For Now and Forever
synopsis 1935


     The story opens with breakfast at the Callison home with father Charles, mother Francis, and children Reginald, Trevor, and Maggie in attendance.  Charles heads off to his job as president of Callison Publications while Reginald goes to work as chief of staff at the Daily Post where Trevor is a reporter.  At lunch Reginald eats with his girlfriend Jillian Stokes who is a freshman at Albanyville University... they talk marriage.  They are interrupted by her friends Dane Manchester, Sara Summers, and Patterson Monroe.  Meanwhile, Sara's aunt Annabelle Lake, which whom Sara is living, pays a visit to Charles and makes it known that she has deep feelings for him.  Dane pays a visit to Jillian (his former girlfriend) and tries to convince her to leave Reginald for him... she reminds him of his girlfriend Sara.

     As Annabelle leaves Charles' office she runs into Reginald and tries to set him up with her daughter Stephanie, a senior in high school.  He refuses, but Annabelle won't give up and convinces Stephanie to pursue Reginald.  It just so happens that Stephanie and Reginald were lovers before Jillian came into the picture.  What Stephanie doesn't know is that she is being pursued by the older Douglas Davis, Charles' attorney.

     Trevor has dinner with his girlfriend Lorraine Blake, Charles' secretary.  However, his attention is drawn by young Grace Davis, Douglas' sister, who is a senior in high school.  What he doesn't know is that Grace is infatuated with Dane.  Lorraine and Trevor fight about his inattentiveness and she later agrees to meet with Patterson, her ex-lover.

     Weeks later Douglas and Lorraine meet at a college party.  She is upset over Trevor's obvious infatuation with Grace and he is upset over Stephanie's unresponsiveness toward his advances.  They get drunk and share a night of passion that they later agree was a mistake.  When Reginald refuses Stephanie's pleas to get back together, she turns to Patterson for comfort and they find themselves growing closer together.  Annabelle continues to torment Charles and gets him drunk so that he'll sleep with her... Francis walks in and witnesses the act.  She plans to leave him.  Sara observes Dane's affections for Jillian and watches as Grace pursues him... she knows that the only way to have Dane for herself is to marry him!

     Lorraine pays a visit to her doctor and learns that she is pregnant!  The father can only be one person -- Douglas -- and she hurries to tell him the news.  He offers to do the right thing, marry her, and she accepts his offer.  They are married by a judge in a small private ceremony in Baily Park with Reginald and Stephanie as witnesses.  Surprisingly, Trevor is relieved that his relationship with Lorraine is over because it leaves him free to pursue Grace more fully.  After witnessing a passionate embrace between Dane and Grace, Sara suggests marriage to Dane... he has to think about it.  After Jillian slaps him after he again suggests that she leave Reginald and after he sees Grace and Trevor kissing, he tells Sara that he wants to marry her.  Stephanie and Patterson continue to grow closer, but she still pursues Reginald.  Patterson has wished Lorraine good-luck on her marriage.