produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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Same Day
June, 1936 - Late Afternoon


Good Hope ChurchCharles Callison"Dad, this sounds serious."  Reginald Callison continued to eye his father with apprehension.  "What announcement could be so big that it's going to affect everyone in the family?"

"Well, as I'm sure you know, today has been a day for new beginnings," Charles Callison began as he put his arm around his wife, Francis, and pulled her closer.  "Naturally, since you and Jillian got married, it's a new beginning for you; but it's also a new beginning for this entire family."

"I...I'm not sure we understand what you're trying to say."  Jillian Callison looked at her new husband, hoping to see some kind of understanding in his eyes, but when she saw none, she turned to look at her father-in-law with the same kind of confusion that Reginald had.  "I know that I wanted today to symbolize a new beginning for everyone -- a putting in the past of everything bad that's happened.  That's one of the reasons I wanted to include Stephanie and Patterson in the wedding.  In spite of the things she did to me and Reginald, she's done a lot of this family over the last few months and...well...if Paddy thinks she's changed...."

"That's actually part of what I'm trying to say," Charles continued.  "Reginald, your mother and I have had a difficult year, too, as you well know.  However,  we've managed to work through all of that and now I'm certain that our marriage is stronger than ever.  But..."

"Dear, do you really need to be so cryptic?"  Francis Callison laughed at the great air of mystery that her husband was trying to cast over his announcement.  "Why don't you just come right on out and say it."

"All right," he nodded with a smile.  "Reginald, Jillian, what I'm trying to say is...your mother and I are moving."

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Spring Lake"Oh, it is so hot," Eliza Campbell sighed as she sat on a blanket along the edge of the lake and fanned herself.  "I can't believe it's this hot.  It's got to be at least 110 in the shade!"

"It's not that hot."  Randy Lamont shook his head and laughed as he pulled the sandwiches out of the picnic basket and set them down on the plates.  Eliza sure knew how to over-exaggerate things.  "I heard on the radio a little bit ago that it was only 95.  That's quite a ways away from 110."

"Well, that's hot enough!"  She leaned back on her elbows and looked out at the water.  "I don't think I can remember when I've seen the lake this low.  I hope it rains soon."

"From the sound of it, that's not going to happen for quite a while."  He paused and slowly filled a glass with water from his jug and handed it to her.  "Besides, it could be worse.  You haven't seen any dust clouds, lately, have you?"

Eliza Campbell"Well, no," she muttered, realizing that he had a point, "but still...."  Her voice trailed off as her mind started to wander to other things.  "You know, I wish we could have gone to that wedding today."  She paused and turned to eye him curiously.  "Why didn't you go?  After all, the Callisons are practically your family and...."

"They aren't my family," he interrupted flatly.  "They're Burt's family.  I don't have an ounce of Callison blood in my veins and I like it like that."  Randy's comments caused Eliza to be unusually quiet, startling him.  "You know, if you'd really wanted to go to the wedding, you could have.  Your dad's the chief of staff at the hospital and your family's quite important in its own right.  I don't know why you didn't get an invitation."

"I don't think my mom and Maggie's mom get along too well," Eliza sighed.  "Besides, I'm sure it would have been some stuffy, formal affair, anyway.  I'm having much more fun here, with you."

Eliza subtly scooted over next to Randy on the blanket and did her best to act coy.  "You know, I went and got my hair curled this morning."  She paused and made a face as she swatted away a fly.  "Not that you can really tell it now.  This heat has ruined it."  She paused again and looked at Randy, waiting for some kind of response or comment.  After several long minutes of silence, an annoyed Eliza made her comment again.  "Randy, I said I got my hair curled this morning.  Didn't you hear me?"

Randy Lamont"Um...oh...what?"  He popped his head up and looked at her.  He'd clearly been lost in thought about something.  "It...looks nice, but I think I liked it better the other way."

"Sure you do," she grumbled to herself under her breath and then turned to gaze out at the lake again.  Silently, she cursed herself for having even brought up Maggie Callison's name.

However, it wasn't Maggie who had Randy so preoccupied, it was his brother Burt.  More accurately, it was Burt's relationship with the Callisons and their world.  No matter how much Burt tried to reassure him, Randy couldn't help but wonder how long it would be before Burt found himself totally involved in the Callisons' world and left everything Lamont behind -- Randy included.


Good Hope Church"Moving?" Reginald gasped, clearly not expecting that this was the news that his father had to tell.  "But...but...what about the company?  What about the family?  You just can't...."

"Whoa, son, settle down," Charles laughed heartily.  "I think you're getting the wrong idea."

"But you just said that...."

"I said that we're moving.  I didn't say we were moving out of town.  We're still going to be here."

"But, Mr. Callison -- Dad -- what does this have to do with the reception?"  Jillian eyed him curiously, still not making the connection.

Francis Callison"Maybe I can explain it better," Francis spoke up, " since your father has already clearly put his foot in his mouth.  The reception is going to be at our new house.  Everyone's invited.  It's going to be a party to celebrate new beginnings."

"You've already moved?"  Reginald shook his head slightly, still in shock.  "But...but when did you have the time to move?  Everything was still where it was supposed to be at the house this morning and...."

"Your father and I bought all new furniture for the new house," Francis continued to explain, "and we had movers take care of all of our personal things during the ceremony.  We had to make sure that we had everything ready while we kept it a surprise."

Charles Callison"But...Dad, what you going to do about our house?  You can't sell it!"  Reginald's mouth continued to hang open, still in complete shock over the news.  "Grandfather built that house for our family.  He intended for it to stay in our family.  You can't just sell it!"

"Did I say anything about selling it?"  Charles grinned slyly as he watched his son, waiting for the light of realization to come on.  "Just because your mother and I won't still be living there, doesn't mean that it's not staying in the family.  My father wanted that house to be handed down from generation to generation and that's exactly what's going to...."

Jillian Stokes Callison"Oh, my goodness," Jillian gasped softly as the picture that her father-in-law was trying to paint came into focus.  "You don't mean..."

"That's exactly what he means, honey," Francis smiled.  "Your father and I are moving out so that you can move in.  It's going to be your new home -- our wedding present to you."

Reginald Callison"D-Dad, I...don't know what to say."  Reginald covered his mouth in shock as he finally understood what was happening.  "But...thank you."

"Son, your happiness is all the thanks we need."  Charles reached out and patted Reginald firmly on the shoulder.  "It's the very least we could do."

"Oh, Reginald," Jillian exclaimed with joy as she threw her arms around her husband.  "Our own home!  We've got our own home!"

"It looks like we do, doesn't it."

"Darling, this is definitely the happiest day of my entire life!"  And with those words, Jillian kissed her new husband tenderly, confident that it would be the first kiss of many during a long and happy marriage.