produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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Same Day
January, 1936 - Evening


The Grand Sunset Room Burt LamontAs Burt Lamont held Janet Stokes in his arms, he caught sight of Jasper St. John as the maitre d' approached the table.  "Mr. St. John!  Miss Stokes has cut herself."

"Oh, dear!" Jasper gasped in shock.  "I...I am so sorry, Mr. Lamont.  Please, let me take care of it."  He grabbed Janet's hand and started to inspect it.  "It  doesn't seem to be too bad, but you can never tell.  Just let me go into the back room and I'll get a bandage."

"And take this stupid knife with you!" Burt urged sternly.  "It's way too sharp.  Anyone could cut themselves."

"Knife?"  Jasper eyed him curiously.  "What knife?"

"The knife that's on the table next to the cake.  It's the one she cut herself with and..."  Burt turned to grab the knife so that he could hand it to Jasper, but was stunned by what he found.  It was gone!  He furrowed her brow in confusion.  He was certain he'd lain the knife right there.  Where on earth could it have disappeared to?

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The Grand Sunset Room"Now, where could she have disappeared to," Mary Albany muttered to herself as she walked through the crowd of guests in search of daughter.  Francis Callison had been deeply upset by Annabelle Lake's actions and had set out to find the wicked home wrecker in order to give her a piece of her mind.  However, instead of finding her daughter, Mary came upon her daughter's date, Dr. Fred Rutherford, as he stood at the buffet table filling his plate with hors d'oeuvres.  "Where's Francis?" she asked sternly.

"Mrs. Albany, I've been wondering that, myself," Fred said in between bites.  "In fact, I haven't seen her since she went looking for Mrs. Lake earlier."

"Well, I've at least seen her since then," she sighed with worry, "but she's run off to look for that woman again."


"Apparently, Annabelle Lake has been up to some far more nefarious schemes that any of us could ever have imagined."

Dr. Fred Rutherford"W-what do you mean?"  Fred quickly sat his plate down as his hands began to shake from nervousness.  What could Francis have learned about Annabelle?  Surely, she didn't know about...

"I don't know how she found all of this out, but Francis discovered that the only reason Charles betrayed her with that horrible woman was because he'd been drugged!"  Mary shook her head in disbelief over it all.

"D-did you s-say drugged?"  His voice caught in his throat and he immediately felt his legs begin to grow weak.

"Yes!  Can you imagine?  From what Francis said, Annabelle drugged Charles that night so that he wouldn't be able to resist her.  If it hadn't been for that, he would never have been unfaithful to her and they would still be together!"

"M-Mrs. Albany, this is very hard to believe."  He turned away from her and quickly began to look through the crowd in hopes of spotting either Francis or Annabelle.

Mary Albany"I agree, but it clearly explains how he got mixed up with that woman."  She carefully watched Fred and was quick to notice his nervousness and preoccupation.  "Dr. Rutherford, is something wrong?  You've just turned as pale as a sheet."

"Oh,  n-nothing," he stammered awkwardly and shoved his hands into his pockets.  "I'm...just worried about Francis now.  Maybe I should go look for her."  Or more accurately, maybe he should go find Annabelle and make sure she didn't reveal his own roll in the drugging of Charles.

"You've done enough running around for one evening!" Mary snapped as she grabbed his arm.  "I thought you were just going to go get a drink?  You've been gone forever!"

""  He glanced around the room again in an attempt to see his partner in crime.  "I got caught up in talking to some colleagues of mine from the hospital.  Look, I really need to find Francis.  I'm sure this is very upsetting to her."

"That's an understatement!"

"If...If I find her, I'll tell her you're worried and looking for her."

"Just one word of advice for you, Doc," Mary smiled with a smirk.  "You better be prepared for this little relationship you've got going on with my daughter to be rather short lived."

"W-what do you mean?" he questioned as he turned to face her.

"If what she's learned turns out to be true, once Charles finds out there's going to be a very happy reunion in store for them."  She smiled warmly at the thought.  "That pretty much means that you'll be left out in the cold."

"We'll see what happens when the time comes," he muttered firmly.  "We'll see."  And with those words, he quickly hurried away from Mary to find Annabelle before it was too late.

Francis CallisonNo sooner had he disappeared out of view, Mary immediately spotted Francis, shaken and emotional, walking towards her.  Mary was instantly startled by her daughter's disheveled appearance and rushed to meet her.

"Francis, darling, you look a wreck!  What happened?  Did you see Annabelle?  What did she say?"  Mary took a sobbing Francis into her arms and tried to calm her down.

"Oh...M-Momma," Francis cried as she rested her head on her mother's shoulder and tried to stop her body from shaking.  "I...I..."

"There, there, dear," Mary said softly as she lead Francis over to a nearby table and sat her down into a chair.  "It's going to be all right.  We know exactly what kind of horrible things that woman has done and, soon, everyone is going to know--including Charles!"


Mary eyed her daughter with great worry.  Francis was nearly hysterical!  Surely she must have had a confrontation with Annabelle.  What had she said to have upset her so terribly?  In light of what truths had been revealed, Francis should be nearly overjoyed at having all of the wrongs committed by Annabelle Lake soon to be righted.  However, Francis was now in a worse emotional state than before.

"Francis, what happened?"  Mary continued to hold her in her arms as she sobbed on her shoulder.  After a few moments, it became clear that Mary would get no clear answers from her daughter any time soon.  She was way too upset.  Mary immediately began to grow angry with Annabelle for having caused so much pain and heartache for her family.  She needed to find out what that vile woman had done and she needed to find out right then!  Catching sight of her granddaughter Maggie, Mary quickly waved her over.

Maggie Callison"Nana, w-what's wrong with Momma?" Maggie Callison asked as she rushed to their sides.

"I can't explain right now," Mary said as she stood up straight and threw her shoulders back with determination.  "But I need you to sit her with your mother.  She's clearly had something terrible upset her."

"W-where are you going?" Maggie questioned.

"There are a few things that I need to take care of," Mary stated firmly.  "Just sit here with your mother and I'll be back shortly."  As her jaw tightened, Mary spun around and hurried off to find Annabelle Lake.  She was determined to make sure that that woman never hurt her daughter or anyone else in her family ever again.


The Grand Sunset Room"Neither of you have seen Annabelle, have you?" Charles Callison asked as he walked over to Burt and Janet.  "I've been looking all over for her and can't find her anywhere."

"No, Mr. Ca...Uncle Charles," Burt replied with a shake of his as he pulled his attention away from Janet's wounded hand.  "I've been a little preoccupied.  Janet's hurt herself on a knife."

"What?"  Charles said with surprise.  "I would think that Jasper would be a little more careful as far as his patrons were concerned.  Here, let me take a look at it."

Janet StokesJanet held her injured hand out for Charles to see and winced slightly under his inspection.

"Well, it doesn't seem to be a bad cut," he muttered as he held her hand up to the light.  "Granted, I'm not a doctor, but I think with a tight bandage and some time and it'll be as good as new."

"That's exactly what I said!" Burt nodded.

"I see that great minds think alike," Charles smiled warmly as he released her hand and turned his focus onto his nephew.  "In fact, I'm glad that I ran into you both."

Burt Lamont"Please, sir, let's not talk about changing my name again," Burt sighed, immediately uncomfortable about the thought of taking on the Callison name.

"Actually, that's not what I was going to say," Charles laughed and then looked at Janet.  "I was just curious about whether you and Janet might make it a Callison/Stokes double wedding.  Reginald and Jillian are getting married next month and...."

"Honestly, sir, Janet and I haven't even talked about marriage yet," Burt blushed.  "However...."

"Father!" Trevor Callison shouted as he ran up to Charles.  "Father, I need to talk to immediately!"

"Yes, Trevor, what's wrong?" Charles asked as he turned his focus onto his son.  "What's the commotion about?"

"It's Mother and that...that woman!" Trevor scowled.

"Please don't tell me you're going to start in on Annabelle again!" Charles snapped with anger.  "Why can't we all just get together for one enjoyable evening without all of you ganging up on her.  Really, I don't..."

Trevor Callison"No, Father!" Trevor interrupted.  "Just listen to me.  Mother told us that she found out some things about Annabelle tonight."


"Mother said that the night of the engagement party, Annabelle secretly drugged you.  That's why you were so susceptible to her!"

"What?"  Charles shook his head in disbelief.  What in the world was Trevor talking about?  Drugged?  "Son, I don't appreciate you spouting off with these ridiculous stories about Annabelle.  I know that you're not especially fond of her, but nothing is going to change.  I hurt your mother terribly and it's just best if both of us...."

"No!  Don't you understand?"  Trevor grabbed his father's arms in attempt to force him to listen.  "Annabelle drugged you!  She slipped something into your drink that played with your head.  If it weren't for that, you would never have betrayed Mother.  You and Mother would still be together!  None of this would have happened!"

"S-she slipped something into my drink?" Charles stammered as he began to think about the night that had changed his life...

She smiled at him seductively.  "See, Charles?  See what I can do for you?  I can lift you up when you're feeling down.  I can make you feel better about yourself.  You need me, Charles."  She leaned in to kiss him, but he swiftly dodged her advances.

"No, Annabelle!  I love Francis.  She's my wife.  I will not allow you to worm your way into my life!"  He crossed his arms and took a step backward.

She looked at him and sighed.  How much longer would he stay true to a wife who had long outlived her usefulness to him?  "Okay, Charles," she cooed softly.  "But at least let me get you a drink.  It will help calm your nerves."

He thought for a minute and nodded.  What harm could a drink do?

"I wonder where Francis has gone," Charles spoke up.  "She went to find Maggie and send her home, but I haven't seen her since.  She must be off gabbing with her mother."  He took a few steps away from the bar to make a quick survey of the ball room for a glimpse of his wife. "Annabelle?  What's going on?  Can I have my drink?"

"Oh...why...yes, of course.  Here you go, Charles."

"Father?" Trevor spoke up when he noticed Charles' preoccupation.

Charles Callison"Oh...s-sorry," Charles muttered as he quickly glanced around the room in hopes of seeing Annabelle or Francis.  "Look, I'm going to go find Annabelle and get to the bottom of this."

"And what are you going to do if you find out it's the truth?"

"Well..."  Charles' jaw tightened and he felt his face flush with anger.  "If what you say is true, if Annabelle did the horrible things that you've claimed, then heaven help her by the time I'm finished with her!"

As Charles stormed away, Trevor looked awkwardly at Burt and Janet who were merely standing there in shock over the entire revelation.  With a look of determination, Trevor quickly walked away.  There were a few things he needed to say to Annabelle Lake, as well.