Naomi Jackson

Troublesome daughter of Dorothea; recently arrived in town with her newborn son; working with Joyce to pass her son off as the illegitimate child of the late Thornton Preston in an attempt to steal his estate away from Joyce's daughter; disapproves of her brother, Calvin's, relationship with Ruby Thomas (who she believes is meddling in her affairs) and is plotting to get Ruby out of his life.

full name
Naomi Ruth Jackson

1911 in Savannah, GA

Aubrey (deceased) & Dorothea Jackson

Aubrey Jackson (son w. Sammy)

Dr. Calvin Jackson (brother)

romantic involvements
Sammy Benedict (ex-lover)

former singer
currently unemployed

Springhill Manor, 54 Spring Lake Dr.; Albanyville

represented by images of
Josephine Baker

first appearance
Episode #88

Last Updated:  Episode #156