Burt Lamont

Poor horse trainer who discovered he was actually the son of Charles' late brother Landon; trying to accept his place in his new family; recently married to true-love Janet; trying to get over his own past with her sister Judith

full name
Burton Landon Burgess Lamont

February 11, 1907; in Lexington, KY

Penelope Burgess & Landon Callison (both deceased)
Herbert Lamont (adoptive father)

Reginald & Eva Callison (both deceased)
Mr. & Mrs. Burgess (both deceased)

Randy Lamont (half-brother)

other relatives
Charles Callison (uncle)
Reginald Callison (cousin)
Trevor Callison (cousin)
Maggie Callison (cousin)

marital history
Janet Stokes (July 1936 - Present)

romantic involvements
Judith Linford (ex-lover)

caretaker of the Callison Stables

2312 Spring Lake Rd., Albanyville

represented by images of
Robert Cummings

first appearance
Episode #14

Last Updated:  Episode #147