produced/written by G. Matthew Smith

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A Week Later
June 1936 - Evening


2312 Spring Lake Rd.Randy Lamont"Eliza called for you earlier," Burt Lamont said casually as he spooned a large helping of green beans onto his plate.  "I told her that you were down at the stables doing your chores."

"Okay," Randy Lamont muttered in between bites of pot roast.

"So, what's the story between the two of you?  I'm guessing that you're still dating."  Burt paused and waited for a confirmation, but none came.  "I'd always suspected that you and Maggie would have been the couple, not you and Eliza."

"Maggie Callison is just a friend," Randy spoke up quickly.  "Nothing more than that."

"Well, I guess it's true that you don't have any control over who you fall in love with."  Burt eyed his younger brother closely.  "That is if you're in love with Eliza, of course."

Randy sat in silence and then took a bite of his dinner.  Of course, that bite was, in reality, more about giving himself time to think of a response than it was about eating.

"What's all this talk about love and romance for?" Randy finally asked as he leaned forward onto the table.  "You've never out of your way to counsel me about girls before."

"I never had to!" Burt laughed.  "But...well...I guess you're right.  There is more to it than that."  He hesitated as he searched for the right words.  "In fact, there's something that I've been meaning to tell you."

"Really?"  Randy suddenly became filled with a sense of dread, though he fought to hide it.  "Well, what?"

"Janet and I haven't told anyone else this," Burt began carefully.  "She wanted to wait until her sister got back from her honeymoon, but...well...I wanted you to be the first to know."

"Know?  Know what?"

"Randy, I've asked Janet to marry me.  She said 'yes.'"

"What?"  Randy's eyes grew wide with shock.  "!  You can't!"

Now, it was Burt's turn to be surprised.  "Randy, what do you mean?  What are you talking about?"

"You can't marry that woman!" Randy said flatly.  "This is wrong!  You can't marry Janet and I won't let you!" 

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The Riverview NightclubDr. Fred Rutherford stepped through the doors of the night club and smiled broadly at the pretty young hostess.

"May I get you table?" she asked coyly.  "For one?"

"No, I'm meeting someone," he explained as he walked past her a few steps so that he could survey the club.  However, he paused and turned back to her and smiled.  "You're new here, aren't you?"

"Not really."  She stepped out from behind her hostess stand so that he could get a good look at her voluptuous form.  "I started a few months ago.  Seems one of the girls quit suddenly and a job came open."

"I see," he nodded, but then remembered what he was really there for and went back to searching the crowd.  When he saw the person he was looking for, he smiled broadly.  "If you'll excuse me, I see my date."

Dr. Fred RutherfordHe began to walk towards the bar, but stopped and turned back around, once again, to catch a glimpse of the pretty new hostess before completing his journey across the club.

"I was afraid you wouldn't come," he said softly as he walked up behind the young woman who was seated at the bar.

"Oh, doctor, I wouldn't have missed this for the world," Donna Allison smiled as she turned around to face him.  "Truthfully, I was afraid that you'd be the one not to show up."  She cocked an eyebrow and eyed him cautiously.  "You did sound rather mysterious on the phone."

"Well, you never know what kind of prying ears might be nearby."  Fred sat down on a barstool next to her and immediately noticed that her drink was empty.  "May I buy you another?" he said as he motioned to the empty glass.

"You most certainly can," she grinned.

Fred waved for the bartender and signaled that he wanted two of what Donna had been having -- martini on the rocks.  The bartender quickly mixed and brought over the two drinks and then left the couple alone.

Donna Allison"So, what's the intention behind this evening?" Donna finally asked after several moments of silence.  "You said something about wanting to make up for that collision we had the other day."

"That pretty much sums it up," he smiled.  "I didn't want you to think that I was a complete oaf.  Contrary to what you might have heard, I am a gentleman."

"I'm sure you are."  She lifted her glass to her lips and took a lengthy sip.  "And how did you explain your absence this evening to your wife?  Certainly she wonders what you're up to when you're not at home."

"Let's not think about her tonight," Fred said softly and then reached over to gently lay his hand on her thigh.

His touch made Donna flinch, slightly, but she recovered quickly and tilted her head so that she was looking up at him through her lashes.

"Think about who?" she whispered coyly and then leaned in closer to him.

The comment brought a smile to Fred's lips.  Maybe this marriage thing wasn't going to be nearly as difficult as he'd thought it would be.


54 Spring Lake Dr.Sara Manchester sat on the sofa, thoroughly involved with a new book she'd picked up a few days earlier at The Page Turner Bookstore.  As she flipped the pages, she realized that, although the book was rather enjoyable, she was thoroughly bored.  Letting out a deep sigh, she looked up and across the room at her husband, Dane, as he sat in his chair, reading the evening edition of the Daily Post.

"Dane?" she spoke up, not exactly wanting to disturb him, but still bored from the silence.  "Dane, I think I made a mistake by not signing up for the fall semester."

"Hmm?" he muttered, not really listening to her.

"I said that I think I made a mistake."  She marked her place in the novel and set it aside before rising from the sofa so that she could pace around the room.  "I mean...well...I enjoy being home all the time like a regular wife, but...."  She stopped in her tracks and bit her lip nervously.  "Oh, Dane, I'm bored silly!  I miss going to class.  I miss the lectures and the papers and...."

"Honey, it's only the summer break," he murmured, still only half hearing her.  "You can't possibly miss school already.  You've never had this reaction to summer break before."

Sara Manchester"I know, but...."  Her voice trailed off as she glanced over to the now unused text books that were still stacked neatly on the desk.  "Well, I always knew that I was going back in the fall.  But, now...."

"It'll pass once you get used to it."  He paused and turned to the next page of the newspaper.  "Once you get accustomed to being a normal wife like everyone else, school will be the last thing on your mind."

"Dane, I don't think so."

"Honey, what you need is something to occupy your time."  He finally looked up from his reading, neatly folded up the newspaper, and set it aside before rising to walk over to her.  "Maybe take up a new hobby like gardening or knitting or...."

"I have been reading a lot, lately," she nodded.  "In fact, I just picked up this new book the other day.  It's about some spoiled southern belle at the dawn of the Civil War."

"See!  That's something to occupy your time when my classes start back up in the fall."

"Dane, it's not the same.  Reading and knitting and gardening are so...well...solitary.  I do enjoy to read, but I've got to have some kind of interaction with other people.  I can't just sit around this house by myself all day."

Dane Manchester"You're not by yourself," he reminded as he gently placed his index finger under her chin so that he could lift her head and look into her eyes.  "You've got your mother and Helga and even Naomi here with you."

"Oh, Dane, it's not the same and you know it!"  She paused and let out a heavy sigh.  She never thought that giving up college for the sake of her husband and her marriage was going to be so difficult.  Realizing that he wouldn't understand, she decided to change the subject.  "Honey, since you've mentioned Naomi, maybe it's time that we talk about what we're going to do with her and the baby."

"Do?"  He looked at her with curious interest.  "What do you mean?"

"Dane, they've been living here for months, now," she continued as she again began to pace around the room, " and Naomi's starting to get a little antsy.  She thinks that we're stringing her along; that we're not going to follow through with the plans for the trust fund for Aubrey."

"Well, she's right!" he interrupted.  "We're not going to do anything!"

"But, Dane..."

"No, Sara.  We're not going to give anything to that girl.  She should be grateful that we've even let her live under the same roof as us!"

"But, Dane, what about the baby?"  She eyed him sternly, not believing that he could be so cold hearted.  "I'm convinced that she's telling the truth about Aubrey.  Momma is too.  How can we not give that child what's rightfully his?"

Joyce Preston"We are not giving either one of them one red cent and that's final!" Dane shouted angrily as he slammed his fist down into his hand, startling Sara.

Meanwhile, neither one of them had heard Sara's mother, Joyce Preston, slide open the large wooden doors of the library just in time to hear Dane's strong orders.  To say that she was less than amused would have been an understatement.