produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #86 (Monday, 2/18/02) click here for a printable version of this episode
Same Day
January, 1936 - Late Evening


1933 Lincoln BroughamGrace DavisGrace Davis leaned forward slightly, as if that simple action would help her see the road ahead.  Unfortunately, it had already snowed so much that she wasn't sure were the road ended and the countryside began.  Then, in the distance, she saw the bright glow of headlights as they reflected off of the cloud of snow that poured out of the sky.

Another sudden jerk of the car startled her and she felt the vehicle again begin a skid.  She'd hit another patch of ice!  She fought and struggled to regain control of the car, but her efforts were futile and she immediately began to panic.  As the car careened into the path of the oncoming headlights, a horrific scream tore from her chest.

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69A Bridgeside Terrace; RiversideKitty Benedict took a long drag off of her cigarette as she walked around her empty apartment.  Slumping down onto the sofa, she let out a weary sigh.  Dane Manchester was so handsome and fascinating and rich!  She just couldn't have imagined how wonderful things would be with him.  If only his wife weren't in the way, then she could have everything she'd ever wanted---both Dane and his money.

Kitty's deep musings on her possible future with Dane were interrupted by the loud banging on her front door.  She furrowed her brow in annoyance, but quickly realized that maybe it was Dane.  Maybe he'd decided that driving in such horrible weather wasn't wise.  She sprung up from the sofa and rushed to the door, only to find disappointment on the other side.

Kitty Benedict"Sammy," she muttered as her face fell, "it's you."

"Gee, sis, don't act so disappointed," Sammy Benedict laughed as he strolled into the apartment.  He quickly evaluated her appearance, the alluring peignoir that she fought to hold closed, and the dim, smoky ambiance of the room and grinned slyly.  "I take it that Manchester was here?"

"Yes," she sighed as she returned to her seat on the sofa.  "He was here, but now he's gone home to his wife."

Sammy Benedict"Don't tell me you're getting hung up on that chump?"

"Of course not," she replied with a shake of her head.

"Kit!  You know you've got a job to do.  You can't mess up our plans by fallin' for that sucker!"  He sat down next to her on the couch and grabbed her by the shoulders in an attempt to get her to listen to him.

"You know, you never did tell me why you wanted me to get involved with Dane?"  Kitty eyed him curiously.

"Well..." Sammy grinned wickedly, "let's just say that the boss has a job for us to do." 


1933 Lincoln BroughamGrace clinched the steering wheel tightly as her entire body began to shake.  Taking a deep breath, she peered through the windshield and saw that, not only had she skidded off the road, but she'd slammed the car into a tree.  Shaken, she took inventory of herself and realized that she was okay.  Despite the accident, she hadn't been hurt.

As she continued to look out the window, she saw the headlights of the other car reflecting on the snow.  Had she hit them?  Where they okay?  Suddenly, she saw the vague, shadowy figure of a man approaching the car.

"Are you all right?" the oddly familiar voice called out.  "Are you hurt?"

"N-no," she stammered awkwardly as she rolled down the window to see who the other driver was.  To her shock, she discovered that it was none other than Dane Manchester!

"Grace!" he exclaimed, surprised to see her.  "What the devil are you doing out here in this weather?"

Grace Davis"I...I have to get home and get Douglas," she muttered, still shaken by the evening's events.  "Our...mother is sick and I...have to get him."

"Not in that car," he laughed as he reached down and opened her car door.  "Looks like you banged it up pretty badly."

"My god, Douglas is going to kill me!"  Grace tugged her heavy winter coat closed as she stood in the deep snow and looked at the damage.  "I...I've got to get home."

"Just calm down," Dane sighed as he put his hand on her shoulder to ease her still rattled nerves.  "What's so important that you're in such a hurry?  You said something about your mother?"

"M-Momma is..."  She quickly turned away from him to hide her emotion as her eyes welled up with tears.  "Our mother is in very bad health.  The doctor said...that she won't make it through the night.  They haven't been able to get in touch with Douglas because of the storm."

"Grace, I'm so sorry."  He pulled her into his arms as she broke down sobbing.  "Look, lets just leave the car here and get in my car.  I can take you home."

"O-okay," she muttered with a nod.  "I just...have to get to Douglas."

"I understand," he said softly and led her to his car that had skidded off onto the other side of the road in an attempt to avoid her oncoming vehicle.  "Just get in and I'll get you home as fast as I can."

Dane ManchesterDane started the car and shifted into reverse so that he could maneuver back onto the road.  With a curious look, he bit his lip and shook his head in frustration.

"W-what's wrong?" Grace asked nervously when she realized that they weren't moving.  "I...thought you were taking me home!"

"Looks like we have a small problem," he sighed.  "We may not be going anywhere."


"Grace, I'm sorry."  He turned and took her hand into his as his eyes filled with remorse and regret.  "But it looks like we're stuck."