produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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Same Day
June, 1936 - Afternoon


Jillian StokesGood Hope Church"What do you mean you can't?" Jillian Stokes asked as she felt her heart began to beat faster.  "Stephanie, the wedding starts in just a little bit!"

"I know.  I know," Stephanie Lake muttered, trying to keep her nervousness at bay.  "It's just've been entirely too nice to me.  After everything that I've done, you really shouldn't have...."

"I've already explained that!"

"I know, but this is your wedding to Reginald and I really don't belong here."  Stephanie wrung her hands as her eyes darted around the room, anything to avoid Jillian's rigid stare.  "I...I thought that I could do it if I just focused on Paddy and how much I love him and...."

"Then stay focused on that."  Jillian rushed over to Stephanie and grabbed her firmly by the shoulders.  "Keep your eyes and your heart focused firmly on Patterson and forget everything else."

"B-but how?  How can I forget the animosity that's between us?"

"Was between us, Stephanie.  I thought that we worked through that.  I...I don't...."  Jillian's voice caught in her throat.  "I don't hold any ill will towards you.  This is the start of a new beginning for all of us!  Reginald loves me and Paddy loves you."

"I know, but...."  Stephanie fidgeted in Jillian's grasp.  "I just can't do this.  Not today."

"Stephanie, you're going to do this today if I have to dress you myself and drag you down that aisle with me by the neck!"

"J-Jillian, I...I...."

"You listen to me," Jillian said firmly as she felt herself growing angry, "I will not let you or anyone ruin this wedding for me and that's that!"

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Good Hope Church"What's taking so long?" Dane Manchester asked as he glanced down at his watch.  The wedding was due to start in just a few minutes, but there didn't seem to be any sign that everything was ready.  "Can't we just get this over and done with?"

"Why do you have to be so negative?" his wife, Sara, asked as she waited patiently for everything to get under way.  "You've done nothing but complain ever since we left the house."

"Don't you see anything wrong with all of this?" he asked curiously.  "I mean, don't you find it very strange and suspicious that both Reginald and Jillian were so insistent in having me and Stephanie here?"

Sara Manchester"I think you're reading too much into it.  After all, Jillian explained to you that she wanted this wedding to be about letting go of the past and grabbing onto a fresh start for everyone.  They both want to forget about all of the animosity between them and you and Stephanie."

"That's the biggest load of bull that I've ever heard!" he responded flatly as he shook his head in disbelief.  "This wedding is all about rubbing their 'happiness' in everyone's faces.  Why they had to drag Paddy into all of this, I'll never know.  I thought he was their friend."

"He is their friend!"  Sara let out a annoyed sigh.  Why did Dane have to be so difficult?  "That's a big reason that this is all happening today.  You're one of Patterson's best friends and he loves Stephanie."

"For whatever insane reason that he has," Dane grumbled.

"Are you talking about Stephanie or the fact that he's friends with you?"

Dane Manchester"You know what I mean!"

"My, my, my," Joyce Preston smiled as she walked over to where Dane and Sara were standing.  "Doesn't everything look wonderful?"

"Momma, I think they've done an amazing job with the flowers," Sara commented with a nod.

Joyce Preston"You know," Joyce grinned as she surveyed her surroundings, "I've always loved weddings."

"Doesn't surprise me," Dane muttered as he rolled his eyes.  "You've had, what, three of them yourself, already?"

"Momma, you've got to overlook Dane today," Sara spoke up quickly.  "He's a little...edgy because of the wedding."

"Well, weddings are a commitment ceremony," Joyce commented slyly.  "Some people clearly have a problem with commitment."

Dane's jaw tightened in response to his mother-in-law words.  Joyce Preston had entirely too much pull and influence on her daughter and that bothered Dane to no end.

"I think I'm going to go see Paddy again and see if he needs help with anything," Dane said coolly before turning and walking away, leaving Joyce wearing a Cheshire-cat grin and Sara oblivious to the tension between her husband and mother.


Good Hope Church"I wonder what's taking so long," Charles Callison muttered nervously as he checked his watch again for what seemed like the fiftieth time in the past five minutes.  "This wedding should be getting started and there's no sign that it's about to."

"Maybe Jillian's just having some trouble with her dress," Francis Callison supposed as she tried to consider all logical reasons for the delay.  "Maybe I need to go check on her and help...."

"You'll do no such thing," Mary Albany spoke up firmly and grabbed onto her daughter's hand.  "The last thing a nervous bride needs is her future mother-in-law barging in on her wanting to know what's taking her so long to marry her son."

"I think your mother's right, honey," Charles smiled.

"Oh, I know," Francis sighed.  "When you and I got married, your mother hovered over me like a vulture, making sure every little detail was perfect and to her specifications.  I almost thought that she was the one getting married."

Charles Callison"My mother did not hover!"

Mary Albany"Yes, she did, Charles," Mary corrected.  "You forget.  I was there."

"Well, my mother's hovering skills aren't the topic today."  Charles slowly rose from his seat and turned towards the back of the church.  "Since I'm filling in as honorary 'father of the bride,' maybe I can get all of the girls together and get this show on the road."

As Charles quickly walked up the aisle towards the vestibule, Francis saw their daughter Maggie coming towards them from across the room.

"Maggie, come here and sit down!" Francis ordered with a stern whisper.  "The wedding's going to start any minute and we all need to be in our places."

"I was just talking to Burt," Maggie explained as she slid into the pew next to her mother and grandmother.  "I was trying to talk him into sitting over here with the rest of the family."

"And what did he say?"

Maggie Callison"He said he didn't want to," Maggie sighed.  "He's going to set on the other side with Janet and Jillian's family."

"Well, this has all been difficult for him," Mary commented with a nod.  "Being a Callison is just going to take him some getting used to."  She paused and craned her head to look around the church.  "Maggie, dear, where's Stanley?  I thought he was coming to the wedding with you."

"He is," Maggie grumbled, less than enthusiastic about her date.  "He forgot and left his camera in the car."

"Hello," Lorraine Davis smiled as she hurriedly walked over to them with her husband, Douglas, by her side.  "I'm so glad we made it."

"Lorraine, dear, I was starting to get worried."  Francis quickly rose from her seat so that she could hug her friend.  "What took you both so long?"

Douglas Davis"Mikey was being fussy," Douglas explained.  "He didn't want his mommy leaving him."

"It took me a bit to get him settled down," Lorraine continued, "but I finally did and now he's safe and snug at home with Mom."

"Well, good!"

Lorraine Davis"So...."  Lorraine paused and subtly glanced around the chapel.  "I see that we haven't missed the start of the wedding.  I thought everything would be underway, by now."

Francis Callison"Me, too," Francis sighed, "and that has me worried."  She paused and bit her lip nervously as a string of possible complications began to run through her head.  "I just don't think I could bear it if something happened to derail this wedding, too."

"I'm sure nothing's going to go wrong," Douglas reassured with a comforting smile.  "This wedding is going to happen and I'm certain that there's nothing that's going to stop it."

"I hope so," Francis muttered and then quickly looked to her mother for reassurance.  "I really hope so."