Trevor Callison

Son of Charles and Francis; reporter for the Daily Post; trying to forget his love for Grace Davis who recently left town under mysterious circumstances; currently occupying his thoughts and time by working with Sara Manchester to ready the late Thornton Preston's manuscripts for publication

full name
Trevor Landon Callison

1916 in Albanyville

Charles & Francis Callison

Reginald & Eva Callison (both deceased)
Richard (deceased) & Mary Albany

Reginald Callison (brother)
Maggie Callison (sister)

romantic involvements
Lorraine Blake (ex-girlfriend)
Grace Davis (ex-girlfriend)

other relatives
Landon Callison (uncle; deceased)
Louis & Betty Albany (great uncle & aunt; both deceased)
Quinton Albany (ancestor; deceased)
Burt Lamont (cousin)

reporter for the Daily Post
working with Sara Manchester for Callison Publications on Thornton Preston's unpublished manuscripts

98 River Rd Apt. #1, Albanyville

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Errol Flynn

first appearance
Episode #1

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