible for all of this?  Certainly not him!"  She pointed in Sammy's direction.  "Why, he couldn't plan out a shopping list!"

"B-but, why?"

"You really are a stupid girl," Joyce sighed with a shake of her head.  "My daughter stole my rightful inheritance away from me.  My husband's estate should have gone to me!  You haven't seen her make any grand attempt to give me what's mine, have you?"

Naomi Jackson"Well, no, but..."

"But I can tell that Sara has a soft heart," Joyce continued.  "And from the looks of her husband, she has a soft head, too.  Certainly an innocent little baby could convince her to part with her dirty money.  Since Thornton never had any children, I had to manufacture one."  She paused and turned to shoot Sammy a hateful glare.  "When I told you to find a money hungry girl with a baby to use, I didn't think you'd be stupid enough to grab some Negro girl.  Oh, the thought of people thinking that he'd had an affair with her must have Thornton rolling over in his grave."

Naomi made a face and clinched her teeth at Joyce's comment but then took a deep breath.  "But, why didn't you tell me that you knew?  Why did you make me feel like I was going into this blind and all alone?"

"It's simple," Sammy spoke up.  "You had to believe what you were doin'.  We can't afford no mistakes if we're gonna get our hands on our share of the dough."

"And since that old bat Helga walks around the house with her ear pressed against every door, I couldn't afford to have you slip up and give me away," Joyce explained.  "Lord knows she'd love any opportunity to ruin me."

Kitty Benedict"What about Dane?" Kitty interrupted.  "Why did you want me to lure him into an affair with me if he's married to your daughter?"

"Let's just say that I need you to keep him occupied."  Joyce paused for a moment and cocked an eyebrow as should considered exactly how much of her plan to reveal.  After realizing that she shouldn't give too much away, she spoke again.  "Let's just leave it at that.  You just keep your little rendezvous with Dane going.  Leave the rest to me."

Sammy Benedict"Hey, look, lady, I don't like how yer comin' in here and orderin' us around!" Sammy spoke up firmly.  "I don't take no orders from no dame.  I only take orders from da boss himself!"

"I'm in charge of this little operation, now," Joyce stated firmly.  "You just forget all about him.  I'm running the show."

Sammy furrowed his brow as he tried to understand what she was saying.  "But...what about..."

"That man is no longer of any concern to us," Joyce said as she slowly began to pace around the room.  "I'll handle things from now on.  You just let me deal with him."


Joseph Hayne Rainey Memorial Negro Hospital"I'll be with you in just a moment," Dr. Calvin Jackson said as he carefully covered the receiver of the telephone with his hand and motioned for Ruby Thomas to come into the room.  After a quick smile, he returned to his conversation.  "Yes, doctor, I understand the severity of this case, but my patient...I see.  Yes, I agree.  Okay, well, let's set up an appointment for him next week at 3:30.  Right.  And you will notify me with the results of those tests, won't you?  Very good.  Thank you, doctor."

"I...I'm sorry that I'm a little early," Ruby spoke softly as she sat down in the chair beside his desk.  "If you're busy and have things to do, we can..."

"Nonsense!" he laughed as he hung up the phone and turned his full attention to her.  "I said that we were going to lunch.  In fact, I've cleared my calendar for the rest of the day---just for you."

"You...really shouldn't have done that," she muttered with a slight blush.  "I mean, you've got so many patients to attend to and..."

Calvin furrowed his brow and eyed her curiously.  If he didn't know better, he'd almost be certain that she was trying to avoid him.

"You're not trying to back out of lunch, are you?"

Ruby Thomas"Oh, no!  It's not that, it's just..."  She flinched slightly and quickly looked away.  "I know you're busy and..."

"Ruby, honey, I'm never too busy for you."  He rose from his seat behind the desk and walked around to her before kneeling down beside her chair.  "Are you all right?  It seems like there's something on your mind."

"I'm fine," she replied, almost too quickly.  "It's just that...well...I understand that your work is very important and..."

He shook his head and sighed as he continued to look at her.  "Ruby, we haven't had a chance to spend much time together for days, now.  I admit that work has kept me rather tied up.  Is that what this is about?  Are you feeling like I'm neglecting you?"

"No, it's not that."

"Darling, what is it?"  Calvin reached over and took her hand so that he could press it tenderly to his lips.  "It almost seems like you've been avoiding me.  I mean, we were supposed to have that dinner a few days ago and you just left before I even knew you were there and..."  He paused and furrowed his brow as a thought struck him.  "Did Naomi say something to upset you?"

"No," Ruby replied softly and hung her head.  "Naomi was...very nice to me.  We just talked about you and your work and..."  She hesitated before continuing and took a deep breath.  "I...I really shouldn't have made you cancel the rest of your day just...for me."

Dr. Calvin Jackson"You didn't make me cancel anything!" he laughed.  "I made the effort to make time for you because I wanted to.  I enjoy being with you.  I love you."

""  She swallowed hard and looked away from him.  She just couldn't bear to look him in the eyes.  "I really can't have lunch with you today.  I' to get back to work.  Ever since Mr. Stokes' death, the entire house has been in a tizzy and I' to be there for the family and..."

"They can survive for one afternoon without you!"

"I...really have to go."  And without saying another word, Ruby quickly rose from her seat and hurried out the door leaving a completely confused and worried Calvin in her wake.

As he rose from his kneeling position so that he could sit down in the chair, he shook his head as he thought about Ruby's completely unexpected and nearly unexplainable behavior.  No matter what she'd tried to make him believe, he was certain that something was wrong.  However, what that might be, he wasn't sure.  Ever since that night that they were supposed to have had dinner, she'd been acting strangely---almost as if she were avoiding him.

Had Naomi said something to Ruby to upset her?  Calvin couldn't be absolutely certain, be he knew how his sister could be.  Naomi Jackson just didn't know when to shut up.  With a firm resolve, he realized that he had to find out exactly what she had said to Ruby.  Whatever was going on, he had a sinking feeling that Naomi was behind it.


Sunset Hotel, Penthouse AMaggie stormed through the door, a severe frown firmly plastered across her face, and threw her books down onto the floor before plopping herself down onto the sofa.  How dare Stanley kiss her like that!  The nerve of him!  Of course, she'd agreed to go to the movies with him, but it wasn't like it was going to be a real date.  He had no business kissing her---especially in front of the entire school!

As she let out a disgusted groan, she leaned forward and rested her chin in her hands.  She had made a commitment to go to the movies with him, but after that, no more!  There had to be some way that she could convince him that she didn't have any sort of romantic inclinations for him anymore.

"Oh, Maggie, there you are!" Francis Callison exclaimed as she cheerily breezed into the room.  "I've been waiting for you to get home."

"Mom, you're in a unusually good mood," Maggie commented as she looked up at her.  "Did...Mr. Davis manage to convince that judge that you couldn't be a murderer?  Are they calling off the trial?"

Francis Callison"No, dear, it's not...that."  Francis' joyous expression quickly began to fade as she was reminded of the horrible ordeal that was still yet to come.  However, the true happiness of the day began to poke its way back through and a smile returned to her lips.  "But I do have some wonderful news that I think is going to take your mind off of all of that.  At least for a while."

"News?"  Maggie eyed her curiously before glancing over to see the suitcases that were stacked neatly by the door.  How could she have missed seeing those when she came in?  Had she been too lost in her own thoughts about Stanley to have noticed?  "Momma, are you...going somewhere?"

"We're both going somewhere," Francis smiled and then sat down next to her daughter on the sofa before taking Maggie's hands into hers.  "Darling, we're going home."

"Home?  W-what do you mean?  We are home."

"No, Maggie," Francis corrected.  "I mean we're going home---our home, not your Nana's."

Maggie leaned back onto the sofa as she tried to understand what her mother was saying.  Their home?  But that would have to mean...

"Oh, Momma!" Maggie exclaimed with a gasp.  "Do you mean...that we're going home?"

"Yes, honey," Francis laughed.  "That's just what I said."

Maggie Callison"Do you mean with Daddy and Reginald and Trevor and Hannah?"

"Well, not Trevor.  He's got his own apartment, now, you know.  But, that's right.  We're going home."  Francis paused for a moment and inhaled deeply, savoring every moment of the news.  "Your father and I...well...have realized how much we love one another and want to be together.  We want our family to be whole again."

"Oh, Momma!" Maggie exclaimed again as she threw her arms around her mother.  "That's just the best news that I think I've ever heard in my entire life.  This day has suddenly turned into the greatest day ever!"

"Now, honey, you go into your room and pack your things," Francis directed as she rose from her seat and walked back towards the hallway.  "I want this family all under one roof as soon as possible."

"Do you mean that I'm going to be...sleeping in my old room tonight?"

"That's exactly what I mean," Francis smiled.  "We're finally going to be a family again---the Callison family."  With an air of pride, she threw her shoulders back defiantly and took another deep breath.  "And nothing is ever going to tear this family apart again."



The police pay Douglas a visit.


produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

2001- 2011 Classic Soap Productions