produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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Same Day
March, 1936 - Evening


An Abandoned Factory in RiversideStephanie Lake"No, Daddy, don't!" Stephanie Lake, held tightly in her father's arms, cried out in a panic.  "Please, don't shoot him!  Oh, Paddy, run!"

"I'm not leaving you, Stephanie!"  Patterson Monroe slowly began to move closer as he searched for just the right moment to strike safely.  "And I'm not letting him get away with everything that he's done."

"Stop right there!" Stephen Lake ordered as he slowly pulled back the hammer of his gun.  "If you think that I won't shoot, you're a fool."

"D-daddy, p-please," she muttered tearfully.  "P-please...d-don't..."

"I will do anything that I have to do to keep you safe and us together," Stephen said firmly as he glanced down at her.  However, that one, brief moment proved to be just the opportunity that Patterson had been searching for.  Seizing the moment, Patterson lunged for Stephen.

In an instant, Stephanie saw her father's finger move on the trigger.

"No, Daddy, don't shoot!" she cried out and instinctively reached out for the gun.

"Stephanie, let go!" her father ordered as he tried to wrest the gun from her grasp.  "Let go!"

"No, Daddy!" she cried as they began to struggle over the gun.  "You can't!  You can't!"


Suddenly, a mind numbing shot rang out punctuated only by Stephanie's shrill screams.

"Daddy!  No!"

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An Abandoned Factory in Riverside"Stephanie!" Patterson cried out as he leapt to her side, catching her as she fell.  "Stephanie, are you all right?"

"I...I think so," she muttered shakily, dazed by the events that were unfolding.  "I...I didn't mean for the gun to..."

"It's all right.  I've got you."  He held her tightly in his arms and carefully laid her head against his shoulder.  "You're safe now.  He's not going to hurt you."

"Oh, Paddy, I frightened," she sobbed.  "I didn't think that I was going to..."  She froze mid-sentence when she caught sight of one of her hands, covered in blood.  "P-Paddy..." she murmured as she started to go into shock.  "P-Paddy!"

"Stephanie, I've got you.  Everything's going to be..."  He pulled away from her in order to look at her more closely and immediately saw the blood that covered her hands.  "Honey, are you all right?" he questioned urgently.  "Are you hurt?"

"I-I'm...fine," she stammered, her eyes focused only on her hands.  "I'm not hurt, but...I thought"  She swallowed hard and then made several quick gasps for air as she tried to fight back the tears that were stinging her eyes.

"I'm all right, Steph," he assured her and then pulled her tighter into his arms again.  "I wasn't hit.  I'm safe and you're safe and..."


"There's nothing for you to worry about," Patterson reassured her.  "It's over.  I'm going to take you home and no one is ever going to hurt you again.  I promise you that."

Stephanie Lake"B-but...Paddy..."  Stephanie furrowed her brow and clung to him as she continued to stare down at her blood soaked hands.  "W-where did this...."

"P-princess..." came the weak voice of her father from the other side of the room.  "P-princess,"

"Daddy?"  Her eyes grew wide with panic as a sense of realization flooded over her.  Although terrified of turning around to see her father, she forced herself to let go of Patterson.

"Stephanie, don't," Patterson spoke up softly as he tried to hold her firm in his arms.  "Don't do it."

"Paddy, I..."  She turned in the direction of her father's voice and let out a shrill scream.  "Daddy!  Oh, my god!  Daddy!"  Stephen Lake had been shot.  It was her own father's blood on Stephanie's hands.

"P-princess,," Stephen muttered weakly as he lay on the floor in a pool of his own blood.  "I"

"Oh, Daddy, I'm sorry," she cried out and then bolted from Patterson's comforting arms and to her father's side.  "Oh, Daddy, I'm so, so sorry."

"It's...all right," he muttered as he gazed up at her, his vision going in and out of focus.

"Paddy!  He's been shot!"

Patterson Monroe"I know, Steph," Patterson replied as he quickly rushed to her side and then grabbed her shoulders in an attempt to hold her back from her father.  "Let's just...get out of here.  Don't get to close to him."


"No!" Patterson said firmly.  "It's not safe.  He kidnapped you!"

"P-princess..." Stephen muttered softly and then tried to swallow.  "Princess, come...closer.  I...need to you."

"Oh, Daddy, I'm sorry!"

"Stephanie!  Stay away from him!"

"But, he's my father."  She looked back at Patterson pleadingly.


Stephen Lake"It's not safe," Patterson spoke up urgently.  "He might try to..."

"D-daddy," she stammered shakily and then looked away from him to glance at Patterson again before returning her attention to her father.  "Daddy, I'm here.  I'm sorry."

"Come...closer," Stephen said in a weak voice that was barely above a whisper.  "Kneel to me."

"Stephanie!  Don't!"

As confusion about what to do flooded over her, Stephanie fought back her own feelings of panic and took a deep breath.  He was still her father no matter what horrible things he might have done.  He was her father and he needed her.  She again looked back at Patterson and shook her head as if to say "I'm sorry" and then slowly lowered herself to the floor before taking her father into her arms.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm...sorry.  I'm sorry!  I didn't mean to..."

"It's...all right," Stephen replied as then made a weak gasp for air.  "It's all right."  Just then, he slowly lifted his hand from the floor and reached out for her.

"Stephanie!" Patterson cried out.  "No!"


23 Green St.Grace Davis sat on the edge of her bed, holding a beautiful cherry music box, and let out a troubled sigh.  As she lifted the lid to the music box and allowed the delicate tune to start, she fought back the tears that wanted to break free.  The music box had been a gift from Trevor for her eighteenth birthday and hearing its graceful tune only brought back all of the feelings of anxiety and anticipation that the gift had originally brought her.

Of course, at the time they weren't actually a couple.  In fact, she tried to fight her own feelings for him tooth and nail.  However, Trevor had been persistent with his love and devotion for her and eventually manage to wear down her defenses.  Grace sighed with a weary heart when she realized exactly how much she did love Trevor.  It was that knowledge that made her own actions even more troubling to her.

If she loved Trevor as much as she thought she did, how could she have been so foolish---so trusting---where Dane Manchester was concerned?  How could she have been so naive?  How could she have allowed Dane to woo and charm her into doing things that....  She shook her head violently as if she were trying to block out any trace of memory of what she'd done.  Unfortunately, forgetting the past wouldn't be quite so easy.  True, she'd been vulnerable and emotional because of her mother's impending death, but she should have been able to thwart Dane's advances.  She knew what kind of man he was, but still....

Grace DavisGrace closed the lid of the music box and carefully set it aside before burying her face into her hands and sobbing.  How could she have betrayed Trevor like she had?  How could she have betrayed herself?  She'd been avoiding Trevor for what had seemed like months, now.  She just couldn't bear to look into his eyes because she was certain that he was able to see right through her.  Surely her guilt and embarrassment was written all over her face.  How could it not be?  Certainly he would have been able to take one look at her and know what she'd done!  She just couldn't bear to hurt him like that.  Unfortunately, she was well aware that there was no changing the past.  It was something that would torment her forever.

"Grace, are you coming down for dinner?" came the voice of her brother Douglas Davis from downstairs.

"I'm...coming," she called out weakly before taking a deep breath and wiping the tears from her eyes.  She just couldn't let him see that something was wrong with her.  She was certain that if Douglas knew what she'd done, he'd be horribly disappointed in her and that was yet another thing that she just couldn't bear.

As she reached out for the doorknob to her room, she paused for a moment so that she could take a deep breath and calm her ragged nerves.  She felt like the weight of the world was on her shoulders, but she clearly knew that it was her own burden to bear.  What had happened between her and Dane during that snow storm had to remain her own little secret---her own secret storm that was churning inside of her.

"So, what's for dinner?" Grace smiled broadly as she bounded down the stairs.  Her overly exuberant manner immediately struck Douglas as odd considering the overtly dour and somber mood she'd been displaying over the past several weeks.

"It's...pot roast," he replied as he kept his eyes focused on her in an attempt to see exactly what had brought about the sudden change in her.  "I know it won't be as good as Lorraine's, but we've got to make due just one more night until she and the baby come home from the hospital."

"You should have let me fix dinner," she commented before sitting down at the kitchen table.  "Actually, I'm surprised that you're not at the hospital with Lorraine and the baby."

"Well, she needs her rest."  He took his own seat across from Grace and carefully scooped out a serving of pot roast.  "Which reminds me, I'm really going to be counting on you to help Lorraine out with the baby.  She's not going to be back up to full strength for several days and she's going to need all of the help that she can get."

"Oh, you can count on me," she grinned.  "I love babies.  They're so cute and precious."

Douglas Davis"Just remember that when Mikey starts crying for his 2 am feeding," Douglas laughed.  "We'll see how cute and precious you think he is then."

Just then, their conversation was interrupted by the shrill ringing of the telephone.

"I'll get it," Douglas spoke up as he quickly rose form his seat.  "You eat.  I'm still a little worried about you after that spell you had at the hospital."

"I told you that I'm fine!" she insisted firmly.  "I just hadn't eaten that day.  That's all."

"Which is exactly why I want you to clean your entire plate."  He picked up the telephone receiver and placed it against his ear.  "Hello, Davis residence.  Yes.  Yes, she's here."  He covered the receiver with his hand and turned to speak to Grace.  "Honey, it's for you."

"" she stammered awkwardly as a sense of panic washed over her.  "If it's Trevor, tell him I'm not here!  Please, Douglas?  Just tell him I've gone...out or something and..."

"Grace, are you all right?" he asked with much concern.  "You've been acting really odd where Trevor's concerned.  You two aren't having...well, you know...problems, are you?"

"N-no," she replied softly.  "It's not that.  It's just that...well..."

"Don't worry," he sighed with a shake of his head.  "It's not Trevor, anyway.  Actually, I'm not sure who it is, but they asked to speak to you."

Grace furrowed her brow in confusion.  Who in the world could possibly be phoning her in the middle of dinner if it wasn't Trevor?  As she carefully laid her napkin down onto the table, she rose from her seat and hurried to the phone.

"Hello?" she said softly as she pressed the receiver to her ear.  "Yes, this is she.  Oh!  Hello!  Um...yes, I remember."  She subtly glanced in Douglas' direction to see if he was attempting to overhear her conversation and carefully turned away from him in an attempt to hide the nature of the call.  "But, I don't understand.  No, you...don't understand.  That's impossible!"  She looked back around to see if he'd heard her outburst, but was relieved to find that he was thoroughly involved in the evening edition of The Daily Post.  ", well, I guess that would make it possible,!  It can't be.  Are you...sure?  I...I..."  She bit her lip in an attempt to keep it from quivering and made several short gasps for air.  "T-thank you for...telling me.  No, I'm fine.  No, I'm not sure...what I'm going to do.  Good bye."

Grace returned the receiver to its cradle and leaned forward against the counter to steady herself.  Of all of the news that she might have expected to hear, this had been the furthest thing from her mind.  Suddenly, it wasn't the weight of the world that seemed to be on her shoulders, it was the weight of the entire universe.