produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

EPISODE #97 (Tuesday, 3/5/02) click here for a printable version of this episode
A Few Days Later
February, 1936 - Morning


76 Mapleton WayJillian StokesJillian Stokes awoke to the golden morning sun streaming in through the curtains on her bedroom window.  She sat up in bed and stretched, overjoyed that the day she'd waited for for so long had finally arrived.  It was her wedding day!

She climbed out of bed and strolled over the the large floor-length mirror across the room and carefully inspected herself.  She smiled and quickly noticed how radiant she looked.  Of course, what bride wouldn't look radiant on the morning of her wedding?  She let out a small laugh and began running down her mental list of things that needed to be done...

Breakfast with the family---Check.

Going to the church to get dressed---Check.

Marry the man of her dreams---Check.

Make sure that nothing and no one would ruin her wedding day---Check.

Jillian giggled.  That last thing was a little useless.  She was certain that on a day as perfect as this one---her wedding day---nothing could possibly happen that could spoil her happiness.

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2210 Elmwood Lane"So, are you ready for your big day?" Charles Callison asked before taking a bite of his eggs.  "You're not nervous are you?"

"Nervous?  Me?"  Reginald Callison laughed as if the idea were completely preposterous, but then his face took on a more somber expression.  "Actually...  I'm terrified.  What if I get up there and forget to do the 'repeat after me' part?  What if I mess up and say the wrong words?  Jillian would never forgive me!"

"Oh, you'll be fine," Charles smiled.  "Every man is a little nervous on his wedding day.  It happens to the best of us."

"So...were you nervous when you married Mom?"

"Nervous?"  Charles laughed heartily.  "I was petrified!  You try getting married knowing that your future mother-in-law is Mary Albany and she's sitting there, right behind you, with her eyes trained on you the entire time.  I just knew that she was expecting me to say something foolish."

Reginald Callison"Was Nana really that bad?"  Reginald looked as his father with a mixture of surprise and amusement.

"You don't even know the half of it!  It took me forever to convince her that I was good enough for her daughter.  Remember, your mother is an only child.  Do you think that your grandmother was going to let her go without a fight?"  Charles chuckled as he thought about the hoops and hurdles he had to jump through and over to earn Mary's approval.  It had all seemed so tortuous at the time, but he'd persevered because he knew that it would all be worth it.  Now, he and Francis were separated thanks to the schemes of the vile Annabelle Lake and they had an uncertain future.  My how things could change over the course of a lifetime.

Trevor Callison"I'm sorry I'm late!" Trevor Callison spoke up as he burst into the room.  "For some reason, traffic is a nightmare today."

"I was wondering if you were going to make it," Reginald smiled.  "It would be like you to miss the entire wedding if a good story came up."

"Hey!  I'm not that bad!" Trevor replied with a grin.  "Besides, I wouldn't miss this wedding for anything.  Now, please tell me that you two have saved me some bacon."

Hannah Meadows"Hannah!" Charles called out.  "Trevor finally made it."  As he waited for the family's housekeeper to bring in his youngest son's plate, he carefully surveyed the two young men who were seated at the table with him---his sons.  It seemed like only yesterday that they were young boys who we out playing in the yard and tugging on their mother's apron strings.

Charles CallisonTheir mother---his wife---Francis Callison.  Charles let out a small sigh with the realization that, no matter how perfect the morning was, it was still incomplete.  Because of the rift in his marriage to Francis, neither his wife nor daughter were present for the happy family breakfast.  He allowed a small frown to cover his face with the knowledge that, until the family was back together, their lives wouldn't be right.  He had to do everything in his power to make sure that the Callison family was once again united.  As he glanced up at the empty chairs around the table, he couldn't help but think of past days and past breakfasts when the entire family was together.

"Well, I just think that this wedding is exactly what this family needs," Trevor spoke up, pulling his father out of his thoughts.  "This wedding is going to be the thing that finally brings this family back together."

Charles looked at his sons and nodded as he said a silent prayer that Trevor's words would prove to be profoundly prophetic.


Sunset Hotel, Penthouse A"I don't know why we have to get ready so early," Maggie Callison grumbled as she watched her mother and grandmother scurrying around the room getting themselves together.  "The wedding's not until this afternoon!"

"But, Maggie, we have to be at the church early to make sure that everything is on schedule," Francis Callison reminded, "and before that I want us to stop by the house so that we can all go to the church as a family."

"A family?"  Maggie's eyes grew wide and she looked at her mother with much interest.  "You mean you and me and Nana and Reginald and Trevor and...and Daddy?"

Francis Callison"Yes, Maggie," Francis sighed with a smile, "and your father.  This is the first wedding that our family as seen since your father and I married and we need to be there as a family for Reginald."

"Now, if you don't hurry up and finish your hair, we're going to be late," Mary Albany interrupted and glanced down at her watch as she tapped her foot.

Maggie Callison"O-oh...okay!" Maggie beamed and ran back to her room to finish getting ready.

"Now where did I put those earrings..." Francis muttered to herself as she hurried off to her own room.

Mary Albany"Darling, why don't you wear my sapphires.  You know, the ones your father gave me for our anniversary that year," Mary said as she followed along behind her.

"Naomi!" Dorothea Jackson called out as she quickly walked into the room and paused before the mirror so that she could adjust her hat.

"What, Mamma?" Naomi Jackson asked with obvious annoyance as she stepped into the room from the kitchen, her infant son cradled in her arms.

As Dorothea turned around to look at her daughter, her shoulders slumped when she realized that Naomi wasn't dressed for the wedding.

"If you don't hurry up and get ready, we're going to be late!  Miss Mary and the girls want to go by the house and then we're going to meet them at the church."

"I'm not going to this stupid wedding," Naomi sighed.  "I told you that already.  I don't even know why you're going.  This is just some big shot society wedding.  I don't know why you think you belong there.  You're just the maid."

"Naomi!" Dorothea chastised sharply.  "I'll have you know that I've known Reginald Callison since he was in diapers.  I will not miss my chance to see that boy get married!"

"When are you going to get this foolish idea out of your head?" Naomi asked and shook her head in disbelief.  "He's your boss's grandson!  He's nobody to you.  Why do you think that just because you work for somebody with some social standing that that makes you important!"

"Naomi, these people are like a family to me!"  Dorothea shook her head, disappointed that her daughter couldn't see how much the Callison family meant to her.  "Do you remember when your father died?  Why, if it hadn't been for Miss Mary, I don't know what I would have done.  Do you know that that wonderful woman paid for the entire funeral?"

"No one asked her for a handout!" Naomi snapped.

Dorothea Jackson"It wasn't a handout!"  Dorothea's jaw tightened and she felt her temper begin to rise.  "Miss Mary is more than just my boss; she's my friend.  All of the Callisons are my friends!"

"You are one deluded old woman," Naomi laughed, "if you think that those people see you as anything more than their poor colored servant.  I'm surprised that they don't have you running around with a kerchief on your head and singing old spirituals!"

"I'm not even going to dignify that remark with a response," Dorothea said flatly as she turned away from her daughter to hide her own embarrassment caused by daughter's statement.

"Only because you know it's true!  When are you going to pull your head out of the sand and admit it?  You're nothing more than a servant to those people!  You always have been and you always will be.  The way you fawn over them is disgusting!"

"Naomi Ruth Jackson, I've had about as much of your sass as I'm going to take for one day!"  Dorothea snapped her head back around and glared at her daughter.

Naomi Jackson"I don't know why I even thought that staying here was a good idea," Naomi muttered as she shifted Aubrey in her arms so that she could reach for her coat.

"And where do you think you're going?"

"About as far away from you as I can get!" Naomi snapped and stormed out of the apartment with her son in tow.

Now alone in the room, Dorothea let out a weary sigh and sat down on the sofa.  Naomi had always been a difficult child.  Apparently, in adulthood, nothing had changed.  She silently wondered when, and if, she would ever learn.